New Elegant Extracts: A Unique Selection ... from the Most Eminent Prose and Epistolary Writers ...

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C.& C. Whittingham, 1827 - English literature
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Page 231 - springs exulting on triumphant wing *,' That thus they all shall meet in future days: There ever bask in uncreated rays, No more to sigh, or shed the bitter tear, Together hymning their Creator's praise, In such society, yet still more dear ; [sphere. While circling time moves round in an eternal
Page 31 - the Invisible alone. Yet, like some sweet beguiling melody, So sweet, we know not we are listening to it, Thou, the meanwhile, wast blending with my thoughts, Yea, with my life and life's own secret joy: Till the dilating soul, enrapt, tranfused, Into the mighty vision passing—there, As in her natural form,
Page 278 - song; And, having pray'd together, we Will go with you along! We have short time to stay as you; We have as short a spring, As quick a growth to meet decay As you or any tiling: We die As your hours do, and dry Away Like to the summer's rain, Or as the pearls of morning dew, Ne'er to
Page 9 - Inspires the pale-eyed priest from the prophetic The lonely mountains o'er, And the resounding shore, A voice of weeping heard and loud lament; From haunted spring and dale, Edged with poplar pale, The parting Genius is with sighing sent: With flower-inwoven tresses torn [mourn. The Nymphs in twilight shade of tangled thickets In consecrated earth, And on the holy
Page 33 - peaks, Oft from whose feet the avalanche, unheard, Shoots downward, glittering through the pure serene, Into the depths of clouds that veil thy breast—■ Thou too again, stupendous mountain! thou That as I raise my head, awhile bow'd low In adoration, upward from thy base Slow-traveling with dim eyes suffused with tears, Solemnly seemest, like a
Page 9 - Beneath the hollow round ) Of Cynthia's seat, the aery region thrilling, Now was almost won To think her part was done, And that her reign had here its last fulfilling: She knew such harmony alone Could hold all heaven and earth in happier union. At last surrounds their sight A globe of circular light,
Page 9 - release, And with his Father work us a perpetual peace. That glorious form, that light unsufferable, And that far beaming blaze of majesty, Wherewith he wont at Heaven's high council-table To sit the midst of Trinal Unity, He laid aside; and, here with us to be, Forsook the courts of everlasting day,
Page 230 - ance his father's pride: His bonnet reverently is laid aside, His lyart haffets wearing thin an' bare; Those strains that once did sweet in Zion glide, He wales a portion with judicious care; And'Let us worship God!
Page 9 - unexpressive notes, to heaven's new-born Such music (as 'tis said) Before was never made, But when of old the sons of morning sung, While the Creator great His constellations set, And the well balanced world on hinges hung; And cast the dark foundations deep,
Page 69 - day that the Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou wast made to serve, that thou shalt take np this proverb against the King of Babylon, and say " How hath the oppressor ceased.'

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