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A Deity

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V Address to the Deity

Thonfun The All-seeing God

an expert

Young 1 Solemn Thoughts concerning God and Death ib. 57

Adam and Eve's Morning Hymn Milton 1 Heaven and Hell

Himno Gratitude

Addison 2 Advantages of Early Religion

ibid, The Danger of Delay

maken are, Homo on Providence

Hina from the 19th Pfalm

ib. 2 Examples of Early Piety

Assther Hymn

Mrs. Rowe 2 Againit Lying

Araber Hymn

ib. 3 Againtt Quarrelling and Fighting

Anorber, from Psalm 148

Ogilvie 3

Love between Brothers and Sisters


Merrick 4 Againit Scofing and calling Names

ih. 4 Against Swearing, and taking God's Name in


ib. 5| Against Idleness and Mischief

io. Ś Againit Evil Company

ib. O

ib. i Aguinit Pride in Clothes

Pirr 6 Obedience to Parents

ib. 60

Piela 24th paraphrafed

ib. 6 The Child's Complaint

ib. 60

Pfale ath

ib. 60

ib. A Morning and Evening Song


For the Lord's Day Morning

ib. 6

Film scth paraphraled

ib. 65


For the Lord's Day Evening

ib. & The Ten Commandments paraphrased, &c. is, 6

The sd Chapter of Job

ib. 65

Our Saviour's Golden Rule


TOLICOS Y The ageh Chapter of Joh paraphrased is. 9 Duty to God and our Neighbour

. 61

as in The Sons ui Mofes (Exod

. XV.) paraphrased ib. 13 The Hof:nna ; or, Salvation afcribed to Chit it. of

ib. 61

The izgth Pialm paraphrafed

ib. u Glory to the Father, &c.

Hyma to the Supreme Being

Blacklock 12

The Slugaard

ib. 61

kacher Huma

Aron. 13 Innocent Play

. 61

Asther Hymn

Anch. 14

The Role

ib. 62

ib. 62

Hema on the Seasons

Thomson 14 The Thief

Hinn for Morning

Parnell is

The Ant, or Emmet

ib. 6

Hirms for Noon

Good Resolutions

Hymn for Evening

A Summer Evening

The Spal in Sorrow

ib. 16 A Cradle Hymn

The Happy Man

ib. 16 The Nunc Dimittis

Merrick 63

The Way to Happiness

ib. 17 The Benedicite paraphrased

The Convert's Love

ib. 17 The Ignorance of Man

A Defire to Praise

ib. 17 The Trials or Virtue

O happiness in this Life

ib. 19. Christ's Pasion

Piti 66

ib. 18 A Funeral Hymn

Maidet 67

O: Dune Love, by meditating on the Wounds

Veri Creator Spiritus paraphraded Dryden 67

& Crit
ib. 19 A Night Piece

Miss Curing of

Thilawerial Prayer

Pepe 19

Ode to Melancholy

ib. 68

Web, a Sicred Eclogue

ib. 20 Written at Midnight in a Thunder Storm

. 68

A Night Piece on Death

Parneil 21 Elegy on the Death of Lady Coventry

Lley in a Country Church. Yard

Elegy to a young Nobleman

Perious 22 The Choice of Hercules

The Grave

B'air 25 The Hermit

Happiness to be found in Virtue alone Pope 31

The Fire-Side

Chibe Eternity of the Supreme Being

Smart 32


@ the immenfity of the Supreme Being

ib. 33


by the late Mr. Gay 95-115

On the Omniscience of the Supreme Being

Various Extracts

Young 13-134

0the Power of the Supreme Being

ib. 36 Fables for the Female Sex
Cathe Gondness of the Supreme Being

ib. 3. | Fables from Wilkie, Whitehead, Carlon,
Miss Carier 38 asd Merrick

Bryse 39 K110w thyself
G/47:n 47 | Leilons of Wifiom

Armbrong 15?


