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AIN, AN, ANE, EAN, EEN, EIGN, EIN, ENE and IN. Alfo the Plural Number of all the Nouns, compounded with the Word Man; as, Aldermen, . which fee in the

Termination AN.

ENCE and ENSE. Thence Fence Whence Senfe Cleanfe
Hence Denfe Condenfe Pence Cenfe Commence Confe
Continence Concupifcence Confidence Competence

fence Difpenfe Abftinence Diligence Deference Expence Evidence Eminence Eloquence Excellence Incontinence Im ! penitence Influence Innocence Infolence Impertinence Im pudence Improvidence Indifference Indigence Indolence Immenfe Incenfe Inference Intelligence Irreverence Incence Incidence Accidence Appetence Magnificence Malevolence. Munificence Maleficence Negligence Pretence Pestilence Providence Penitence Pertinence Propenfe Prepenfe Preeminence Preference Prevalence Recompence Omnipotence Reference Refidence Reverence Offence Sufpenfe Tenfe Violence Affluence Vehemence Effluence Frankincenfe And the third Perfon Singular of the Verbs and Plural of the Nouns in EN, and all the other Terminations that rhyme to it. Alfo the Words in ANCE and INCE.

ENCH. Bench Drench Stench Trench Wench Quench Tench Wrench French Intrench Retrench. And the Terminations ANCH and INCH.

END and IEND. Attend Afcend Amend Apprehend Bend Blend Befriend Commend Contend Condefcend Comprehend Diftend Defcend Defend Depend Difcommend Dividend End Extend Expend Fore-fend Fiend Friend Intend Impend Lend Mend Mifpend Offend Obrend Portend Protend Pretend Rend Recommend Reprehend Reverend Sufpend Send Spend Tend Vend Tranfcend Unbend Dividend. And the Participle Paffive of the Verbs in EN, and of all the other Terminations that rhyme to it.

ENDS. Amends. This Word rhymes to the Plural of the Nouns, and third Perfon Singular of the prefent Tenfe of the Verbs in END.


ENGE. Revenge Avenge. And the Words in ANGE and INGE.

ENGTH. Length Strength. ENSE. See ENCE. ENT and EANT. Afcent Attent Abfent Affent Augment Armipotent Bent Battlement Banifhment Content Circumvent Continent Abolishment Abftinent Abfent Accident Ac complishment Accoutrement Acknowledgment Admonish ment Advertisement Aliment Arbitrament Argument Blan dishment Aggrandizement Aftonishment Benevolent Cha



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ftifement Competent Complement Confident Confequent Corpulent Detriment Diffident Different Diligent Difcouragement Disfranchisement Difparagement Divertisement Document Difcontent Defcent Diffent Element Event Extent Eloquent Eminent Emolument Encouragement Equivalent Eftablishment Evident Excellent Exigent_Experiment Extinguishment Foment Frequent Firmament Ferment Flatulent Fraudulent Government Indent Intent Invent Imbellifhment Imminent Impediment. Impenitent Impertinent Implement Impotent Impoverishment Imprisonment Improvident Impudent Incident Incompetent Incontinent Indif ferent Indigent Innocent Infolent Inftrument Infufficient Irreverent Integument Interfluent Intelligent Lament Lent Leant Languifhment Ligament Lineament Luculent Meant Monument Magnificent Malecontent Malevolent Management Medicament Mifreprefent Mifcontent Mifpent Munificent Muniment Negligent Nourishment Nutriment Ornament Oftent Ourwent O'erfpent Occident Omnipotent Opulent Orpiment Prevent Portent Parliament Punishment Pent Prefent Penitent Permanent Pertinent Peftilent Prefident Predicament Prevalent Profiuént Prominent Provident Repent Relent Rent Represent Refent Ravifhment Redolent Re-establishment Refluent Regiment Reverent Rudiment Sacrament Sediment Sentiment Settlement Succulent Subfequent Supplement Sent Scent Shent Spent Torment Tent Tournament Temperament Turbulent Vent Unmeant Went Underwent Unfpent Unbent Förewent Outwent Underwent Overwent Vehement Violent Virulent. And the Terminations AINT and ANT.

EP. Step Outstep. And the Terminations AP, APE, EAP, and EEP.

EPT. Accept Adept Except Intercept Crept Kept Slept Wept Swept. And the Participle Paffive of the Verbs in EAP and IP.


