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that the one should be eaten, and that all should drink of the other; and not that they should be keeped to be worshipped and honoured as God, as the Papists have done here before, who also have committed Sacrilege, ftealing from the People the one Part of the Sacrament, to wit, the bleffed Cup. Moreover, that the Sacraments be rightly used, it is required, that the End and Caufe, why the Sacraments were institute, be understood and obferved, as well of the Minifter, as by the Receivers : For if the Opinion be changed in the Receiver, the right Ule ceafeth; which is most evident by the Rejection of the Sacrifices; as alfo, if the Teacher plainly teach false Doctrine, which were odious and abominable before God, (albeit they were his own Ordinances) becaufe that wicked Men ufe them to another End than God hath ordained. The fame affirm we of the Sacraments in the Papistical Church, wherein we affirm thẻ whole Action of the Lord Jefus to be adulterated, as well in the external Form, as in the End and Opinion. What Chrift Jefus did, and commanded to be done, is evident by the Evangelifts, and by Saint Paul: What the Priest doth at his Altar, we need not rehearse. The End and Caufe of Chrift's Inftitution, and why the fame fhould be used, is expreffed in thefe Words, "Do ye this in Remembrance of me; fo oft as ye fhall eat of this Bread, and drink of this Cup, ye fhall fhew forth (that is, extol, preach, magnify, and praife) the Lord's Death till he come again m." But to what End, and in what Opinion the Priests fay their Mafs, let the Words of the fame, their own Doctors and Writings witness; to wit, that they, as Mediators between Chrift and his Church, do offer unto God the Father a Sacrifice propitiatory for the Sins of the Quick and Dead, which Doctrine, as blafphemous to Chrift Jefus, and making Derogation to the Sufficiency of his only Sacrifice, once offered, for Purgation of all these that hall be fanctified n, we utterly abhor, deteft, and




m ICar. 11. 25,26. n Heb. 9. 27,28. & 10. 14.

Art. XXIII. To whom Sacraments appertain.
E confefs and acknowledge, that Baptifm appertain.

as unto

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them that be of Age and Discretion; and fo we condemn the Error of Anabaptifts, who deny Baptifin to appertain to Children, before they have Faith and Understanding 0. But the Supper of the Lord, we confefs to appertain to fuch only as he of the Houfhold of Faith, and can try and examine themselves, as well in their Faith, as in their duty towards their Neighbours: Such as eat and drink at the holy Table without Faith, or being at Diffention or Divifion with their Brethren, do eat unworthily; and therefore it is, that, in our Kirk, our Minifters take publick and particular Examination of the Knowledge and Converfation of fuch as are to be admitted to the Table of the Lord Jesus.

• Col. 2.11, 12. Rom. 411. Gen.17.10. Mat. 28.19, iCor. 11.28,29.

Art. XXIV. of the Civil Magiftrates.


E confefs and acknowledge Empires, Kingdoms, Dominions, and Cities, to be diftincted and ordained by God; the Power and Authority in the fame, be it of Emperors in their Empires, of Kings in their Realms, Dukes and Princes in their Dominions, and of other Magistrates in the Cities, to be God's holy Ordi nance, ordained for Manifestation of his own Glory, and for the fingular Profit and Commodity of Mankind q: So that whofoever goeth about to take away, or to confound the whole State of Civil Policies, now long eftablished, we affirm the fame Men, not only to be Enemies to Mankind, but wickedly to fight againft God's expreffed Will r. We further confefs and acknowledge that fuch Perfons, as are placed in Authority, are to be loved, honoured, feared, and holden in moft reverend Eftimation, because that they are the Lieutenants of God, in whofe Seffions God himself doth fit, and judget; Yea, even the Judges and Princes themselves,


9 Rom. 13.1. Tit.3.1. 1 Pet. 2.13,14. r Rom. 13.2. Rom. 13.7. 1Pet. 2.17. t Pfal. 82.1.

to whom by God is given the Sword, to the Praise and Defence of good Men, and to revenge and punish all open Malefactors u. Moreover, to Kings, Princes, Rulers, and Magiftrates, we affirm, that chiefly, and most principally, the Confervation and Purgation of the Religion appertain; fo that not only they are appointed for Civil Policy, but alfo for Maintenance of the true Religion, and for fupprefling of Idolatry and Superstition whatloever: As in David w, Jehoshaphat x, Hezekias y, Jofias z, and others highly commended for their Zeal in that Case, may be espicd. And therefore we confess and avow, that fuch as refift the Supreme Power, doing that Thing which appertaineth to his Charge, do refift God's Ordinance; and therefore cannot be guiltlefs. And further we affirm, that whofoever deny unto them Aid, their Counfel and Comfort, whites the Princes and Rulers vigilantly travel in Execution of their Office, that the fame Men deny their Help, Support, and Counfel to God, who by the Prefence of his Lieutenant doth crave it of them.

