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Why should not divers studies, at divers hours, delight, when the
variety is able alone to refresh and repair as ?

BEN Jonson's Discoverics.



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ABSTRACTion, inadequacy of, in Art, 446. Bonassus, Mrs. Winifred Lloyd's descrif-

Actors, on some of the Old, 174_Bensley, tion of, 428.

174_his Iago, and his Malvolio, 175— Books, new, (M. R.) 12,26, 44, 63, 83, 101.

Dodd; his Aguecheek, 177-the elder Botany, the Gentiana Chirayita, 196.

Palmer, 178–Smith; Kemble, 309. Bourne, Vincent, his Epitaphium in Ca-

Adam Blair, review of, 485.

Agricultural Report, (MONTHLY RE- Bradgate Park, 166—the Chapel, and Tilt.

Gister,) 2, 19, 37, 55, 75, 95.

yard, 170.

Albatross, the, 223.

Brevity, Brief observations on, 359.
Ali Pacha, death of, 397.

Buck-shooting, 173.
America, alarm first caused in, by the Bunbury, 26.
Stamp Act, 417.

Buonaparte, his residence at Elba, 272—
American Navy, 100—Finances, 199. his will, 399-manner of living at St.
Anecdotes of Dr. Barrett, 53—Goldsmith, Helena, 572—his apartments, 573 –

116—Chantrey, 155 Doud, 178 - anecdotes, 574.
G-n, 310_a Chimney-sweeper, 470 Burghersh, Lord, his Bajazet, 490.
-General Washington, 420.

Burying-ground, English at Leghorn, 64.
Antonio, G-n's Tragedy of, account of Byron, Lord, review of his Sardanapalus,
its first representation, 309.

&c. 66_his Aristocracy, 66–Excellen-

Anstey, Christopher, Life of, 24.

cies, 67—Sardanapalus, 67Two Fos.

Art, its principles defined, 156—the finest cari, 69—Cain, 70-contrasted with

imitation of Nature the highest Art, 447 Scott, 296.

-ideal in Art defined, 450—(See also

Beauty, Grace, Grandeur, Ideal, Paint. Cain, by Lord Byron, remarks on, 70.

ing, and Sculpture.)

Cambridge, R. O., life of, 403.
Arundel Castle, anecdote of a Chimney- Campanella, Tommaso, account of, 50.
sweeper at, 407.

Canals, Shares, &c. (M. R.) 17, 35, 53,

Ascham, Roger, 166_extract from his 73, 93, 111.

Schoolmaster, 171.

Canova, 129.

Cape Pigeon, 225.

Baïf, J. Ant. de, French Poet, 335. Cats, black, 285.

Bank-notes, 189—advantages of, 191. Catalani, Madame, 95, 388, 491.
Bank-restriction Act, 185.

Catullus, comparison between him and Ho.

Bankrupts, (M. R.) 14, 28, 45, 65, 85, 103. race, 277-defended from the charge of

Barbarossa, the Emperor Frederic, 229. want of originality, 536-translations

Barometer, an improved, 97.

from, 537.

Barrett, Dr. anecdotes of, 53.

Ceres, 341--Homer's hymn to, 342.

Batteux, his Treatise on the Fine Arts, 44. Chantrey, anecdote of, 155.

Beattie, Dr. Life of, 312.

Characters: Elia's Grandmother, 22-

Beauties of the Living Dramatists : No. I. Leghorn Captain, 64—English Tra-

Virtue's Harvest Home, 29–No. II. veller, 65_Walter Lyddal, 6, 11-a
Britain's Glory, 137–No. III. The pleasant Fellow, 125–Harry Adams,
River Rock, or the Crimson Hermits, 168, 173—John Ochiltree, 142-Dame
253_No. IV. La Belle Assemblée, Foljambe, 244–Dora Vernon, 249

362_Don Giovanni the XVIII., 436. Allan-a-Maut, 321 Frank Chilvers,
Beauty in Art, defined, 454.

350-James White, 408-portrait of a
Beggars, complaint of the Decay of, 532. Beggar, 534—the Laird of Warlsworm,
Bellay, Joachim de, 231.

542—Haudthegrup, 543—Gawain, 546.

Belleau, 331.

Charles I., letter of, 220-Verses by, 388.

Benjie Spedlands, 460.

Charms, magical, 384.

Bensley, the Actor, 174.

Chatsworth-house, 129—the Seven For-

Berthon, General, 398.

resters of, 129.
Births, (M. R.) 6, 23, 47, 67, 86, 105. Chilvers, Frank, history of, 350.
Black Cats, 285.

Chimney-sweepers, praise of, 405_feast of,

Bochsa, Mr., his Oratorio of the Deluge, in Smithfield, 408manecdote of one,





Chirayita, a plant, 196.

Dream-Children, a reverie, 21.

Christmas described, 90.

Dying Gladiator, the statue of, 196.

Clare, John, Hymn to Spring, 43—To

128_The Approach of Spring. Ecclesiastical Preferments, &c. (M. R.) 8,
216_the Cowslip, 444.

25, 48, 68, 88, 106.
Colman, George, 581.

