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V. Of our Liberty to ferve God.

HAT good Things may we do now, being


Q. 36.

A. We may serve our God freely and uprightly, Rom. 12.

Q37. May we do it perfectly according to the Law? A. No truly, for our Regeneration is not perfect, Gal. 5. 17. Ecclef, 7. 22.

Q. 38. What followeth upon that?

A. A certain Rebellion of the Flesh againft the Spirit. Rom. 7. 15,-25.

Q. 39. Is not this Rebellion curfed by the Law? A. Yea truly, but yet it is not imputed to us, 2 Cor. 5. 19.

Q40. Wherefore that, feeing it is Sin, and the Root of all our Sins ?

A. Becaufe Chrift fatisfied all the Points of the Law for us, Rom. 3. 21, &c.

Q. 41. What are we then, who believe in Chrift? A. Juft in him, but Sinners in ourselves, Rom. 8. Q. 42. What craveth this Confession of us?

A. A conftant Faith in Chrift, and continual Repen


Q: 43. What then is our only Joy in Life and Death? A. That all our Sins bypaft, present and to come, are buried; and Chrift only is made our Wifdom, Juftification, Sanctification and Redemption, 1 Cor. 1. 30.

Q. 44. What Fruit cometh of this Faith?

A. Peace of Confcience, and Joy in the Spirit, in all our Troubles within and without, Rom. 5. 2. 2 Cor. 6. 4.

Q. 45, What Jhall we gather of this whole Difcourfe? A. How miferable we are through Adam, and how bleffed through Chrift, Phil. 3. 8.

Q. 46. When should we remember of this Doctrine? A. At all Times, but chiefly when we are touched with a proud Opinion of our own Worthinefs, or are troubled in Confcience for Sin, Luke 18. 19.

Q. 47. Then this Meditation ferveth for a Preparation to the holy Sacraments?

4. Yea truly, if they be rightly confidered.

VI. Of the Sacraments.


ECLARE that in Baptifm?

A. We fee there the Seal of our fpiritual Filthinefs through our Communion with Adam, and our Purgation by our Communion with Christ. Q: 49. Declare the fame in the Supper?

A. We fee, feel, and tafte there alfo, the Seal of our Spiritual Wants, and Death through Adam; and likewife our fpiritual Treafures, and Life through Christ only.

Q. 50 How contract we our spiritual Filthiness from


A. Through our natural Communion with him, Rom. 5. 12, &c.

Q. 51. How came we to our spiritual Purgation, and Life by Chrift?

A. Through our fpiritual Communion with our second Adam, Head and Spoufe, Eph. 5.30

Q: 52. Do the Word and the Sacraments work this Communion?

A. No, for it is the Work of the Spirit only, Eph. 3. 16.

Q53. Whereunto do the Word and Sacraments lead


A. Directly to the Crofs and Death of Chrift, 1 Cor. 1. 17. 18, 23, 24.

Q54. Wherefore that?

A. Because through his Crofs and Death, the Wrath of God was quenched, and all his Bleffings made ours, Gal. 3. 13, 14.

55. Why was this high Mystery reprefented by those weak and common Elements ?

A. Because they exprefs moft lively our fpiritual Purging and Feeding, which we have by Christ, John 6. 32, 33, &c.

Q. 56. When doth he thefe Things to us in very Deed?

A. When he is fo joined with us, and we with him, that he abideth in us, and we in him fpiritually, John 15.4, 5.

Q. 57. How is this Union and Abiding expressed here?

A. By natural Washing, Eating, Drinking, Digefting, Feeding, and Abiding in us,

Q. 58. How may we feel and know this fpiritual Abiding in us?

A. By the Teftimony of the Spirit in us, and external Actions agreeable to Chrift in us, Matth. 7. 6. Rom. 8. 16.

Q. 59. Then Chrift is not an idle Guest in us?

A. No truly; for he came not only with Water and Blood, but also with the Spirit, to affure us, in fome Measure, of his Prefence in us, 1 John 5. 6.

