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Wife is her prefent; she connects in this
His greatest Virtue with his greatest bliss;
At once his own bright prospect to be bleft,
And strongest motive to affift the rest.

Self-love thus push'd to focial, to divine, Gives thee to make thy neighbour's bloffing thine. Is this too little for the boundless heart?

Extend it, let thy enemies have part:

Grafp the whole worlds of Reafon, Life, and Senfe, In one close fyftem of Benevolence:

Happier as kinder, in whate'er degree,

And height of Blifs, but height of Charity.

God loves from Whole to Parts: But human foul Muft rife from Individual to the Whole. Self-love but ferves the virtuous mind to wake, As the fmall pebble ftirs the peaceful lake; The centre mov'd, a circle strait fucceeds, Another ftill, and still another spreads; Friend, parent, neighbour, firft it will embrace; His country next; and next all human race;

Wide and more wide, th' o'erflowings of the mind Take ev'ry creature in, of ev'ry kind;

Earth fmiles around, with boundless bounty bleft, And heav'n beholds its image in his breast.

Come then, my friend! my Genius! come along; Oh master of the poet, and the fong!

And while the Mufe now stoops, or now afcends,
To Man's low paffions, or their glorious ends,
me, like thee, in various nature wife,
To fall with dignity, with temper rise;

Form'd by thy converfe, happily to fieer,
From grave to gay, from lively to fevere;
Correct with ipirit, eloquent with cafe,
Intent to reafon, or polite to pleaí.
Oh while along the ftream of Tine thy name
Expanded flies, and gathers all its fame;
Say, Shall my little bark attendant fail,
Fursue the triumph, and partake the gale?
Wien ftatefmen, heroes, kings, in duft repofe,
W ofe fons fhall blush their fathers were thy toes,
S'all then this verf to future age pretend
Tou wert my guide, philotopher, and friend?
That, urg'd by thee, I turn'd the tunetul art
From founds to things, from fancy to the heart;
For Wit's falfe mirror held up Nature's light;
Shew'd erring Pride, WHATEVER IS, IS RIGHT;
That REASON, PASSION, anfwer one great aim;
That true SELF-LOVE and SOCIAL are the fame;
That VIRTUE only makes our 1 lifs below;
And all our knowledge is, OURSELVES TO KNOW.




FATHER of All in ev'ry Age,

In ev'ry Clime ador'd,

By Saint, by Savage, and by Sage,
Jehovah, Jove, or Lord!

Thou Great First Cause, leaft understood:
Who all my Sense confin'd

To Know but this, that Thou art Good,
And that myself am blind;

Yet gave me, in this dark Estate,
To fee the Good from Ill;
And binding Nature faft in Fate,
Left free the Human Will.

What Confcience dictates to be done,
Or warns me not to do,

This, teach me more than Hell to fhun,
That, more than Heav'n purfue.

What bleffings thy free bounty gives,
Let me not cast away;

For God is paid when Man receives,
T'enjoy is to obey.

Yet not to Earth's contracted span
Thy Goodness let me bound,
Or think Thee Lord alone of man,

When thoufand worlds are round:

Let not this weak, unknowing hand
Prefume thy bolts to throw,
And deal damnation round the land,
On each I judge thy Foe.

If I am right, thy grace impart,
Still in the right to stay :
If I am wrong, oh teach my heart
To find that better way.

Save me alike from foolish Pride,
Or impious difcontent,
At aught thy Wisdom has deny'd
Or aught thy Goodness lent.

Teach me to feel another's Woe,
To hide the Fault 1 fee;
That mercy I to others show,
That mercy fhow to me.

Mean tho' I am, not wholly fo,

Since quicken'd by thy Breath; O lead me wherefoe'er I go,

Thro' this day's Life or Death

This day, be bread and peace my lot: All elfe beneath the fun,

Thou know'ft if best bestow'd or not, And let thy will be done.

To Thee, whofe temple is all space,
Whofe altar, earth, fea, fkies!

One chorus let all being raise!
All nature's incense rise!

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