Edinburgh, Mr. Williams' Exhibition at,

Comedy, remarks on, 305.


Commercial Report, (m. r.) 2, 20, 40, 59, Elha, 272.
78, 97.

Elgin Marbles, the, 153—not ideal forms,

Complaint of the Decay of Beggars, 532. 153-paper on, continued, 445.

Concerts : of Ancient Music, 287—Sub. Elia, papers by; Dream Children, a reve-

scription Concerts, 288—Royal Con- rie, 21—Some of the Old Actors, 174-

certs at Brighton, 390.

Distant Correspondents, 282-the Old
Congreve, character of his Comedics, 306.

Actors, 305—Praise of Chimney-sweep-
Contributors to the London Magazine, re- ers, 405~Complaint of the Decay of
marks on, 469.

Beggars in the Metropolis, 532.
Correggio, remarks on his Io, 452. Elizabeth, Queen, letter of, 387-verses
Correspondents, distant, 282.

of 388—letter to the Bishop of Ely, 411.
Counter-charms against Witchcraft, 480. Elphin Irving, the Fairies' Cupbearer, 13.
Courses of Foreign Exchange, (M. R.) 15, English Poets, new Edition of, 295.
33, 51, 71, 91.

England, peculiar currency requisite for,

Crimson Hermits, the, a Melodrama, 253.

Cumberland, Clifford, Earl of, 409. Epistolary topics, 282.

Currency, on a Free Paper, 185.

Exhibitions : Drawings, Soho-square, 295

-Williams' Views in Greece at Edin.

Danish Literature, 197.

burgh, 425— Water-colour, 470—Mar.

tin's, 471-Somerset House, 471, 550.

Deaths, (M. R.) 6, 24, 48, 67, 87, 105.

Expression in Painting, 452.

Death of the Laird of Warlsworm, 539.
Delamer, Lord, 389.

Fine Arts : Drawings, Soho-square, 295
De Magnay, Olivier, French Poet, 159. Williams' exhibition at Edinburgh, 425
Devil's Ladder, a tale, 337.

-Water-colour exhibition, 470-Mar-

Distant Correspondents, 282.

tin's Herculaneum,471--Somerset House,

Dodd, the actor, 177-anecdoto of, 178. 471-see also Sculpturc.
Dolphin, 223.

Foreign Commerce, (M. R.) 4, 23, 42, 61,

Dorset, Countess of, 411.

81, 99.

Drama, Jan. Proem; Drury Lane, 90. Forms, ideal, 153.

Kean, 9)-Miss_Edmiston; Rowe's Fortiguerri, the author of Ricciardetto, 429.

Jane Shore, 92_De Montfort ; Covent Foscari, critique on Byron's tragedy of the

Garden ; Two Gentlemen of Verona, Two, 69.

93--Miss Tree ; Miss Beaumont; Far- France, see Public Events.

ren; Liston, 94-Miss Hallande ; The Free Paper Currency, 105–petition for,

Two Pages, 35-FEB. Comparison be- 191-benefits of, 192.

tween the state of the two Great Houses, French Poets, early; A. Heroet, and M.

179-and their different systems of ma- de St. Gelais, 37-Hugues Salel and

nagement, the Pirate, 180-Cooper, Oliver de Magny, 1.57---Joachim du

Harley, &c., 18l-Scenery, 182-Co- Bellay, 231-Remy de Belleau, and

vent-Garden ; Drury - Lane, Panto- Jan Antoine de Baif, 331-Jan de la

mime, 183–Covent-Garden; the Yel. Peruse, 456-Pierre de Ronsard, 501.

low Dwarf, 184-Mar. Drury-Lane; French Dramatists, 47.

Town and Country, 290-Adeline, or French Versification, 44, 46.

the Victim of Seduction, 291-Owen,

Prince of Powys, 292—Covent-Garden; Galloway, description of a vale in 540.

Mo: trose, Miss Stephens, 293-Eng. Gaull, John, his account of the initiation of

lish Opera-house, 294-APRIL. English Witches, 377-of the power of Witches,

Opera-house ; Mr. Mathews, 395– 477.

MAY. The School for Scandal, 481- German Translations, 196.

Miss Grimani; Cooper, 482--C. Kemble; Geology, 196.

Drury-Lane ; Almoran and Hamet, 483 Giovanni, Don, the XVIII. a Musico-

-Covent-Garden ; 'Cherry and Fair &c. &c. Opera, 436.

Star, 484-JUNE. Covent-Garden, 580 Glenbervie, Lord, review of his translation

-G. Colman, 581—The Law of Java, of Ricciardetto, 429.

582–Drury-Lane, 582.

Glossary to the second Tale of Lyddal

Dramatists, beauties of the living; see Cross, 101.

Beauties, &c.—Modern, 29—French, G-n, account of his visit to the Theatre


at the first performance of his Antonio,

Drawings, exhibition of, Soho-square, 295 510.

