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Elegy to Pity

49 Conjugal Felicity

Thompson Morning Hymn


53 Evening Discourse of Adam and Eve

ibid Day a Pastoral

Cunningham 60 Matron's Epitaph

Gray 65 Charity

Prior 66. Religion and Death

Cotton 68 Friendship

Young 71 Life and Eternity

ibid. 74 The Good Man


75 Ode to Content

Barbauld 78 A Winter Piece

Philips 80 On the Divine Goodness

Smart 83 Ode to Wisdom

Carter Enquiry after Happniess


92 Evening Walk


94 On a well formed Imagination Alenfide Economy of Providence

ibid. 98 Pathetic Farewel of Leondas


100 The Happy Life Ode on Sweetness

Robert for 104 The Swallows

Jago 107 Ode to Melancholy

Rack 110 The Blessings of Peace

Thompson 114 Winter's Day

114 Hymn to the Creator

Eupolis 116




Wotton 103

Beauty A Monody Ode to Reflection Edwin and Emma Pollio Edwin and Angelina Know Thyself Ode to Spring An East Indian Exordium Sonnet to the South Downs Alcanzor and Zaida Elegy on Lady Coventry 'The Drum Edwin and Eltruda Ode on a Young Lady The Hermit and his Dog Ode to Innocence

Page Akenfide 122 Lyttleton 128

140 Mallet 144

Mickle 148 Goldsmith 154 Arbuthnot 160

166 Davy 167 Smith 169

170 Mafon 174

Scott 179 Williams 180

Logan 185

Pratt 187
Ogilvie 189

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The BEAUTIES of the POETS, by the Rev. T.

JANES, of Bristol printed on fine wove Paper

price 45. 4d. Discourses delivered by the late Samuel Fothergiil,

with an Account of his Lifc. 35. 3d. Advantages and disadvantages of the narriage State.


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Guide to domestic happiness. Is. 1.d
Walkers Geography and Gazetteer with a complete set

of maps 195. 60.
French Syntax for the use of Children of those cal-

led Quakers. 25. 2d. The Power of Religion on the mind in sickness, retire

ment, and at the approach of death exemplificd in

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the Testimonies and experience of many eminent

persons 2s 8dh. Select Lives of foreigners eminent in piety, containing

the Lives of Peter Poiret, Antonia Bourignon, Marquis de Renti, Gregory Lopez, Francis de

Sales, Fenelon Archbishop of Cambray. Michael, de Molinos, Thomas à Kempis; concluding with the life of Armelle Nicolas, a poor Maid Servant in France, and yet a noble and happy Servant of the. King of Kings.

Price bound 35. 3d. The History of Harry Spencer, for the amusement

of good children by Philanthropos, is. Id. Moral Tales for Children, 6dh. Little Truths, is. id. Epitome of clegant Extracts in verse, 4s. 40. New. Teftament, an elegant Edition in large royal.

Octavo, 5s. uidh. The British Clafficks in 36 Vols. 4b. 175. 6d. Thompson's Seasons, a superb Edition, 16s. 3d, Pilgrims Progress 3s 3d. Cruden's Concordance, il. 125. 63. Work of God in a dying maid, 4d. Morse's American Geography. 8s. 8d. An Essay on Colonization, particularly, applied to the Western coast of Africa &c by C. B. Wadstrom

3). 145. idh.

Caspipinas Letters from Philadelphia. 53. sd.
Ryley's Beauties of Creation 5 Vols. 1os. iod.
Historical pocket Library 6 Vols 135. od.
Paradise loft. Weylands fine pocket Edition. 35. 3d.
Young's Centaur not fabulous. 35. 3d.
Carter's Poems. 2s. 8dh.
Mullo's Dialogues. 2s. 8dh.
Garths Works, 25. Odb.
Historical Mirror 25.-8dh.
Wallor's Works. 3s 3d.
Evenings at home. 35. 3d.
Rural Walks. 35. 3d.
Poetical Preceptor. 3s. gd.
New Robinson Crufæ, 3s. 3d.
A large and splendid Edition of Robinson Cruso.

2 Vols, il, 6s: od.
The Doctrine of Baptism by Willian Dell D. D, price
id. or 6dh. per Dozen.
Dr. Ruttys Treatise of Christian Discipline. 6dh.
The self taught Philosopher. 4d.
A new Edition of Dillworth's spelling book, with an

Appendix containing an Introduction to Geography

and a map of the World, iod.
Life of William Penn, written in French by John

Marsillac, ios. 1od.
Barbauld's Hymns in Prose .for Children, 8d.

Lessons for Children in 4 Vols. at 6dh.
Watts's divine and moral songs. 6dh.
Maiden's best adorning &c. 6dh.

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