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I. Proceedings and Debates in | IV. A fuccinct Account of the
moft remarkable Tranfactions
Foreign and Domestick.


II. ESSAYS Controverfial,
Humorous, and Satirical;
Religious, Moral, and Poli-
tical: Collected chiefly from
the Public Papers.

III. Select Pieces of POETRY.

Prodeffe & delectare.

V. Births, Marriages, Deaths,
Promotions, and Bankrupts.
VI. The Prices of Goods and

Stocks, and Bill of Mortality.
VII. A Register of Books.

With proper INDEXES.



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Will B


Printed, and fold at St John's Gate, by F. Jefferies in Ludgate

Avest and mot Bookfellers

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SYLVANUS URBAN, Author of the Gentleman's Magazine.

We fee his meaning thro' his dark difguife;
Thy work prefents him perfect to our cycs.

Thefe are the daring heroes, who engag
With courts and pow'r,and war eternal waf
With thefe as warm antagonists contend
Each to his country as profefs'd a friend.
Arm'd cap-a-pee, fee! Osborne leads

TRBAN, accept this tribute of my lays;

Which to thy worth a ftranger poet pays
Pleas'd and improv'd, 'tis grateful to confefs
Thy high defert, and hail thy known fuccefs.
Still may ft thou triumph foremost in re-

May added laurels ftill thy temples crown!
There fhall they flourish, ever fresh and
Snatch'd at by rivals, and with envy feen.
Malice in vain her monthly venom fpits;
And weekly pedants club their frothy wits:
Vainly in different forms they hope fuccefs,
And fruitless fchemes their feeble force con-

So when the angry viper bit the file,
It broke his teeth, and mock'd his foolish toil.
E'en that prepoft rous candidate for fame
As well in merit female as in name;
Of fize prodigious, of difcernment fmall;
Who for an author's fenfe tranfcrib'd him all,
Soon difappearing gave this leffon forth,
That bulk is not the certain teft of worth.
So***'s work we ftrive in vain to find,
While **** lives hiftorian of mankind.

URBAN, Go on, thy honeft task purfue;
With pleafing wonder we the labour view,
Thy painful fteps thro' ev'ry month we trace;
A juft abridgment, not a common-place.
Senfe rifes thick in ev'ry crouded page,
And various fubje&ts various taftes engage.
When Caleb mingles eloquence and zeal,
And feems in travail for the common-weal;
Whether his own, or publick good's his aim,
Whether a patriot or feditious flame
Works his high blood, or forms his deep de-

His labours live in thy judicious lines.
When Fog deals out for arguments his
Still battling reafon with ill-natur'd fincers,

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His lofty air diftinguishes the man!
In mood and figure, lo! he lays about,
Advances lowly, but is always ftout.

There little Walfingham the centre keep
Or to the right or left he nimbly leaps,
Active to fhift, and parry off the blow,
He pours out keen invectives on the foc.

Behind fteps careful on the Courantier,
Defends the baggage, and brings up the rear,
Marodes in parties, lies in ambuscade,
And all that ftraggles is his plunder made.
Their various arts of war, and weapons


Are well recorded in thy MAGAZINE.

But all have not for politicks a tafte; (For every genius has a diff'rent cait) Heedlefs of courts and camps, fome gravely


Shew us to heav'n the neareft, plaineft way;
Point out diftinctly all the rocks and fhelves,
On which mankind are apt to wreck them.

To thefe the Mifcellany lends his hand,
A willing pilot to the promis'd land.

Others confefs a more fcholaftick turn,
And fterling fenfe from droffy would difcern.
Lo! Bavius tells what will the ftandard bear,
What Authors frothy and pedantic are:
Candid by intervals, his rules are good,
But rivals put him into furious mood:
Then he roars out of pirates! MAGAZINIS!
Heav'ns no Law 'gainft fuch peitif 'rous

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