Mrs. Barbault 50 Pain arifi:g from Virtuous Emotions, &c. Akengide 153

do Address to the Deity

ib. sParaphrale of PL. 74. 16, 17

MJs Hilliams 159

A Suaiter Evening's Meditation

ib. 52 Paraphraie on laiah 44. 15

Hlyma to Content

ib. 53 | Paraphrafe on latt. 7. 12

ib. 160

ib. 54 Paraphrase on the lar:ei Part of Matt. VI. Tbeofon 166

ib. 163

Burns 54 Reflections on a Future State
The Fraley and Folly of Man

Prior 34
A Prayer in the Profpect of Death

B:{yns 101

Lowib 160

Paraphrascon the oth' Chapter of Matthew Thomson S5 Gencalogy of Chrilt

Smagi of Praise

Walls 55

On the Death of Frederick P. of Wales Strzeni og

Lucelkesy of the Bible

Hurts 57 Death

Emily iut


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THE Traveller

Goldsmith 167 | Ode on a distant Prospect of Eton College Gray 415

A Paitoral

Pope 170 | Ode to Adversity

Windsor Forest

ib. 174 The Progress of Poesy, a Pindaric Ode ib. 416

Two Chorusses to the Tragedy of Brutus

The Bard, a Pindaric Ode

ib. 417

Ode on Solitude

ib. 180 The Fatal Sisters

ib. 418

The dying Christian to his Soul

ib, '13 | The Descent of Odin
Eilay on Criticisin

ib. 180 The Triumphs of Owen

Rape of the l.ock

ib. 186 Ode on the Installation of the Duke of Grafton ib. 420

Elegy to the Vemory of an unfortunate Lady ib. 193 A Prayer for Indifference

Greville 4:1

Prologue to Cato

ib. 194 The Fairy's Answer Countess of C-


Epilogue to Jane Shore

ib. 19+ The Beggar's Petition

Anon 422

The Temple of Fame

ib. 195 Pollio. An Elegiac Ode

Mickle 422

Happy Life of a Country Parson

The Tears of Scotland

Smoliet 424

Eiliy cn Man

Ode to Mirch

Mora! Erays

ib. 212 Oue to Leven Water

Epitile to Mr. Addison

ib. 2:

Songe to Aila, &c.

Chatterton 425

Prologue to the Satires

ib. 223 | Brittowe Tragedie, &c.

Satires and Epistles of Horace imitated ib. 2:7 The Mynitrelles Songe in Ælli, &c. ib. 428

Epilogue to the Satires

. 2;8|Chorus in Goddwyn

Iritations of Horace

ib. 2.42 Grungar llal

Dyer 429

The Dclerted Village

Goldsmith 245 A Monody on the Death of his Lady Ld Lytteltor 431

Edwin and Angelina

ib. 278 A Winter Piece

Anon. 433

A Panegyric

The School Mistress

Shenjtone 434

Cooper's HII

D.11 am 251 | Oriental Eclogues

Collins 437

On Cowley's Death, &c.

ib. 25+ The Splendid Shilling

J. Phillips 439

Exay on Translated Verie

Roscommon 255 | An Epiltle to a Lady

Nugent 441

Abfalom and Achitophel

Drydin 253 | Alexander's Feast

Dryden 442

Pramon and Arcite

ib. 276 | Epistle to the Earl of Dorset

Phillips 413

Religio Laici

ib. 295 | The Min of Sorrow

Greville 414

Muc Fiecknoe

ib. 2,9 Monoiy to the Memory of a young Lady Slaw 444

Eilay on Satire

Dryden & Buckingham 301 An Evening Address to a Nightingale

Cymon and Iphigenia

Dryden 39: Ode to Narcissa

Smollet 413

Letter to Lord Halifax

Addisin 308 Elegy, in Imitation of Tibullus

ib. 4+8

The 'Campaign

ib. 309 Prpagation of the Gospel in Greenland Cowper 448

Allegory on Man

Parnell 6 13 On Slivery, and the Slave Trade
The Book Worm

ib. 314 01 Liberty, and in Praile of Mr. Howard
Imitation of French Verses

ib. 315 On Domestic Happiness, &c.
Ad Amicos

Wif 315 On the Employments of what is called an Id!
Hymn to Contentment

Parnell 316

An Address to Winter

Cowper 317 The Poit comes in, &c.