ER. Err Parterre Adminifter Prefer Aver Her Defer Deter Infer Refer Transfer Prefer Confer Arbiter Character Biographer Cofmographer Aftronomer Geographer Hiftoriographer Typographer Swaggerer Tillager Villager Dowager Cottager Maffacre Victualler Remembrancer Slanderer Wanderer Flander Malander Warrenner Purchaser Alabaster Flatterer Smatterer Idolater Theatre Caterer Amphitheatre Foreigner Provender Lavender Meffenger Paffenger Porrenger Scavenger Challenger Carpenter Diameter Barometer Sorcerer Artificer Officer Sacrificer Dulcimer Mariner Gardinet Examiner Cylinder Lingerer Harbinger Juniper Canifter Minifter Register Sophifter Presbyter Admonisher Furbisher Polisher Whisperer Scrivener Law-giver Driveller

Philofopher Cofferer Philologer Embroiderer. Loiterer Aftrologer Customer Almoner Falconer Probationer Stationer Coroner Commoner Confectioner Ufurer Penfioner Extortioner Waggoner Prifoner Commiflioner Practitioner Parishioner Grasshopper Paflover Follower Sepulchre Cucumber Trumpeter Thunderer Plunderer Murderer Treafurer Lecturer Interpreter Ravifher Lucifer Chorifter. Alfo the Words in EAR, and all the other Terminations to which it rhymes.



ERGE, IRGE, and URGE. Serge Verge Emerge Cierge Dirge Urge Purge Surge Spurge. And the Termination ARGE.


ERSE, EARSE, and IERCE. Verfe Difperfe Herfe A4. verfe Averfe Interfperfe Tranfverfe Afperfe Traverfe Converfe Difperfe Immerse Perverse Reverse Univerfe Serfe Rehearse Amerce Coerce Commerce Fierce Pierce Tierce. And the Words in ARCE; together with the Plural Nom. ber of the Nouns and third Perfon Singular of the Verbs in AIR, ARE, EAR, EER, EIR, ER and ERE.

ERT. Advert Avert Affert Convert Defert Concert Divert Expert Inexpert Exert Infert Pervert Revert Subvert Animadvert Controveit Malapert Pert Wert. Alfo the Terminations ART, IRT, ORT and URT.

ERVE. Nerve Subferve Enerve Serve Swerve Conferve Deferve Differve Obferve Referve Preferve. And the Words in ARVE.

ES, ESE, and ESS. Accefs Addrefs Antipodes Abfolutenefs Abusiveness Advifednefs Adulterefs Almightiness Aff rednefs Blefs Backwardnefs Barrennefs Bathfulnefs Baftli nefs Bitterness Bleffednefs Beggarlinefs Bodilefs Boifterouf nefs Brittleness Comprefs Chefs Acquiefce Affefs Carefs Confefs Chearfulness Comelinefs Comfortlefs Contentednefs Cloudinefs Clownifhnefs Covetoufnefs Courtlinefs Craftiness Crookednefs Drefs Diftrefs Deprefs Digrefs Dif poffefs Daintinefs Deceitfulness Delicatenefs Dimenfionlefs Dizziness Drunkenness Diffolutenefs Drowzinefs Excefs Exprefs Egrefs Eagerness Earneftnefs Eafinefs Embaffadrefs Emptinefs Erroneoufnefs Evennefs Exceffivenefs Featherlefs Feeblenefs Faithfulness Fatherlefs Ficklenefs Filthinels Foolifhmefs Forgetfulness Forwardnefs Friendlinefs Frowardnefs Fruitfulness Fulfomnefs Ghefs Ghaftlinefs Gentleness Giddinefs Godlinefs Governefs Gracefulness Greediness Happiness Heavinefs Harbourlefs Harmlefnefs Haughtines Hattinefs Heinoufnefs Hideoufnefs Hoarinefs Hollownel


