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Tappan Presk, Dis (iii)



To the Reader.

THE first Edition of this Collection was

published Anno 1725; to which there is prefixed an Advertisement, giving the Reasons why it was then published, which Advertisement, we have thought fit here to omit: And the Reafon given for publishing this new Edition is, That the former Editions are fold off, and there feems now to be a Demand for more; befides, we can never think it unfeasonable to publifh fuch a Collection, when the doctrinal Part, and even thofe Parts relating to Government and Difcipline, are thereby brought to Your Eye, with their Proofs from the Scripture.

In this, as in the former Editions, you have fuch a Collection of our publick Standards and Acts, from the Time that the Light and Power of the Gofpel recovered us from Popery, till the year of our Lord 1650, as may fully hold forth the bleed Reformation in Doctrine, Worship, Difcipline and Government, to which by the good and fpecial Hand of our Lord, the Church of Scotland attained.

Tho' we don't here leave out any Part of the former Collection, yet, in order to oblige

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the Subfcribers, and render the Book yet still more ufeful; we have added the Form of Procefs, ufed in the Judicatories of the Church of Scotland; likewife fubjoined feveral Acts and Overtures of the General Affemblies thereanent; with other Things of a publick and interefting Nature: Hoping this Edition will give a general Satisfaction to all the Members of the Church of Scotland, efpecially those who want to be informed, and retain the Knowledge of their own Principles.

You'll also please be informed. that as the Scriptures at large were left out of the former Impreffions, fo they are likewife left out of this, and for the very fame Reafon, viz. Because the Confeffion and Catechifms are frequently printed, and many have them already; and to have put them in, would have fwelled the Book too much in Bulk and Price for poor People But whoever wants the Westminster Confeffion and Catechisms with the Scriptures at large, may be furnished with them by the Printer of this Book.

And now, wishing your Edification in the Perufal and Study of this Collection,, he refi

Your Friend


VII. The Solemn League and Covenant.

P. 137.

This is printed from the Copy in the Acts of Parlia

ment, Anno 1644, printed by Evan Taylor; compared
with feveral principal Copies, with many original Sub-
fcriptions, 1643 and 1648; printed at Edinburgh the
fame Years, by Evan Taylor.

VIII. The Form of Presbyterian Church-Government,

p. 163.

This is printed from the Edition approven by the Ge-

neral Affembly of the Church of Scotland, Anno 1645;

and printed at Edinburgh 1647, by Evan Taylor.

IX. The Directory for the Publick Worship of God p. 197.

This is printed conform to the Copy approven by the

General Affembly, Anno 1645; and, by the Order of
the Eftates, and Commiffion of the General Affembly,
printed at Edinburgh 1647, by Evan Taylor.

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