Liberty renders England preferable to other Na- A Fragment

Mulle: 451

tions, &c.

ib. 317 | Ode to Evening

J. Warion 452

Description of a Poet

ib. 313 os. An Elegy

Malın 452

Love Elcgies

ib. 318 Epifciary Verbes, &c.

Lloyd +53

Ellay on Poetry
Buckingh.119 30 Olc to Arthur Onllow, Esq.


The Chac:

Sumir ville 323 Oje to Melancholy

Ogilvie 455

Rural Sports

Gray 3.0 Oje to the Genius of Shikicelle

ib. 456

Love of Fame

Young :43 Ode to Time, &c.

Cattle of lodolence

Tbomír 70+ ale to Evening
To the Memory or Sir Isaac Newton ib. 378 Ode to Innoce:rce

. 465

Hymn on Siitude

15. 379 Hyınn to Science

Library Mag. 460

Hymn to Darkness

Yielden 380 | Address to a young Gentlema:) at School Duncan 461

On Education

Ipejt 380 Etfutions on quitting an Academic Life

Anon. 462

A Birth-dav Thought

388 | Addreis to Sensibility

Mrs. Yearfey 462

A Moral Reflection

389 | Address to Indifference

ib. 453

On Eternity

Gibbons 389 Morning; or the Complaint

Gregory 404

Triumph of Iais

T. Wrton 389 Evening, or the Fugitive

ib. 465

Infcription in a Hermitage

ib. 391 Delcription of a Pariin Poor-Houle Crabbe 466

A Monody

ib. 392 | Descripcion of a Country Apothecary

ib. 467

On the Death of George II.

ib. 392 Description of a Country Ciergymar visiting

On the Marriage of the King

the Sick

ib. 467

On the Birth of the Prince of Wales

ib. 393 | The Reaton for describing the Vices of the

Ole to Sleep


ib. 467

The Hewlet

ib. 394 Apology for Vagrants

Arton. 467

The Firit of April

ib. 395 Epistle to a young Gentleman on his leaving

The Suicide

Econ School

Ruberis 467

Ode sent to a Friend

ib. 396 Great Cities, and London in particular, allowed

Art of Preferring Health

Arrarong 397

their due Praise

Couper 468

Ofe or the Spring

Gr. 414 The Want of Discipline in the English Univer-

Ode on We Death of a Favourite Cat

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ib. 469


it. 414

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Page 1

Hapay the Freedom of the Man whom Grace The Wearisomeness of what is commonly called

makes fres, &c.

Cowper 469 a Life of Pleasure

Cowper 471

That Philosophy which ftops at Secondary Causes Satirical Review of our Trips to France


The Pulpit the Engine ot Reformation

Rural Sounds as well as Sights delightful ib. 471 | The Petit Maitre Clergyman


ARIO US Extra&ts from the Plays of



Sebagian and Dorax

Dryden 109 In what Manner Princes ought to be taught Mallet 164

Anony and Ventidius

ib. U True End of Royalty

ib. 16+

Thcodosius and Marcian

Lee 114 The real Duty of a King

Rowe 165

Glofter and Hastings

Rowe 116 Character of a good King

Thomson 105

Guftavus and Dalecarlians

Brouke 117

The Guilt of bad Kings

Mallet 165

Guitavus and Criticra

ib. 118 The true End of Life

Thomjon 16;

Brutas and Titus

The fame

Jubnfon 165

Lady Randolph, Lord Randolph, and young A Lion overcome by a Man

Lee 165

Norval, not known at the Time to be Lady

Character of an excellert Man

Rowe 165

Randolph's Son

Home 121

Virtue the only true Source of Nobility Themfon 65

Young Narval informs Lord Randolph how he The happy Effects of Mistoi tune

ib. 166

acquired a Knowledge in the Art of War ib. 122 Description of the Morning

Otway 166

Douglas's Soliloquy in the Wood, waiting for Another

Lee 166

lady Randolph, after he was known to be her The charming Notes of the Nightingale ib. 166


