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OBSCURITY of expreffions carefully to be avoided. p. 119, & feq. Old words to be rarely used. p. 87 Osborn. Of his comparifons and metaphors.

p. 109

Otho. His dying advice to his Nephew, recommended to writers. P.77


PASCAL. What he fays of ftudied Antithefes. p. 170


Pliny the Hiftorian. Whether rightly criticized by Bouhours. 147. What he lays of great painters applied to writers. 122. His account of a very ftrange Rock applied to fome wriP. 125 Pliny the younger. A faying of his applied against judging of writers by their firft vogue. P. 4 Poetical expreffions very faulty in Profe. p. 38, 39. Inftances of fuch. Ibid. & feq. P. 143 p.6

Pompey. A faying of his defended.
Port-Royal. The Style of those men.


p. 155

QUEVEDO. His verfes on Orpheus. Quintilian. His opinion of Metaphors. 98, 101, 102,214. Of Sentences. 32, 127, 212. Of old or new words. 82, 191, 194. His character of Seneca's Style, P. 232


RAPIN. A large quotation from him, containing all the chief Rules of Style. p. 60 Rules,

Rules. Are particularly neceffary to great wits. 8. They become eafy by use.

p. 81


SENTENTIOUS Styles fubject to great defects. 21, 127, & feq. In what fenfe fuch fhort Styles may be called the longeft.

P. 132, 133 Solinus. His account of the Sideritis applied to fome writers. P. 131

Sprat. His character of Cowley's Style. p. 50, 88 Stratonicus. His faying of Ships applied to Styles.

P. 134

Strength of Style not to be mistaken for Rage and Extravagance.

Swimmers. Compared to bold writers.

P. 14 p.20



TACITUS. His faying of Laws applied to Rules of Style. 77. Aftrologers applied to Critics. Taffo. His verfes of Dorinda applied. 46. Item thofe of an army in array. 93. And of Sophronia at the stake. P: 175 Tefauro. The Rule he prefcribes for Metaphors. 160, 161. Inftances of his metaphorical flights. 161. And of his jingling expreffions. p. 167 Torrents of Eloquence, compared with other Torrents. p. 134, & feq.

under Tiberius His faying of

V. VELLEIUS Paterculus. What he fays of the Gracchi applied to fome writers. Vogue. Not always a fure proof of a good

P. 19


P. 4, 5




Voiture. His art in fophiftical compliments. 146.
In what different from Balzac.
Vulteius. An Epigram of his how far excufa-

p. 116


P. 158




AG. 75. lin. 5. for defperate read difparate,
or unconnected. Pag. 193. lin. 4. for aliqui,
read aliquid.


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