-At the water-colour exhibition, 470. Goldsmith, Dr., life of, 105-character,


110—remarks on his works, 111-scene Ling, Swedish Poet, 197.
of his Deserted Village, 111-incon- Lion's Head, 1, 101, 201, 303, 401.
sistent reasoning in his Traveller, 112– Literary and Scientific Intelligence, 196,
Dr. Warton's opinion of him, 268.


Grace in Art, 455.

Literature, vicissitudes in, 110.

Grandeur in Art, defined, 156, 453.

Danish, 197.

Gray's Inn Gardens, 177.

Polish, 296.

Gray, Lady Jane, 166—Stanzas to, 171,

Swedish, 197.

Green Room, 236.

Lives of the Poets, No. III. C. Anstey,

Greece, spirit of its Mythology, 118- 24_No. IV. Oliver Goldsmith, 105

Williams' Views in, 425.

No. V. Joseph Warton, 264-No. VI.

Haddon, description of a hunting festival

James Beattie, 312-No. VII. R. O.

at, 247.

Cambridge, 403_W. J. Mickle, 559.

H—yd-n, Mr., his opinion respecting the Lloyd, Mrs. Winifred, Letter of, describing

Theseus, 449.

Martin's Pictures, and the Bonassus,

Henry, Patrick, life of, 413_his clo-

quence, 416_speech in the Assembly Loveday, Miss, conversion of, 199.
of Virginia, 420c-elected Governor of Vir- Lucca, 63.
ginia, 564_speech for the return of the Lyddalcross, Twelve Tales of, (see Tales.)
British refugees, 566-ditto on British
debts, 568—his private character, 571. Magic, 473_Charms, 384.
Herbert, Edward, Letter III. The Green Malvolio, the character of, 175.
Room, 236.

Markets, (M. R.) 161, 34, 54, 72, 92, 110.
Herculaneum, Martin's Picture of, 471. Marriages, (M. R.) 6, 23, 47, 67, 86, 106.
Hexameters, English, 45.

Martin, characteristics of his style, 448—

Hogarth, 451.

his picture of Herculaneum, 471.

Homer's Hymns to Pan, 161—to Ceres, Mathews, Mr. 395.


May-day effusion, by Elia, 405.

Horace, Wrangham's translation of the Melo-dramas, observations on, 253.

odes of, 277—compared with Catullus, Meteorological Journal, 10, 32, 50, 70, 90,

277-various English versions of, 279. 107.

Horticultural Report, (M. R.) 38, 57, 77, Mickle, W. J., life of, 559.


Minichino, Abbate, account of, 49.

Mittau, improvements at, 196.

Ideal, the theory of the, misunderstood, Money, extract on the subject of, from

154_defined, 156, 450-ideal forms, Caxton's Mirrour, 187.


M--ff, Mr. 436.

Ilissus, remarks on the statue of, 153, 453. Montgomery, J., War-song by, 456-Re-

Imitation, on, 51.

view of his Polyhyinnia, 557.

Inchbald, Mrs., observations of, on the Morra, a Neapolitan game, 521.

character of Malvolio, 175.

Mosca, Signor, the composer, 490.

Interpretations of Mythological Tales, 116. Moscow, the burning of, 576.

Ireland, see Public Events.

Music, Report of, JAN. Madame Catalani ;

King's Theatre, 95—Mr. Bishop, Na-

James I., 218–verses by, 219—his De.

tional Melodies, new Musical Publica-

monologie, 211.

tions, 96—FEB. Encouragement of En.

Janus, Letter from, 468.

glish Music, 193—Establishment pro-

Johnson, Dr., his opinion of Goldsmith, jected for the education of young Mu.

106, 108, 100.

sicians; the Opera ; Signora Carridori,

Journals, Polish, 296.

Ambrogetti, Camporese;

Madame Mora,

194_New Musical Publications, 1954

Keats, J., bust of, by Smith, 471.

March. The Opera ; Il Barone di Dol-

Kemble, Mr., 309.

sheim ; Concerts of Ancient Music ;

Oratorios at Covent Garden, 287–

Ladye's Lowe, the tradition of, 459. Bochsa's Oratorio of the Deluge ; Con-

Legend of the Goatherd, 229.

certs; Madame Catalani ; New Musical

Leghorn, 64.

Publications, Beauties of Rossini ; the

Leisure Hours, No. V. Introduction to a Pirate, Kiallmark, &c. 288-APRIL.

Translation from the Homeric Hymns, Royal Concerts at Brighton, the King's

44-No. VI. Homer's Hymn to Pan, Patronage of English Music, 390

161_No. VII. Ditto to Ceres, 340. English Composition; Concerts of the

Leith Smack, 72.

Royal Harmonic. Institution, Italian

Letter :—from London to a Friend in Music, 391_Rossini's Mosé in Egitto,

Edinburgh, 72——of Edward Herbert, the Handel's Messiah, Bochsa's Deluge,

Green Room, 236—to B. F. at Sydney, 392–Concerts; Opera ; Singers, Gra-

New S. Wales, 282—of Winifred Lloyd, ziani, Begrez, Master Ormskirk, Sapio,

427-of Janus Weathercock, 468. Miss Fearon, 393— New Musical Pub-

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