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2. cat. 98. They are a perfect rule of righteousness, con. xix. 2. Rules for understanding them, cat. 99. The preface explained, cat.

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The first commandment, cat. 103,-106. The fecond, cat. 107-110. The third, cat. 111,-114. The fourth, cat. 115,-121. The fifth cat. 123, to 133. The fixth, cat. 134, 135, 136. The feventh, cat. 137, 138, 139. The eighth, cat. 140, 141, 142. The ninth, cat. 143, 144, 145. The tenth, cat. 146, 147, 148. The fum of the firft four commandments, which contain our duty to God, cat. 102. The fum of the other fix, which contain our duty to man, cat. 122. No man is able to keep the commandments of God perfectly, cat. 149. The Communion. See the Lord's

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fupper. Communion of faints, wherein it confifts, con. xxvi. 1, 2. The enjoyment of it is one of the privileges of the vifible church, cat. 63. In the Lord's fupper, communicants teftify their mutual love and fellowship each with other, cat. 168. That facrament being a bond and pledge of believers communion with Chrift, and with each other, as members of his myftical body, con. xxix 1. The communion of faints doth not infringe a man's property in his goods and poffeffions, con. xxvi. 3. Communion which the elect have with Chrift, con. xxvi. I. In this life, cat. 69. 83. immediately after death, cat. 86. At the refurrection and day of judgment, cat. 87, 90. It is a confequence of their union with him, con. xxvi. I. It doth not make them partakers of his Godhead, nor equal with him, con. xxvi. 3. It is confirmed in the Lord's fupper,

cat. 168.

Unchafte company not to be kept, cat. 139. Nor corrupt communications to be used or listened to, ib. Condition, Perfect, perfonal, and perpetual obedience, the condition of the covenant of works, con, vii. 2. xix. 1. cat. 20. God rerequires faith as the condition to intereft finners in the Mediator of the covenant of grace, cat. 32. Confeffion of fin always to be made in private to God, con. xv. 6. And is to be joined with prayer, cat. 178. When to be made to men, con. xv. 6. Upon confeffion, the offending brother is to be received in love, ib.... Confcience. See liberty of con

fcience, peace of confcience, a fruit of the fenfe of God's love, con. xviii. 1, 3. cat. 83. Believers may fall into fins which wound the confcience, con. xvii. 3. xviii. 4. The wicked are punished with horror of conscience, cat. 28, 83. Contentment. Submission to God is our duty, cat. 104 Difcontent at his difpenfations, is finful, cat. 105. A fall contentment with our condition, is our duty, cat. 147. Difcontentment with our own estate, a fin, cat. 148. Controverfies. It belongs to fynods and councils minifterially to determine controverfies of faith, and cafes of confcience, con. xxxi. 3. The Spirit fpeaking in the fcriptures, is the fupreme judge of all controverfies in religion, con. I. 10. The original text of the fcriptures is that to which the church is finally to appeal, con i. 8. Our Converfation ought to be in holinefs and righteoufnefs, anfwerable to an holy profeffion, cat. 112. 176.

Corruption of nature, what, con. vi. 2, 4. cat. 25. A confequence of


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Covenant of works, what, and with

whom made, con. iv. 2. vii. 2.
xix. 1. cat. 20. 22. Perfect, per-
fonal, and perpetual obedience the
condition of it, con. vii. 2. xix. 1.
cat. 20. It is called a law and a
command, cop. iv. 2; and a law
given as a covenant, con. xix. I;
and a covenant of life of which the
tree of life was a pledge, cat. 20.
Covenant of grace, what, con. vii. 3.
cat. 30, 32. It was made with
Chrift as the fecond Adam, and
with all the elect in him as his feed,
cat. 31. In it God requireth of

finners faith in Chrift, that they
may be juftified and faved, con.
vii. 3. cat. 71. Faith being re-
quired as the condition to interest
them in Chrift. cat. 32. Who is
the Mediator of this covenant,
con. viii. I. cat. 36. Why it is
called a teftament, con. vii. 4. It
was differently administered in the
time of the law, and in time of
the gofpel, con. vii. 5. cat. 33.
How it was adminiftered under the
law, con. vii. 5. cat. 34. How
under the gospel, con, vii. 6. cat.

