The Parliamentary Register: Or an Impartial Report of the Debates that Have Occured in the Two Houses of Parliament, Volume 4

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Page 68 - Who but must laugh if such a man there be ? Who would not weep if Atticus were he?
Page 864 - An act for continuing the term, and altering and enlarging the powers of an act, made in the thirty-third year of the reign of his...
Page 772 - Leave was given to bring in the bill, which was read a firft time, and ordered to be read a fecond time the next day.
Page 210 - Moved, that an humble addrefs be prefented to his Majefty, to return his majefty the thanks of this houfe for his moft gracious fpeech from the throne.
Page 182 - These arguments proved unsuccessful ; the report of the committee was agreed to, and the bill ordered to be read a third time. The...
Page 855 - Jan. 1804, several laws relating to the prohibiting the exportation, and permitting the importation of corn ; and for allowing the importation of other articles of provision, without payment of duty...
Page 183 - That there be laid before the houfe an account of the imports and exports of Great Britain during the four tail years, fpecifying thofe articles, together with the amount of the lame, exported to and imported from Ireland in that perio3.
Page 870 - Purpose," so far as the same relate to Deeds and Wills made for granting and bequeathing Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments, Goods, and Chattels, to the Governors of the Bounty of Queen Anne, for the purposes in the said Act mentioned ; and for enlarging the Powers of the said Governors.
Page 642 - Th« chancellor of the exchequer moved the order of the day for the houfe to refolve itfelf into a committee of the whole houfe, to confider of ways and means for raifing a fupply.
Page 565 - But it was provided (m) that no man should be compelled to go out of the kingdom at any rate, nor out of his shire but in cases of urgent necessity ; nor should provide soldiers unless by consent of parliament.

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