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Printed in the Year 1764.


Affembly 1590. Seff. 12. August 10.


Nent the Examination before the Communion, it is thought meet for the common Profite of the whole People, that ane uniforme Order be keepit in Examination, and that ane fchort Forme of Examination be fet down, be their Breither, Mrs. John Craig, Robert Pont, Thomas Buchanan, aud Andrew Melvine, to be prefentit to the next Affembly.

Affembly 1591. Seff. 17. July 13.


Nent the Forme of Examination before the Communian, pennit be their Brother Mr. Craig, the Affembly thought it meet to be imprintit, being be the Author thairof contractit in fome fchorter Bounds.

Affembly 1592. Seff. 10. May 30.


Or fwa meikle as, at the special Defire of the Kirk, ane Forme of Examination before the Communion was pennit and formit be their Brother Mr. John Craig, quhilk is now imprintit, and allowit be the Voyce of the Aflembly. Therefore it is thought needful that every Paftor travel with his Flock, that they may buy the famen Buik, and read it in their Families, quhereby they may be better inftructit; and that the famen be read and learnit in Lectors Schools, in place of the little Catechifm

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*That is, The Manner to examine Children, at the End of Calvin's Catechifm.

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I. Of our miferable Bondage through Adam.

Q. I.


HAT are we by Nature?

The Children of God's Wrath.

Eph. 2. 3

Q. 2. Were we thus created of God?
A. No, for he made us to his own Image, Gen. 1. 26.
Q. 3. How came we to this Mifery?

A. Through the Fall of Adam from God, Gen. 3.
Q4 What Things came to us by that Fall?
A. Original Sin, and natural Corruption, Rom. 5.
12, 18. 19.


Q5. What Power have we to turn to God?

A. None at all, for we are dead in Sin, Eph. 2. T. Q6. What is the Punishment of our Sin?

A Death eternal, both in Body and Soul, Rom.6.23.

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of Death.

Q. 8. How know we that he will do it ?

A. By his Promife, and fending his Son Chrift Jefus in our Flefh, John 3. 16, 17.

7HO may deliver us from this Bondage?
A. God only, who bringeth Life out

Q.9. What Kind of Perfon is Chrift P

A. Perfect God and perfect Man, without Sin, Mat. 1.23. Luke 1. 31.

Q. 10. What needeth this wonderful Union ?
A. That he might be a meet Mediator for us.


Q. II.

Q. 11. How did he redeem us ?

A. Through his Obedience to the Law, and Death of the Crofs, Phil. 2. 8.

Q. 12. Suffered he only natural Death?

A. No, but he suffered alfo the Curfe of God, in Body and Soul, Gal. 3, 13.

Q. 13. How know we that his Death brought Life tous?
A. By his glorious Refurrection and Afcenfion.
Q 14. Wherefore that?

A. For if he hath not fatisfied for all our Sins perfectly, he hath not rifen, nor we by him, 1 Cor. 15. 14, 17.

Q. 15. Is it needful that we believe thefe Myfteries ?
A. No doubt, but yet that is not enough, Jam.2.17,20,
Q. 16. What more is required?

A. That we be made Partakers of Christ and his Merits, John 15. 4-7.

III. Of our Participation with Chrift.

Q. 17. T TOW is that wrought?


A. 17. Through his continual Intercef fion for us in Heaven, Heb. 7. 25.

Q. 18. Declare how that is done.

A. Hereby the Holy Spirit is fent, John 14. 16, 26..
Q. 19. What doth the Spirit in this Work?

A. He offereth Chrift and his Grace to us, and moveth us to receive him.

Q. 20. How doth he offer Chrift to us?

A. By the Preaching of the Evangel, Rom. 1o. 13, 14, 15.

Q. 21. How doth he move us to receive him?

A. Through printing in our Hearts true Faith in Chrift, Acts 16. 14.

Q. 22. What Thing is Faith in Chrift?

A. A fure Perfwafion, that he is the only Saviour of the World, but ours in fpecial, who believe in him, John 6.

Q. 23. What doth this Faith Work?

A. Our infeparable Union with Chrift in his Graces, Eph. 3. 16,-19,

Q24, What is the first Fruit of this Union? A. Remiffion of our Sins, and Imputations of Justice, Rom. 6.


Q. 25. Which is the next Fruit of our Union with him?

A. Our Sanctification and Regeneration to the Image of God, John 3. 3, 5

Q: 26. Who doth this, and how?

A. The Holy Spirit through our Union with Chrift, in his Death, Burial, and Refurrection, Rom. 6.

Q. 27. What are the chief Parts of our Regeneration? A. Mortification of Sin, and rifing to Righteousness, Rom. 6.

Q. 28. How know we Sin and Righteousness?
A. By the juft and perfect Law of God, Rom. 7.

IV. Of the Word.

Q 29. WHER. Only in the Scriptures, Rom. 15. 4.

we find the Word of God?

Q30. Are the Scriptures fufficient for our Inftruc


A. No doubt, as the Apostles do teftify, John 20. 31. Gal. 1. 8- 2 Tim. 3. 16.

Q31. How should we receive and use the Word? A. We fhould read it privately and publickly with all Reverence, Deut. 31. 21.

Q. 32. Is this fufficient for our Inftruction?
A. No, if publick Teaching may be had, Eph, 4.

II, 12.

33. Wherefore that?

A. For as God raiseth publick Teachers and Paftors, fo he hath commanded us to hear them, Mal. 2. 7. 34. How long fhould we continue in this School? A. All the Days of our Lives, feeing we are ignorant, forgetful, and eafy to be deceived, Col. 3. 16.

35. What then ferve the Sacraments for? A. They are added for our further Comfort and Admonition, as a vifible Word, Gen. 17. 9, 10, 11. Exod. 12.

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