VII. of Baptifm.

HAT fignifieth Baptifm unto us ?

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Q. 60.

are purged by the Blood of Chrift, Tit. 3. 5. Q. 61. What meaneth this our Union with the Water?



A. Our spiritual Union with Jefus Christ, Rom. 6. 3, 8. Gal. 3. 27.


Q. 62. What followeth upon this our Union with him? A. Remiffion of Sins and Regeneration, Rom. 6. 42 18, 22.

Q. 63. From whence cometh our Regeneration ?

A. From the Communion with the Death, Burial, and Refurrection of Christ, Rom. 6. 4, 5, 8.

Q. 64. How long, and by what way doth Baptifm work in us?

4. All the Days of our Life, through Faith and Repentance, I Cor. 6. 19, 20.

Q. 65. How then are Infants baptized?

A. Upon the Promife made to the Faithful and their Seed, Gen. 17. 7, 10.

Q. 66. How doth Baptifm differ from the Supper? A. In the Elements, Actions, Rites, Signification and


Q. 67. Wherefore is Baptifm once miniftred? A. It is enough to be received once in the House of God, Rom. 8, 16

Q68, Declare the Caufe of that?

A. For they are never caften out, who are once truly received in his Society, John 6. 37.

Q 69. Why is the Supper fo oft miniftred ? A. We have need to be fed continually, John 6. 55. Q. 70. Why is not the Supper minifired to Infants? A. Because they cannot examine themselves, 1 Cor. II. 28.

VIII. Of the Supper.

Q. 71. WH

HAT fignifieth the Action of the Supper? A. That our Souls are fed fpiritually, by the Body and Blood of Jefus Chrift, John 6. 54. Q. 72. When is this done?

A. When we feel the Efficacy of his Death in our Confcience by the Spirit of Faith, John 6. 63.

Q13. Why is this Sacrament given in Meat and Drink?

A. To feal up our near Conjunction with Chrift Q74. Wherefore is both Meat and Drink given ? A. To testify that Chrift is the whole Food of our Souls, John 6.

Q75. Is Chrift's Body in the Elements?

A. No, But it is in Heaven, Acts 1. 11.

Q. 76. Why then is the Element called his Body? A. Because it is a fure Seal of his Body given to our Souls.

Q77. To whom should this Sacrament be given? A. To the Faithful only, who can examine themfelves.

Q. 78. Wherein should they examine themselves ?
A. In Faith and Repentance, with their Fruits.

1 Q. 79. What Should Paftors do, when Men are neg ligent, and abufe the Sacraments?

A. They fhould ufe the Order of Difcipline established in the Word.

IX. Of Difcipline.

HO fhould


A. The Paftors and Elders by their

Q. 80.

mutual Confent and Judgment.

Q. 81. What is the Office of the Eldership?

A. To watch upon their Flock, and exercife the Dif cipline.

Q. 82. How is this done?


A. By private and publick Admonition, and other Cenfures of the Kirk, as Need requireth.

Q. 83. Who ought to be excluded from the Sacraments? A. All Infidels, and publick Slanderers.

Q 84. Wherefore are these excluded?

A. Left they should hurt themselves, flander the Kirk, and difhonour God.

X. Of the Magiftrate.



ifrate in the Kirk ? 7HAT is the Office of the Chriftian Ma

A. He fhould defend the true Religion and Difci pline, and punish all Troublers and Contemners of the


Q. 86

XI. Of the Table in fpecial


HY ufe we a Table here, and not an Altar,' as the Fathers did at God's Commandment? Because we conveen, not to offer a Sacrifice for Sin, but to eat and Drink of that Sacrifice, which Chrift once offered upon the Crofs for us, Heb. 7. 23, 24, 27. and 10. II, 12, 14, 18.

Q87. What profefs we when we

come to the


A. That

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