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fingular of the Prefent Tenfe of the Verbs, in EW, O, 00, OW, UE, &c.

OOST. Rooft. This Word rhymes with the Participle Paffive of the Verbs of the foregoing Termination, and with the Words in OUST and UST.

OOT. Boot Moot Foot Roor Shoot Toot Soot Coa Hoot Overshoot Unroot, and the Terminations AT, OT, OTE, OUT, UIT, UT and UTE.

OOTH. Booth Sooth Smooth Tooth Forfooth. And the Words in OTH, OUTH and UTH.


OP, CAP and OPE. Crop Dop Cop Drop Sop Chop Fop Hop Knop Lop Mop Prop Pop Shop Slop Top Stop Swop Unitop Overtop Underprop Cope Hope Grope Lope Nope Pope Mope Rope Scope Slope Aflope Ope Tope Trope HeHofcope Hydrofcope Telescope Elope Interlope Heliotrope Microfcope Horofcope Barofcope Coap Soap Moap, and the Words in OOP and OUF.

OPH. See OF.

OPSE. Copfe. To this Word rhyme the Plural Number of the Nouns, and third Perfon fingular of the Prefent Tenfe of the Verbs in OAP, OP and OPE.

OPT. Adopt. This Word rhymes with the Participle Paffive of the Verbs in OAP, OP and OPE.

OR, OAR and ORE. Abhor Admonitor Metaphor Apparitor Barretor Competitor Creditor Difheritor Inheritor Auditor Compofitor Impofitor Monitor Emperor Ancestor Solicitor Propofitor Progenitor Servitor Expofitor Confpirator Orator Senator Succeffor Confeffor Executor Profecutor Chancellor Counfellor Calumniator Conqueror Embaffador Boar Roar Soar Oar Gloar Uproar Goar Bore Core Gore Frore Lore More Ore Pore Rore Score Shore Snoré Sore Store Swore Tore Whore Wore Afhore Forbore Ovérbore Forefwore Afore Before Battledore Adore Explore Deplore Hellebore Heretofore Implore Providore Reftore Sycamore And the Words in OUR.

ORB. Orb Abforb. And the Termmation URB.

ORCE, ORSE, OURCE, OURS and OURSE. Force Divorce Perforce Inforce Reinforce Corfe Worfe Horfe Remorfe Unhorfe Indorfe Courfe Source Scourfe Difcourfe Intercourfe Recourfe Refource Ours Yours. Alfo the Plural of the Nouns, and third Perfon fingular of the Prefent Tenfe of the Verbs in OOR, OR, ORE, OUR and OWR.

ORCH. Torch Scorch Porch. And the Wards in IRCH and URCH.

ORD and OARD. Cord Chord Lord Accord Record Harplicord Uncord Board Hoard Aboard Sword Afford Ab


bord Word. Likewife the Terminations EARD, ERD, ARD and URD. And the Participle Paffive of the Verbs in IR, OAR, OR, ORE, OUR, OWER and UR.

ORE. See OR.

ORGE. Gorge Difgorge Ingorge Regorge Forge. And the Word's in URGE.

ORK, Cork Fork Ork Stork Pork Work. And the Terminations IRK and URK.

ORLD. World. This Word is rhym'd with the Participle Paffive of the Verbs in EARL, IRL and URL.

ORM. Form Storm Conform Deform Perform Inform Reform Transform Uniform Milinform Unconform Multiform Worm. And fometimes the Words in ARM and IRM.

ORN. Corn Horn Scorn Thorn Born Adorn Unborn Suborn Unicorn Capricorn Shorn Torn Worn Borne Torn Sworn Forborne Overborn Overworn Forfworn Unfworn Unworn Unfhorn. And the Terminations OURN and URN.


ORST. Worft. To this Word rhyme the Terminations IRST and URST. Alfo the Participle Paffive of the Verbs in ERCE, ORCE and URSE.

ORT and OURT. Fort Port Sport Alamort Comport Deport Difport Effort Export Import Tranfport Purport Report Support Court Wort Short Snort Sort Confort Distort Extort Exhort Refort Retort. And the Words in IRT and URT.

ORTH and OURTH. Forth Henceforth Fourth North Worth. And the Words in EARTH and IRTH.

