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Advisory Committee.
MASON YOUNG, '60, Chairman, Geo. St. John Sheffield, '63,
E. L. Richards, '60.

Geo. A. Adee, '67,
H. B. SARGENT, '71, S. S. S., Treasurer.

Undergraduate Committee.
H. C. WHITE, '81, Chairman. W. B. Hill, '81, Secretary.
J. B. Dimmick, '81, R. A. Peabody, '81,

W. I. Badger, '82,
C. W. Lyman, '82.

C. S. Foote, '83.


Colonel Commanding, J. BENJ. DIMMICK, '81.

J. F. MERRILL, '81,


N. F. THOMPSON, '81,
E. BAILEY, '81 S. S. S.

Captain, W. J. BREWSTER. Lieutenant, F. C. GRISWOLD.


Lieutenant, G. P. RICHARDSON.

Captain, H. H. KNAPP.

COMPANY C, '83. Captain, T. D. Husted.

Lieutenant, G. COLGATE.

COMPANY D, ’84. Captain, O. T. MORTON.


Captain, F. L. BIGELOW, '81 S. S. S.


1878–J. W. Keller, '80.

1879-1. Bromley, '81. 1880—A. P. French, '82.

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J. C. Coleman, '81, A. E. Bostwick, '81, F. F. Abbott, '82, B. Foster, '32,

A. C. Hand, '82.


Osborne Allston, South, 35 Hudson st.
Philo J. Downes, South Middle, 486 Chapel st.
James M. Jackson, North Middle, 125 Park st.
William Bouchet, North, 94 Bradley st.
Isom Allston, Farnam, Basement Farnam.
George T. Livingston, Durfee, Basement Durfee.
Eames Stanley, Battell and Old Chapel, 175 George st.
Nehemiah Bowden, Public Buildings, 178 Frank st.
James Troy, Medical College, 146 York st.
George W. Farnam, East and West Divinity Halls, E. D. H.
Allen Cooper, Gymnasium. (Gymnasium.)
George Watkins, Messenger and Gas Lighter, 69 Howe st.

Charles McLinn, college carpenter, key-fitter, and handy man generally. Is ready at all times to repair furniture, locks, pack furniture, and box goods for shipment as students may require. Residence, 69 High st. Shop near Gymnasium

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List of Class Secretaries, 1828–80.

1828—Prof. O. P. Hubbard, N. Y. City.
1829-J. B. Robertson, New Haven.
1830-Wm. R. Cone, Hartford.
1831-President Porter, Yale College.
1832-Prof. E. E. Salisbury, New Haven.
1833—Prof. G. E. Day, New Haven.
1834-H. C. Kingsley, New Haven.
1835-Prof. T. A. Thacher, New Haven.
1836- Rev. E. E. Atwater, New Haven.
1837--Prof. B. Silliman, New Haven.
1838—Dr. W. W. Rodman, New Haven.
1839—John S. Beach, New Haven.
18.10—John C. Hollister, New Haven.
1841-Rev. S. W. Barnum, New Haven.
1842-Charles Fabrique, New Haven.
1843-Wm. L. Kingsley, New Haven.
1844–Rev. John W. Dulles, Philadelphia.
1845-Charles T. Chester, 104 Center st., New York.
1846—Rev. S. G. Willard, Willimantic.
1847-William Peet, N. Y. City.
1848-Henry T. Blake, New Haven.
1849—F. E. Harrison, New Haven.
1850—Prof. H. A. Newton, New Haven,
1851-Henry D. White, New Haven.
1852—Rev. John G. Baird, Hartford.
1853–Rev. H. H. McFarland, Brooklyn, N. Y.
1854-M. N. Whitmore, New Haven.
1855-Rev. Henry N, Cobb, Millbrook, N. Y.
1856-Henry E. Pardee, New Haven.
1857— Prof. Daniel C. Eaton, New Haven.
1858-William P. Bacon, 26 Broad st., New York.
1859-Rev. Joseph H. Twichell, Hartford.
1860-G. L. Catlin.
1861–W. D. Sheldon, Colorado Springs, Col.
1862--J. W. Alling, New Haven.
1863—Samuel Huntington, N. Y. City.
1864—Prof. C. G. Rockwood, Princeton, N. J.
1865–J. E. Chandler, N. Y. City.
1856–Edward E. Goodrich, New Haven.
1867—Wm. H. Morse, N. Y. City.
1868–Prof. H. P. Wright, New Haven.
1869– Prof. H. A. Beers, New Haven.
1870-M. F. Tyler, New Haven.
1871-C. B. Dudley, Altoona, Pa.
1872-Rev. T. R. Bacon, Terre Haute, Ind.
1873—Rev. J. P. Peters, New Haven.
1874--George L. Dickerman, New Haven.
1875—Robert D. Townsend.
1876—Edwin D. Worcester, Jr., Albany, N. Y.
1877--John S. Thacher, New Haven.
1878– Wm. E. Waters, New Haven.
1879—Samuel P. Willard, New Haven.
1880-Charles F. Bliss, New Haven.

Faultless styles and elegant qualities in Hats, at Brooks & Co's.

Historical Memorabilia.


Philosophy and Arts,

1813. 1818. 1822. 1847. 1854.

Linonia, 1753.

Scroll and Key, 1841.
Brothers in Unity, 1768.

Delta Kappa Epsilon, 1844.
Phi Beta Kappa, 1780.

Delta Kappa, 1845.
Calliopean, 1819.

Alpha Sigma Phi, 1846.
Chi Delta Theta, 1821.

Gamma Nu, 1855.
Skull and Bones, 1832.

Delta Beta Xi, 1864.
Alpha Delta Phi, 1836.

Phi Theta Psi, 1864.
Psi Upsilon, 1838.

Spade and Grave, 1864.
Kappa Sigma Theta, 1838.

Η Βουλή, 1875.
Kappa Sigma Epsilon, 1840.

Alpha Kappa, 1878.

Berzelius, 1848.
Sigma Delta Chi, 1863.
Theta Xi, 1865.


Delta Psi, 1869.
Alpha Chi, 1874.
Chi Phi, 1878.


Atheneum, 1814.

Pot-Pourri, 1865.
Yale Literary Magazine, 1836. Index, 1869.
Banner (sheet form), 1841.

Banner (in its present form), 1870.
Courant, 1865.

Record, 1872.
Daily News, 1878.

RECIPIENTS OF THE JOHN A. PORTER UNIVERSITY PRIZE. 1872 Charles J. H. Ropes, '72, “The Morality of the Greeks, as shown in

their Art, Literature and Life.” 1873 Not awarded. 1874 Henry B. Ladd, '74 D. S., “The Madonna in Christian Art.” 1875 Charles W. Guernsey, '75 D. S., "The Political Side of Puritanism." 1876 Thomas R. Bacon, '72, “The Influence of Italian over English Poetry.” 1877 Myron H. Phelps, ’76,"Islam of the Past and Future.' 1878 Henry A. James, '74, “Communism in America." 1879 Edward D. Robbins, ’74, “Limits of the Province of Government.”

Importers of English and Scotch Goods. Brooks & Co.

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