I he same

Rowe 166


Addison 122 A worthless Person can claim ro Merit from the

Phedra and Hippolitus

Virtue of his Anteriors

Reque 166

The Happiness of a Free Government Jobnjon 163 The Love of our Country the greatest of Vir-

The Killing of a Boar

Otway 163


Thomfun 166

I dcription of a Populous City

Young 163 | The same

Wbitebiad 166

Rural Courtship

Lryden 163 In what Philosophy really confiits Thomson 166

Description of a Person left on a Desert iiland Scipio restoring the Captive Mistress to her Royal

Tbomjon 163


ib. 167

The first Feats of a Young Eagle Rowe 163 | The Blesings of Peace

The uue End of Education

ib. 163 Providence

Flici Piety

Maili 163 Prudence

'The lame

Thomjon 16 Description of Ships appearing at a Distance, and

Bed Fortune more easily borne than good Rowe 164

approaching the shore

Lryden 167

Despair never to be indulged

Philips 164 Virtue preferable to Rank

Kuure 168

A Friend to Freedom can never be a Traitor Description of an ancient Cathedral

Congreve 168

Tbomjon 164 Description of a Triumph

Lee 168

Description of a Hag

Hill 768

Olway 164 A Shepherd's Life happier than a King's

Happiness the inseparable Companion of Virtue Virtue its own Reward

Rowe 168

Rowe 164 | No Difficulties insuperable to the Prudent and

Hoacur superior to Justice

Thomjon 164


ib. 168


POPE'S HOMER'S ILIAD. Hector and Andromache's Parting, &c.


MBASSY of Ulysses, Phænix, and Ajax,

Priam's luterview with Achilles

10 Achilies, to folicit Achilles's Recon. Description of Jupiter

ciliation-Picture of the Simplicity and Tem- Awful Description of the Deities engaged in the

perance of ancient Times

169 Combat

Conference between Achilles and Ilector at the Description of the Grecian Army when march-

Time of that Engagement which preved fa- ing against the r rojans


tal to the last-mentioned Hero



Speeches of Achilies and Hector, after the last- Llysses on a desolate Inand-the Gods assemble

mectioned Hero was mortaily wounded 173 - Description of the Morning, &c.

Hecior and + jax; Generosity of Courage in these The Consequences of Sensuality pointed out by

Heroes. Dialogue between them

173 the Story of Circe, &c.


Ajar and Hector exchange Presents after their The Inchantments of an idle Life, and the Evils

bloody Encounter, and part in Friendibip 173 that attend Inactivity and Pleasure, &c. 130

Character of Agamemnon

174 The Song which the Syrens address to Ulyses

Agamemnon's Speech to Menelaus when he was Relation of the Dog Argus, &c.

about to spare the Life of a young Trojan 174 Advice of Pallas to Vlytles, before he goes to the

Speech of Ulyffes to Agamemnon, when the Court of the Phæacians,


latter proposed to quit the Phrygian Coast, &c. 174 Pompous Description of the Royal Palace and

Diomed's Reproach of Agamemnon


Gardens of the Phæacians

Ne tor's Approval of Diomed's insoient Rebuke 174 Ulysses' ariful Address, &c.


Character of Therlites; his Speech to sow Disc Ulyfres left seated with Alcinous and his Queen;

serfices in the Army; and Ulysses' Reply 174 The discovering the Garment that was lent him

Helen's Lameniation over Hector's dead Body 175 by Nausicaa queitions him on that Head, &c.

Reueat of Ajax

175 Ulysses at the Phæacian Games



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Description ci the ancient Honours which were Discourse between Adam and Eve retiring to

conferred on Poetry and Music

183 Reit, with the Description of their Bower

Introduction to the Sury of Polyphemus

18+ Wedded Love

Discovery of Ulyfles by Euryclea

184 Adam's Morning Salutation, and Eve's Dream 19

Ulyiles fpares the Lire of Phemius

184 The Battle of Angels

Ulyffes discovered by Penelope

184 The Angels' fecond Battle, and the Melfiab's

Ulyffes discovers himseit to his Father

Victory on the Third Day

Formation of the World, and Man, related by
Defcription of the Vifion conjured up by Alecto Raphael to Adam


Image of Armida and Attendants, &c.

