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P. Ask you what Provocation I have had?
The strong Antipathy of Good to Bad.

When Truth or Virtue an Affront endures,

Th' Affront is mine, my Friend, and fhou'd be yours.

Mine, as a Friend to ev'ry worthy Mind.

And mine, as Man, who feel for all Mankind.

F. You're strangely proud.-P. So proud, I am no Slave,

So impudent, I own myself no Knave,

So odd, my Country's Ruin makes me grave.

Yes, I am proud; I must be proud to fee
Men not afraid of God, afraid of me:

Safe from the Bar, the Pulpit, and the Throne,
Yet touch'd and fham'd by Ridicule alone.


POPE's Epilogue to his Satires. DIal. II.


Printed for the AUTHOR, and fold by W. FLEXNEY, near
Gray's-Inn-Gate, Holborn. M.DCC.LXV.




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LL, Theorist,—may'st thou not fail to find,


The balmy Visions of a dreaming Mind :

Be fruitless antiquated Virtue thine,

Let D, and Royal Smiles be mine.

B. Haft thou the Honour to be Britain's Son,
And canft thou with fuch Arguments be won?
But e'er thou fixeft, pray, confider well,
Let not thy Head against thy Heart rebel.
For me, tho' my Endeavours may be late,
I'll ftill affert the Freedom of our State;
Though ev'ry Wretch is fick of being free,
The dire Contagion fhall not light on me



The horrid Project fhall not quite be sped,
We fhall not all be Slaves till I am dead.

A. If all your patriotic Efforts fail, And lawless B-e, and Anarchy prevail; By steering thus inflexibly your Course, Thus by oppofing Feebleness to Force, Nought to your Country fure you can propose, And only to yourself a Train of Woes.

B. The Individual I'll, at prefent, wave, And for our Country your Attention crave.

Bolder, and bolder tho' Corruption draws More ftill, and more their Majefty from Laws, Yet while a Particle of Hope remains,

Let other Churchill's wake their gen'rous Strains; Let honeft Englishmen ward off Despair,

Nor of their Country drop the pious Care.

In better Times, when in the State's Machine

The just Effects of Government were seen ;

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