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THE present Bridge is of brick, and consists of several arches; it was built after a design of Mr. Payne, and forms a very fine object from the terrace of Oatlands, the seat of the Duke of York.

The celebrated old wooden bridge at Walton, was built by the late Samuel Decker, Esq. of that place, for which he obtained an act of parliament, in the year 1747, and in three years after that beautiful, curious, and elegant structure was compleated. The plan of it was designed by a Mr. White, of Weybridge, whose name ought not to be forgotten, though his unparalleled work no longer remains.

The happy construction of this bridge was such, that, being composed of timbers, tangent to a circle of an hundred feet in diameter, either of them falling into decay, might with ease be unscrewed, and with equal facility, receive a new substitute, without disturbing the adjoining timbers.

Such, however, was its dangerous state, and so great would have been the expence of its repair, that, about twen ty-five years since, it was judged expedient to take down the most beautiful wooden arch in the world; and the present bridge was constructed in its place.

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