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Apr 2.1929

Mrs. Franklin Q Brown

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O THOU!. whose word from solid darkness struck
That spark, the Sun; strike wisdom from my soul;
My soul, which flies to thee, her trust, her treasure,
As misers to their gold while others rest.
Through this opaque of nature, and of soul,
This double night transmit one pitying ray,
To lighten, and to cheer. O lead my mind,
(A mind that fain would wander from its woe)
Lead it through various scenes of Life and Death ;
And from each scene, the noblest truths inspire.
Nor less inspire my conduct than my song :
Teach my best Reason, reason ; my best will,
Teach rectitude; and fix my firm resolve
Wisdom to wed, and pay her long arrear.
Nor let the vial of thy vengeance pour’d
On this devoted head, be pour'd in vain page 14.

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