#1Pet. 2. 14. w 1 Chron. 22,23,24,25,26 Chapters. * 2 Chron. 17. 6, &c. & 19. 8, &c. y 2 Chron. 29.30; & 31 Chapters. z 2 Chron. 34 & 35 Chapters.

Art. XXV. Of the Gifts freely given to the Church.
Lheit the Word of God truly preached, and the Sacraments

Word of God, be the certain and infallible Signs of the true Church; we mean not, that every particular Perfon joined with such Compaoy, be an elect Member of Chrift Jefus a: For we acknowledge and confefs, that Dornal, Cockle and Chaff may be fown, grow, and in great Abundance ly in the Midft of the Wheat; that is, the Reprofate may be joined in the Society of the Elect, and may externally te with them the Benefits of the Word and Sacraments. But fuch being but temporal Profeffors in Mouth, but not in Heart, do fall Mck, and continue not to the End b; and therefore have they no Frait of Chrift's Death, Refurrection, nor Afcenfion. But fuch as with Heart unfeignedly believe, and with Mouth boldly confess the Lord Jefus, as before we have faid, fhall most affuredly receive thefe



Matth. 13. 24, &c. Matth. 13. 20, 21.

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Gifts c. First, In this Life, Remiffion of Sins, and that only bý Faith in Chrift's Blood, infomuch, that albeit Sin remain, and continually abide in these our mortal Bodies, yet it is not imputed to us, but is remitted, and covered with Chrift's Juftice d. Secondly, In the general Judgment, there fhall be given to every Man and Woman Refurrection of the Flefh e. For the Sea fhall give her Dead, the Earth those that therein be inclosed: Yea, the Eternal, our God, fhall ftretch out his Hand on the Duft, and the Dead shall arise incorruptible ƒ, and that in the Substance of the self-fame Flesh that every Man now beareth g, to receive according to their Works, Glory or Punishment b; for fuch as now delight in Vanity, Cruelty, Filthinefs, Superftition, or Idolatry, fhail be adjudged to the Fire unquenchable, wherein they shall be tormented for ever, as well in their own Bodies as in their Souls, which now they give to serve the Devil in all Abominations. But fuch as continue in Well doing to the End, boldly profeffing the Lord Jefus, we conftantly believe, that they fhall receive Glory, Honour, and Immortality, to reign for ever in Life everlafting with Chrift Jefus i; to whose glorified Body all his Elect fhall be made like k, when he fhall appear again in Judgment, and fhall render up the Kingdom of God to his Father, who then fhall be, and ever shall remain in all Things, God blessed for ever : To whom, with the Son, and with the Holy Ghost, be all: Honour and Glory for now and ever. So be it.

c Rom. 10.9, 13 d Rom. 7 Chap. 2 Cor. 5:21. e John 5. 28,29. f Rev, 20. 13. Cor. 15. 52,53,54. g Job 19. 25,26,27. b Matth, 25. 31, &c. i Rev. 14. 10. Rom. 2.6.--10, k Phil. 5. 21. 1 Cor, 15.24,28.

Arife, O Lord, and let thy Enemies be confounded; let them flee from thy Prefence, that bate thy godly Name. Give by Servants Strength to Speak thy Word in Boldness, and let all Nations cleave to thy true Know ledge. Amen. Numb, 9, 35. Pfal. 68. 15. Acts 4. 29.



These Acts and Articles were read in the Face of Parliament, and ratified by the Three Eftates of this Realm at Edinburgh, the 17th Day of Auguft, in the Year of our Lord 1560. And again ratified, established, and repeated in the Fourth Act of King James VI. first Parliament at Edinburgh, December 15th, 1567. And in feveral other Acts. And all Acts against the Truth, in any Parliament before whatfoever, abolished. See Collection of Acts, No. 1, 2.

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In their OFFICE.

Exod. xxv. 9. According to all that I fhewed thee,
after the Pattern of the Tabernacle, and the Pattern
of all the Inftruments thereof, even so shall ye make it.


Printed in the Year 1754.

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