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in March 1595, at which time the Covenant was renewed, Superftition and Idolatry breaking forth in ob. ferving Festival-days, fetting out of Bone-fires, finging Carols, are reckoned among the Corruptions which were to be amended; and the Pulpits did found, from Time to Time, againft all Shew of obferving any Festivalday whatsoever, except the Lord's Day.

II. Concerning Kneeling at the Communion, findeth, That in the Confeffion of Faith prefixed before the Pfalms, and approved by our Kirk in the very Beginning of the Reformation, we have thefe Words, Neither in the ‹ Ministration of the Sacraments, must we follow Men; "but as Chrift himself hath ordained, fo must they be mi'niftred.' In the large Confession of Faith, Ch. 23. it is required, as neceffary for the right Miniftration of the Sacraments, that they be miniftred in fuch Elements, and in fuch Sort, as God hath appointed; and that Men have adulterate the Sacrament with their own Inventions, fo that no Part of Christ's Action abideth in the original Purity. The Judgment of our Reformers, who drew up the large Confeffion, was, by clear Evidents, fhewed to be contrary to this Gefture in the Act of receiving the Sacrament. In the Order of celebrating the Lord's Supper, prefixed before the Pfalms in Metre, futing and diftributing by the Communicants, are joined; as likewife by the fecond Head of the first Book of Difcipline, as nearest to Chrift's own Action, and to his perfect Practice, and moft convenient to that holy Action; and all Inventions, devised by Man, are condemned, as Alterations and Accufations of Chrift's perfect Ordinance: Ministers were injoined by Act of Affembly in December, 1562, to obferve the Order of Geneva, that is, the Englib Kirk at Geneva (where Master Knox had been fome time Minister) in the Ministration of the Sacraments, This Act was renewed in the Affembly holden in December 1564, where Minifters are referred to the Order fet down before the Pfalms, for Miniftration of the Sacraments, which is all one with the former; for that was the Order of the English Kirk at Geneva.

In the Parliament holden Anno 1567, it was declar ed, That whofoever did not participate of the Sacraments, as they were then publickly administrate in this reformed Kirk, ought not to be reputed Members of this Kirk, The Act for the King's Oath at his Coronation, to maintain the due Administration of the Sacraments, as they were then miniftred, Anno 1567, was ratified, Anno 1581 at which Time, the Short Confeffion, adhering to the Use of the Sacraments in the Kirk of Scotland, was fubfcribed: As also, Anno 1592, after the second Subscription to the Confeffion of Faith. In the Parliament 1572, an Act was made against fuch as did not participate of the Sacraments as they were then rightly miniftred: But the Gesture of Kneeling in the Act of Receiving, putteth the Miniftration of the Sacrament used in this Kirk, out of Frame; whereby it is clear, that whatsoever Gefture or Right, cannot stand with the Administration of the Sacraments, as they were then miniftred, and were miniftred ever fince the Reformation, till the Year 1618, must be condemned by our Kirk, as a Rite added to the true Ministration of the Sacraments, without the Word of God; and as a Rite or Tradition brought in, without or against the Word of God, or Doctrine of this reformed Kirk.

III. Concerning Confirmation; The Affembly findeth it to be comprehended in the Claufe of the Confeffion, where the Five baftard Sacraments are condemned. And feeing Epifcopacy is condemned, Impofition of Hands by Bifhops, falleth to the Ground. And in all the Acts for Catechifing, or Examination before Admiffion to the Communion, no Inkling of Impofition of Hands.


IV. Concerning the Adminiftration of the Sacraments in private Places, or private Baptifm, and private Communion, findeth, That in the Book of common Order, fet down before the Pfalms, it is faid, That the Sacraments are not ordained of God to be used in private Corners, as Charmers and Sorcerers ufe to do, but left to the Congregation.' In the Affembly holden at Edinburgh, in October 1581, the fame Year and Affembly that the Confeffion of Faith was fubfcribed, it was or


dained, That the Sacraments be not adminiftred to private Houses, but folemnly, according to good Order hitherto obferved.' The Minister of Tranent was fufpended at that Time, for baptizing an Infant in a private Houfe; but, confeffing his Offence, he was ordained to make his publick Repentance in the Kirk of Tranent, before he be released. Another Minifter was to be tried and cenfured, for baptizing privately, and celebrating the Communion upon Pafch-day, at the Affembly holden in October, 1580. Which Acts and Cenfures make manifeft, that our Kirk abhorred whatsoever foltered the Opinion of the Neceffity of Baptifm, and giving of the Sacrament, as a Viaticum.

All which, and many other Acts, Grounds, and Reafous, being at length agitated, and with mature Deliberation pondered, and Liberty granted to every Man to fpeak his Mind what could be faid further, for the full Satisfaction of all Men.

The Matter was put to Voicing, in thefe Words; 'Whether the five Articles of Perth, by the Confeffion



of Faith, as it was meaned and profeffed in the Year 1580, 1581, 1590, 1591, ought to be removed out of the Kirk?' The whole Affembly, all in one Confent, one only excepted, did Voice, that the Five Articles above fpecified, were abjured by this Kirk, in that Confeffion; and fo ought to be removed out of it; And therefore prohibiteth and dischargeth all difputing for them, or oblerving of them, or any of them, in all Time coming; and ordains Prefbyteries to proceed with the Cenfures of the Kirk against all Tranfgreffors*.


*And for a full Confutation of these 5 Articles of Perth, and Anfwers to all Objections brought in their Favours, fee the Book intituled, A Re-examination of the 5 Articles enacted at Perth, Anno 1618, printed

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Affembly at Edinburgh,, August 30. 1639. Seff. 23.

III. Act anent advising with Synods and Prefbyteries, before Determination in Novations.


HE General Affembly confidering, that the intended Reformation being recovered, may be established, ordains, That no Novation, which may difturb the Peace of the Church, and make Division, be fuddenly proponed and enacted: But fo as the Motion be firft communicate to the feveral Synods, Prefbyteries and Kirks, that the Matter may be approved by all at Home, and Commiffioners may come well prepared, unanimously to conclude a folid Deliberation upon these Points in the General Affembly.

Affembly at St. Andrews and Edinburgh, August 6. 1641. Seff. 14.

IV. At anent Novations.

Ince it hath pleafed God to vouchsafe the Liberty of yearly General Affemblies, it is ordained, according to the Acts of the Affembly at Edinburgh 1639, and at Aberdeen 1640, That no Novation in Doctrine, Worship or Government be brought in, or practifed in this Kirk, unless it be firft propounded, examined and allowed in the General Affembly; and that tranfgreffors in this Kind, be cenfured by Prefbyteries and Synods,





Approved by the



Church of SCOTLAND,


Piety and Uniformity in Secret and Private Worship, and Mutual Edification.


An Act of the General Affembly, Anno. 1647, for obferving the fame.

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