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Confeffions of Faith,


Catechifms, Directories, Form of ChurchGovernment, Difcipline, &c.

Of Publick Authority in the

Church of SCOTLAND:

Together with

The ACTS of Affembly, concerning the Doctrine, Worship, Difcipline and Government of the Church of SCOTLAND.


A COLLECTION of fome principal A CTS and ORDINANCES of the Parliaments of ScoTLAND and ENGLAND, and of the General Affembly of the Church of SCOTLAND.

In Favours of the


To which is Added,

The FORM of PROCESS in the Judicatories of the Church of SCOTLAND; with Relation to SCANDALS and CENSURES: As alfo, Several Acts and Overtures of the General Affemblies there anent: And other Things of a publick and interefting Nature.

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inted and Sold by JOHN BRYCE, at his Shop in the Salt-market, 1764.

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