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Holinefs Homelinefs Idlenefs Imprefs Ingrefs Imperiousness Inconfideratenefs Joyfulness Irkfomnefs Knavifhnefs Lefs Lafcivioufnefs Lawfulnefs Lazinefs Licentioufnefs Lionefs Limbernefs Littlenefs Livelinefs Loftinefs Lonefomness Loathfomnefs Lovelinefs Lowlinefs Lumpifhiness Lustfulnefs Luftinefs Luxurioufnefs. Mefs Malicioufnefs Manlinefs Marchionefs Matterlefs Meagrenefs Mellownefs Merrinefs Mightinefs Mindfulness Mistinefs Moneylefs Motherlefs Motionless Muftiness Nakedness Narrownefs Naftinefs Naufeoufnefs Naughtinefs Neediness Niggardlinefs Nimbleness Noblenefs Noifomnefs Nothingnets Numberlefs Oppress Obfequionfnefs Offenfivenefs Officioufnefs Obdurateness Opennefs Outrageoufnefs. Prefs Poffefs Profefs Painfulness Patronefs Peaceablenefs Peevilhnefs Pennylefs Penfiveness Perfidioufnefs. Pitilefs Poetefs Populoufnefs Positiveness Prettiness Priorefs Prophetefs Publickness Purfinefs. Queftionlefs Quietnefs. Recefs Regrefs Redrefs Rapidnefs Rag gednefs Ranfomlefs Readiness Reafonlefs Reasonableness Rebellioufnefs Remediless Reservednefs Refoluteness Refpectfulness Reftlefnefs Reftiveness Righteoufnefs Rofinefs Rottennefs Ruggedness Ruftinefs. Strefs Succefs Supprefs Savagenefs Scornfulnefs Scrupuloufnefs Seemlinefs Senfelefnefs Senfiblenefs Serioufnefs Shadinefs Shallownefs Shamefulness Shamelesnefs Shepherdefs Sicklinefs Silliness Sinful nefs Skilfulness Slavifhnefs Slenderness Slipperinefs Slothfulness Sluggishnefs Spiritlefs Sorcerefs Sordidnefs Sottish nefs Sparingnefs Sprightlinefs Spitefulness Statelinefs Steadinefs Stedfaftnefs Stinginefs Stubbornness Sturdiness Sub miffivenefs Sullennefs Sumptuoufnefs Supperlefs Superftitioufnefs Surlinefs: Tranfgrefs Tardinefs Tedioufnefs Tenderness Thankfulnefs Thoughtfulness Thirstinefs Thriftinefs Towardlinefs Tractablenefs Truftinefs Tutorefs Unless Undrefs Nevertheless Valiantnefs Uglinefs Vigoroufnefs Unadvifednefs Uncertainnefs Uncharitablenefs Uneafinefs Unnevennefs Unfaithfulness Unfeignednefs Ungodliness Unhappiness Ungracioufnefs Unhealthinefs Unlikelinefs Unluckinefs Unmannerlinefs Unmercifulnefs Unmindfulnefs Unpleafantnefs Unreafonablenefs Unquietness Unrighteouinefs Unruliness Unfeemlinefs Unskilfulness Unfteadiness Unthankfulness Untimelinefs Untowardness Unwarinefs Unwholefomnefs Unwillingness Unworthiness Uncleanlinefs Voluptuoufoefs Votarefs Ufefulness Waiwardnels Wakefulnefs Wantonnefs Warinefs Waftfulness Watchfulness Weaponless Wearinefs Weightinefs Wholefomnefs Wickedness Wilderness Willingness Wilfulness Worldlinefs Worthiness Wretchednefs Yellownefs Youthfulness Thefe

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Diocefe. To this 'Termination rhyme the Words in EASE, and all the other Words that rhyme to that Ending.

ESH, and EASH. Flesh Fresh Afresh Refresh Mefh. Thresh Leath. And the Terminations ASH and ISH. ESK and ESQUE. Desk Morefque Grotefque Burlesque. And the Words in ASK and ISK.

EST. Atteft Arrest Best Beheft Bequest Creft Contest Deteft Digeft Divelt Funett Gueft. Infelt Inquest Inveft Jeft Impreft Left Moleft Neft Obreft Peft Proteft Quest RestRequest Teft Suggest Cheft Vest West Wreft Unwreft Ma nifelt Intereft Difintereft Almagest Anapeft. And the Ter minations AST, EAST, and IST, with all that rhyme to them.

ET, and EBT. Bet Befet Beget Bewet Debt Abet Coro net Get Forget Sherbet Jet Overfet Fret Let Wet Mer Underfet Regret Whet Net Pet Set Unfet Curver Yet Spet Unwet Coverlet Violer Amulet Rivulet Parapet Amulet Leveret Epither Flageolet Cabinet Marmofer Baronet Anchoret Alphabet. And the Termination EAT, and those that rhyme to it.


ETCH. Stretch Retch Etch Fetch Sketch Vetch Wretch And the Terminations ́ ACH, ATCH, EACH, ICH, and J ITCH.



EW, IEW, and UE Anew Accrue Brew Adieu - Blue-Blew Askew Bedew Befhrew. Beftrew Crew Cue Clue Chew Drew Dew Due Ewe Eugh Imbrue-Endue Enfue Efchew. Few Flew Flue Forefhew, Grew Glue. Hew Hue Jew Outgrew Knew Foreknew Imbrue In-Lieu Mew New, Perdue Porfue Purlieu Pew Slew Sew Stew Shew Spew Screw Strew Renew Rue Review Interview Subdue True Shrew Sue. Threw. Unfew Unskrew Undrew Withdrew Counterview Rough hew Yew Undue View Untrue Vaglew Refidue. And the Terminations O, OO, OU, and OW.

EWD. Lewd Shrewd Feud. And the Participle Paffive of the Verbs of the precedent Termination.

EWN. Hewn Shewa Rough-hewn Chewn, from the Verb Chew, is us'd by Sir R. Blacmore. And fome of the Words in ONE, OOŃ, and OWN.

EX. Sex Wex Kex Vex Yex Annex Connex Perplex Complex Reflex Convex Circumflex. And the Plural Num ber of the Nouns and third Perfon Singular of the Prefent Tenfe of the Verbs in ACK, AKE, EAŘ, ECK, EEK, and ECT.

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