Adam's Account of himself to Raphael


Description of Armiia's wonderful Parrot 186

Eve's Ascendancy over Adam, &c.


GLOVER'S LE (NIDAS. Adam's Advice to Eve to avoid Temptation
Leonibus's Address to his Countrymen

God's Sentence in Paradile

Leonidas's Aníwer to the Persian Ambafiador 187 Adam's Soliloquy after his Fall


Pathetic Farewel of Leonidas to his Wite, &c. 187 Christ interceding with his Father for Adam, and

Characters of Teribazus and Ariana

187 the Almighty's Reply


Ariana and Polydorus come by Night into the L'ALLEGRO

Persian Camp



ib. 216


id. 218

Duesla weeping over her Enemy, &c.

189 Various Extracts

From the Same 219-22

Defcription of Lucifera's Palace

189 Various Descriprions from SPENSER 222-42


Lucifera alcending her Crach

190 Sonnets, by Smith


Description of Prince Arthur in his Habiliments Elege to Pity

of War

190 Extract from a Poem on his own approaching

Deícription of Diana with her Nymphs, returned Death

froin the Chace, and preparing to bathe 199 Sonnets, by Miss Williams

De'cription of a Garden

190 Rural Elegance

Sbentone 245

Description of the Garden of Adonis

Igo The Bastard

Savage 245

Devastarion which Time makes in this Garden 190 On the Recovery of a Lady of Quality from the

Description of Jupiter


Small Pox

Guyon conducted by Mammon through a Cave

191 Odes, &c. from

Collins 249-25%

Dcicriprion of Despair, and ber Speech

191 To a Mouse, on turning her up in her Neft with


the Plough

Burns 238

The Arrival of Satan at Hell, and the Allegory To a Mountain Daisy

of Sin and Death

193 | Epistle to Thomas Lambard, Esq.

Miltor's Address to the Sun

195 | Ode to the Right Hon. Lord John Gower

ib. 263:

Address from the Deity to his Son

195 ! Elay on unnatural Flights in Poetry Lansdowne 264

Satan's Adereís to the Sun

196 : To Mr. Spence

Pitt 264

Dekription of Adam and Eve

197 On Freedom. Wristen at an Inn

Adam's Address to Eve, relative to the Tiec of | The Pious Sailor.

An Ode


Knowledge, and Eve's Reply

197 | The Enquiry. Written in the last Century 265

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BOOK V. Consisting of Ludicrous Poems, Epigrams, Epitaphs, Odes, Classical Songs, Ballads,

Prologues, Epilogues, and various other little Pieces calculated for Rccreation.

CHE Diverting History of John Gilpin Core per 265 The Country Parson's Blesings


An Evening Conteniplation in a Cote e On hearing of a Gentleman's Pocket being picked

Durcombe 263 of his Watch


The Three Warnings

Mrs. Torile 209 Tlie Happy Fire-Side


The Cit's Country Box

I.1.8d 270 The Retrospect of Lite


Report of an adjudged Care 9ot to be found in

An Invitation into the Country

any of the Books

Couper 271 Invitation to the Feathered Race

On the Birth-Day of Shakspeare

Bererger 272

Address to a Nightingale

Tbomfor 33+

On the Invention of Letters



Goldmill 335

The Answer


Lines from Dr. Barnard to Dr. Goldsmith


On a Spider

Dr. Littleton 27: On Goldsmith's Characteristical Cookery Garrick 337

'The Extent of Cookery

Sbenjtone 272 Jupiter and Mercury

Slender's Ghost

The Lamentation of Glumdalclitch Gay 337

Hamlet's Soliloquy imitated

Jago 273

A Receipe for itewing Veal

Various Pieces from

To the Memory of George Lewis Langton, Eiq.