OSE and OZE. Clofe Dofe Jocofe Morofe Globofe Chofe Doze Clofe Gloze Nose Hose Rose, Froze Profe Thofe Appofe Compofe Difciofe Depofe Difpofe Difcom pofe Expofe Foreclofe Inclofe Impofe Interpofe Oppofe Prefuppofe Propofe Recompofe Repofe Suppofe Tranfpofe Tranfprofe Lofe Whofe. And the Plural Number of the Nouns,and third Perfon fingular of the Prefent Tenfe of the Verbs in EW, OG, OW, and of the other Endings that Rhyme to them. Likewife the following Words in

ÓSS. Bofs Crofs Drofs Gofs Fofs Glofs Grofs Lofs Mofs Tofs Imbofs Engrofs Rhinoceros.

OST. Coft Froft Loft Toft Accoft Pentecoft Ghost Hoft Most Poft Roft. And the Terminations AUST and OAST. Likewife the Participle Paffive of the Verbs in OSE and OSS.

OT. Blot Cot Dot Got Hot Jot Lot Knot Not Plot Pot Rot Scot Shot Slot Snot Sot Spot Trot Wot Clot Grot Be


got Complot Forgot Misbegot Allot Camelot Befor Befpot Abricot Gallipot Huguenot Ideot Shalot, And the Termina tions AUGHT, AT, OAT, OTE, and OUGHT.

OTCH. Botch Crotch Notch. And, the Terminations ATCH, AUCH, OACH, and UTCH.

OTE. Dote Flote Glote Lote Mote Note Quote Rote Stote Cote Smote Vote Wrote Antidote Denote Promote Remote Devote. And the Words in OAT.

OTH and OATH. Broth Cloth Froth Moth Troth Be troth Wrath Both Loth Sloth Oath Cloath Loath Growth Undergrowth. And the Words in OUTH

OU. See OO and OW.


OUCH. Couch Crouch Mouch Ouch Pouch Slouch Avouch Vouch Touch Retouch. Alfo the Terminations OACH, OTCH, UCH, and UTCH.

OUD and OWD. Cloud Crowd Loud Proud Shrowd Aloud Overcloud Unfhrowd Uncloud Cou'd Wou'd Shou'd. Alfo the Terminations OAD, ODE, and OOD; and the Participle Paffive of the Verbs in EW, OO, OW, and of the Terminations that rhyme to them.

OVE. Dove Glove Love Shove Above Clove Grove Rove Stove Strove Throve Drove Wove Devove Alcove Interwove Unwove Move Prove Approve Behove Disapprove Difprove Improve Remove Reprove.

OUGH. See OF, OW, and UFF.

OUGHT. Bought Brought Fought Nought Ought Thought Sought Wrought Befought Forethought Unthought Unbought Bethought Unfought Unwrought Methought Misthought Caught Draught Fraught Naught Taught Untaught Uncaught Miftaught. And the Words in OAT, OT, and OTE."

OUL. Soul Roul Scoul Controul Bowl; and the Termi nations OAL, OL, OLE and OWL.

OULD. Mould. This Word rhymes to the Participle Paffive of the Verbs in OAL, OL, ÖLE, and OWL.


OUNCE. Bounce Flounce Frounce Ounce Pounce Trounce Denounce Prononnce Renounce. Alfo the Words in ONCE and ONSE. And the Plural of the Nouns, and third Perfon Singular of the Prefent Tenfe of the Verbs in OAN, ON, ONE, OON, and OWN.

OUND. Bound Found Ground Hound Mound Pound Round Sound Stound Wound Abound Aground Around Compound Confound Expound Impound Profound Pro pound Rebound Redound Refound Superabound Surround Unfound Unbound Unfound Unwound. Alfo the Termi

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nation OND and UND, and the Participle Paffive of the Verbs in OWN and UN.

OUNG. Young. To which rhyme the Words in ONGUE and UNG.

OUNT. Count Fount Mount Account Amount Discount Difmount Mifcount Paramount Surmount Tantamount Remount. And the Terminations ONT and UNT.

OUR and OW'R. Four Lour Pour Sour Tour Our Your Hour Scour Deflour Devour Amour Paramour Bow'r Cow'r Flow'r Pow'r Show'r Tow'r. And the Terminations OAR, OOR, and ORE.

OURGE. Scourge. To which Word rhyme the Words in ORGE and URGE.

