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Do not smile at me that I boast her off;

For thou shalt find she will outstrip all praise,

And make it halt behind her.






OMITTING all the reasons

usually assigned by those who have heretofore attempted to account for the profusion of Irish Absentees found in England, I shall venture upon new ground. altogether; and leaving political argument aside, give the true reason in a few plain words: it arises from the astonishing SUPERIORITY of this country over every other civilized nation upon


the face of the earth.

After having

said this, I shall commit the task of drawing a comparison between England and Ireland, to some one else, and as much as I can, confine myself to a simple statement of truths in support of my position: on the one hand, avoiding the style of fulsome commendation, and extravagant blandishment with which Mr. Twiss has treated our native land; and on the other, steering clear of any thing like the butcherly severity, and cruel sarcasm of Sir John Carr, when writing on the same subject. I admit-for I am compelled to admitthat Mr. Twiss evinces a noble freedom from prejudice, extreme goodness of heart, and great suavity of character; and the Knight, an abundance of Attic wit, vast novelty of remark, much elegance of manner, and a rare spirit of inquiry. But I must confess that bare

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