Jobnfon 338-345

who died on his Travels to Rome

Shipley 273


The Brewer's Coachman

The Old Cheese

Willians 273

Ode on the Death oi a Bulinch

The Pilgrims and Peas

Percr Pindar 343
Various, from

A Country Bumpkin and Razor-Seller

To Miss Lucy Fortescue

Lyttelton 274 Various, from

Somerville 314-348

To Mr. Weit at Wicklam

ib. 274 Epitaph on Mifs Basnet, in Pancras Church-yard 343
Various Extracts froin
SHIFT 275–286 An Ode

Tbosson 349

286 On Time

On the Death of Dr. Swift

EPIGRAMS, Epitaphs, and other Pieces 290—327 SONGS, Ballads, &c.

More Extracts from
COWPER 327-333! Prologues and Epilogues



Anon. 349

[blocks in formation]

$ 3. Ar Address to the Deity. THOMSON. And choral fymphonics, day without night, FA 'ATHER of light and life! Thou GOOD On Earth, join all ye creatures to extol

Circle his throne rejoicing; ye in Heaven, SUPREME! O teach me what is good. Teach me THYSELF! Him first, him laft, him midst, and without end. Save me from folly, vanity, and vice,

Fairest of stars, last in the train of night, From every low pursuit! and feed my soul

If better thou belong not to the dawn, With knowledge, conscious peace, and virtue Sure pledge of day, that crown'st the finiling morn Sacred, fubftantial, never-fading bliss! [pure; While day arises, that Tweet hour of prime.

With thy bright circlet, praise hiin in thy sphere,

Thou Sun, of this great world both eye and soul, $ 2. Anotber Address to ibe Deity. YOUNG. Acknowledge him thy greater, found his praile OTHOU great arbiter of life and death!

In thy eternal course, both when thou climb'st, Nature's immortal, immaterial fun! And when high noon haft gain’d, and when thou Whose all-prolific beam late call'd me forth

fall’ft. From darkness, teeming darkness, where I lay Moon, that now meet'st the orient fun, now fly'st The worm's inferior, and in rank bencath With the fix'd stars, fix'd in their orb that flies, The duft I tread on, high to bear my brow;

And ye five other wand'ring fires that move To drink the spirit of the golden day;

In mystic dance, not without fong, resound And triumph in existence; and couldnt know His praise, who out of darkness call'd up light, No motive, but my bliss; and haft ordain'd Air, and ye elements, the eldest birth A rise in blessing! with the Patriarcb's joy,

Of Nature's womb, that in quaternion run Thy call I follow to the land unknown. Perpetual circle, multiform; and mix I trust in Thee, and know in whom I trust; And nourish all things; let your ceaseless change Or life, or death, is equal; neither weighs!

Vary to our great Maker still new praise. All weight in this-0 let me live to Thee!

Yc Mifts and Exhalations that now rise

From hill or ítreaming lake, dusky or grey, $ 3. Adam and Eve, in a Morning Hymn,call upon in honour to the world's great Author rile!

Till the fun paint your feccy skirts with gold, all the parts of the Creation to join with tbem in whether to deck with clouds th’uncolour'd sky, extolling their common Maker. MILTON.

Or wet the thirdy carth with falling showers, THESE arethy glorious works, Parent of good, Rising or falling still advance his praisc.

Almighty, thine this universal frame, His praise yeWinds,that froin four quarters blow, Thus wondrous fair; thyself how wondrous then! Breathe fofcor loud; and wave your tops, ye Pines L'oipeakable, who site'st above these Heavens With every plant in sign of worship wave. To us invisible, or dimly feen

Fountains, and ye that warble as ye flow
In these thy lowest works; yet these declare Melodious murmurs, warbling tune his praise.

Thy goodness beyond thought, and pow'r divine. Join voices, all ye living Souls; yc Birds,
Speak ye who best can tell, ye fons of light, That singing up to Heaven's gate ascend,
Angels; for ye behold hiin, a:d with longs Bear on your wings and in your potes his praise.



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