OURN. Mourn Bourn Adjourn Sojourn Rejourn. And the Words in ORN and URN.

OURS. Ours Yours. And the Terminations OR CE and ORSE. Alfo the Plural Number of the Nouns, and thirdPerfon Singular of the Prefent Tenfe of the Verbs in OAR, OOR, OR, ORE, OUR and OW'R.


OUS. Adventurous Adulterous Ambiguous Amorous Anomalous Anonymous Birumenous Blafphemous Boisterous Calamitous Clamorous Congruous Covetous Credulous Dangerous Degenerous Emulous Fabulous Frivolous GeneTons Glutinous Gluttonous Gratuitous Hazardous Humorous Ignivomous Impofititious Idolatrous Incredulous Incongruous Infamous Injudicious Iriguous Lecherous Libidinous Ludicrous Lugubrious Leguminous Ludibrious Luminous Magnanimous Marvelous Miraculous Mischievous Mountainous Mutinous Neceffitous Numerous Obftreperous Odoriferous Ominous Opprobrious Oraculous Perfidious Perilous Peftiferous Poisonous Ponderous Populous Pofthumous Prepofterous Profperous Pituitous Querulous Rancorous Ravenous Ridiculous Rigorous Riotous Ruinous Salutiferous Scrophulons Scandalous Scrupulous Scurrilous Sedulous Slanderous Solicitous Sulphurous Synonimous TimoTous Traiterous Treacherous Tyrannous Valorous Venomous Venturous Vigorous Villanous Ulcerous Unanimous Ungenerous Voluminous. And the Words in US.

OUSE. House Loufe Moufe Soufe Chowfe Houfs. And the Terminations OOSE, OSE, OUS, and US. Alfo the Plural Number of the Nouns, and third Perfon Singular of the Prefent Tenfe of the Verbs in OW, and of all the other Terminations that rhyme to it.

OUT and OUBT. Bout About Clout Flout Glout Gout Grout Hout Lout Out Without Pout Rout Scout Shout Shout Spout Sprout Stout Devout Undevout Throughout


Doubt Redoubt Misdoubt. And the Words in OOT and UT,

OUTH. South Mouth Youth Couth Uncouth. Words in OATH, OOTH, OTH and UTH.

And the

OW, O, OE, and OUGH. Ow Crow Blow Bow Flow Glow Grow Know Low Mow Show Sow Stow Strow Throw Tow Frow Trow Snow Slow Bestow Foreknow -Forefhow Foreflow Overflow Overgrow Overthrow Outgrow Below Alow Row Reflow Out-row O Oh So Lo No Ho Go, To and fro, Ago Forego Outgo Undergo Overgo Portico Cupolo Callico Indigo Milleto Bufalo Archipelago Incognito Toe Doe Foe Roe Sloe Tho' Altho' Hough Dough Do To Two Too Who Through Foredo Misdo Outdo Ado Undo Hitherto Thitherto You Bow Cow Brow Mow Now Prow How Plow Sow Vow Avow Allow Difallow Difavow Endow Enow Thou Bough Plough Slough. And the Words in EW, OO, and UE

OWD. Shrowd Crowd. Alfo the Words in OUD, and the Participle Paffive of the regular Verbs of the preceding Termination.


OWL. Bowl Cowl Fowl Growl Howl Owl Prowl. And the Termination OUL, and those that rhyme to it.

OWN. Brown Clown Down Crown Adown Drown Frown Town Gown Imbrown Renown Noun. And the Words in OON and ONE, and all the Terminations that rhyme to them.


OWZE. Browze Towze Blowze Rowze Bowze Carowze Spouse House Efpoufe. And the Words in OOZE and OUSE; and the Terminations that rhyme to them.

OX. Box Fox Ox Pox Equinox Orthodox Heterodox. And the Plural Number of the Nouns, and third Perfon Singular of the Prefent Tenfe of the Verbs in OAK, OCK, and OKE.

OY. Boy Buoy Coy Cloy Hoy Joy Foy Toy Annoy Al loy Decoy Convoy Destroy Enjoy Employ Mifemploy. And the Terminations IE or Y, and IGH.




UB. Bub Club Chub Cub Dub Drub Grub Rub Scrub Shrub Snub Stub Tub Beelzebub Sillabub. And the fol lowing Termination,

UBE. Cube Tube.


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