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Page 188 - Looks through .the horizontal misty air Shorn of his beams: or from behind the moon, In dim eclipse, disastrous twilight sheds On half the nations, and with fear of change Perplexes monarchs. Darken'd so, yet shone Above them all the Archangel : but his face Deep scars of thunder had
Page 310 - dark Surrounds me, from the cheerful ways of men Cut off, and for the book of knowledge failPresented with a universal blank Of Nature's works, to me expung'd and ras'd, And wisdom at one entrance quite shut out. So much the rather thou, celestial Light, Shine inward, and the mind through all her powers
Page 306 - Of God, as with a mantle, didst invest The rising world of waters dark and deep, Won from the void and formless infinite. Thee I revisit now with bolder wing, Escap'd the Stygian pool, though long detain'd In that obscure sojourn, while in my flight Through utter and through middle darkness borne
Page 198 - To noon he fell, from noon to dewy eve, A summer's day, and with the setting sun Dropt from the zenith like a falling star, On Lemnos the' ^Egean isle : thus they relate, Erring; for he with this rebellious rout Fell long before; nor ought avail'd him now To
Page 170 - First, Moloch, horrid king, besmear'd with blood Of human sacrifice, and parents' tears; Though for the noise of drums and timbrels loud Their children's cries unheard, that pass'd through fire To his grim idol. Him the Ammonite Worship! in Rabba and her watery plain, In Argob and in Basan, to the stream Of utmost
Page 138 - O Spirit ! that dost prefer Before all temples the' upright heart and pure, Instruct me, for Thou know'st; Thou from the first Wast present, and with mighty wings out-spread, Dove-like sat'st brooding on the vast abyss, And mad'st it pregnant: what in me is dark,
Page 306 - HAIL, holy Light! offspring of Heaven, first-born, Or of the' eternal coeternal beam, May I express thee' unblam'd? since God is light, And never but in unapproached light Dwelt from eternity, dwelt then in thee, Bright effluence of bright essence increate. Or hear'st thou rather, pure ethereal stream, Whose fountain who shall tell? Before the sun, Before the Heavens thou wcrt,
Page 234 - Aspect he rose, and in his rising seem'd A pillar of state; deep on his front engraven Deliberation sat, and public care; And princely counsel in his face yet shone, Majestic, though in ruin: sage he stood With Atlantean shoulders, fit to bear The weight of mightiest monarchies; his
Page 142 - headlong flaming from the' ethereal sky, With hideous ruin and combustion, down To bottomless perdition ; there to dwell In adamantine chains and penal fire, Who durst defy the' Omnipotent to arms. Nine times the space that measures day and night To mortal
Page 202 - Though without number still, amidst the hall Of that infernal court. But far within, And in their own dimensions, like themselves, The great seraphic lords and cherubim In close recess and secret conclave sat; A thousand demi-gods on golden seats, Frequent and full. After short silence then, And summons read, the great consult began.

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