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LL confideraté Lords of the Soil will, for good reafons, not only continue in poffeffion a Tenant, who holds merely at pleasure, fo long as he duly performs Suit and Service, but will alfo allow him proportionable Advantages, if, thro' his induftry, and enquiries of fkilful perfons, he fhall improve the Premiffes. Such Tenant has an equitable, tho' not a legal, claim; and gladly acquiefces in all liberty granted of fporting in the manor, because it renders his affiduous culture, and his application of the profits to further improvements, apparent to more witneffes, who, by a juft report, cannot but increafe the good understanding between him and the Lord.

A relation fomewhat like this, between Tenant and Lord, Mr Urban always confider'd as fubfifting between himself and the public, whofe encouragement he gratefully acknowledges to have experienced equally with the moft favour'd tenant; and in particular by an increafed and unexpected † demand of 3,000 Magazines monthly fince his laft addrefs of this fort, notwithstanding the many new competitors; fo well has his endeavours to fulfil the bold promife there made, with the kind assistance of his ingenious, learned, and fkilful correfpondents, fucceeded; and fuch credit does every imitation add to an ORIGINAL. He will not be the lefs ftudious to pleafe his numerous Lords proprietors, and the more infpectors they permit, the more witneffes will there be of his care.

It is neceflary to mention this, to excufe many of the trade, for not duly complying with their orders from the country; fince feveral months of this year being twice entirely fold, they were obliged to wait for further impreffions, which could not be fo fpeedily worked off, as might be defired, several former months being at the fame time in the prefs, in order to make compleat fets.


Directions for placing the MAPS and COPPER PLATES, (unless Gentlemen fhould give different Orders.)

as a frontispiece at beginning the volume.

THE Bookbinder would do well to place the whole fheet chart of New England, New France, Cape Breton, Canada, &c. publish'd with January Magazine, between P. 72 and 73, where is M. Bellin's defcription of it, or at the end of

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the volume.

Plate II. facing p. 177.
Plate III. D. of Cumberland's head,

Plate IV. facing p. 316.
Plate V. facing p. 475.

Plate VI. Shewing the country about Garlisle, and the routes taken by the rebels, facing p. 233.

Plate VII. facing p. 601.
Plate VIII. facing p. 640.
Plate IX. facing p. 684.

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Printed by EDW. CAVE, jun. at ST JOHN'S GATE,

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