Councils or fynods ought to be, con.
xxxi. I. They may be called by
the civil magiftrate, con. xxiii. 3.
xxxi. 2. When minifters may
meet without the call of the
civil magistrate, con. xxxi. 2.
What power councils have, con.
xxxi. 3.
What fubmiffion due to
their decrees, ib. Not infallible

fince the apoftles time, con. xxxi,
4. But their determinations are
to be tried by the fcriptures, con.

i. 10. How far they may meddle
in civil affairs, con. xxxi. 5.
Creation of the world, çon. iv. 1.
cat If. Of man, con. iv. 2. Cat
17. Of angels, cat. 16.
Creatures. Dominion over the cre-
atures given to man, con. iv. 2.
cat. 17. They are curfed for our
fakes, fince the fall, cat. 28. Re-
ligious worship to be given to no
creature, con. xxi. 2 cat 105.
Curiofity. Bold and curious fearch-
ing into God's fecrets, discharged,
cat. 105. Curious prying into
God's decrees forbidden, cat 113.
Curious or unprofitable queftions
are to be avoided, ib.

The curfe and wrath of God, man
liable to it, both by original and
actual fin, con. vi. 6 cat. 27.
How it may be escaped,con. vii. 3.
cat. 135.
Curfing, finful, cat. 113.

Dancing Lafcivious dancing

forbidden, cat. 139.
Dead, not to be prayed for, con xxi.
4. cat. 183.

Death, being the wages of fin, con.

vi. 6. cat. 28. 84. It is appoint-
ed for all men, cat, 84. How it
is an advantage to the righteous,
cat. 85. The ftate of believers
immediately after death, con-
xxxii. 1. cat. 86. Of the wicked,

The Death of Christ, con. viii. 4.


cat. 49. In it he saw no corrupti-
on, con. viii. 4. cat, 52. The
divine nature having fuftained the
human from finking under the
er of death, cat. 38. By his obe-
dience and death, he made a pro-
per, real, and full fatisfaction to
the juftice of the Father, con. xi.
3. cat. 71. Through the virtue of
his death and refurrection, believ-
ers are fanctified, con. xiii. 1. Be-

Jievers have fellowship with Chrift in his death, con. xxvi. 1. And from his death and refurrection they draw ftrength for the mortifying of fin and quickening of grace, cat. 167. The Lord's fupper is a memorial of his death, con. xxix. 7. cat. 168. And 'in that facrament, worthy communicants meditate affectionately on his death and fufferings, cat. 174. And receive and feed upon all the benefits of his death, con. xxix. 7. The Decalogue. See command


The Decrees of God, the nature, end, extent, and properties of them, con. iii. 1, 2. cat. 12. The decree of predeftination, con. iii. 3, 4. Of election and reprobation, con. iii. 5, 6, 7. cat. 13. How God executeth his decrees, cat. 14. How the doctrine of decrees is to be handled, and what ufe to be made of them, con. iii. 8. Curious prying into God's decrees forbidden, cat. 113.

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derly courfe of proceeding is to be obferved in it, con. xxiv. 6. Dominion. See fovereignty, creatares, fin.

Doubting of being in Chrift, may confift with a true intereft in him, con. xvii. 3. xviii. 4. cat. 81, 172. And therefore fhould not hinder from partaking of the Lord's fup

per, cat. 172. Drunkenness forbidden, cat. 139. Duty to God by the light of nature, con. xxi. 1. Duties required in the first commandment, cat. 104. In the fecond, 108. In the third, cat. 112. In the fourth, cat. 116. Duties of inferiors to their fuperiors, con. xxiii. 4 cat. 127. What is required of fuperiors, con. xxiii. 2. cat. 129. Duties of equals, cat. 131. Duties of the fixth commandment, cat. 135. Of the feventh, cat. 138. Of the eight, cat. 141. Of the ninth, cat. 144. Of the tenth, cat. 147.


Desertion. Wilful defertion, unlaw- ECclefiaftical powers not to be

ful, cat. 139. Such as cannot be remedied, by the church or civil magiftrate, is cause sufficient of diffolving the bond of marriage, con. xxiv. 6.

Defpair, finful, cat. ro5. Believers always fupported from utter defpair, con. xviii. 4. cat. 81. Devil, all compacts and confulting with him, finful, ca.. 105. Diligence in our calling, a duty, cat.

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con. xxviii. 3. Difcontent at the difpenfations of God's providence, finful, cat. 105, 113. Difcontentment with our own eftate, finful, cat. 148. Divorce, lawful in cafe of adultery after marriage, or of fuch wilful desertion as cannot be remedied, con. xxiv. 5, 6. A public and or

oppofed upon pretence of Christian liberty,con. xx. 4. Ecclefiaftical perfons not exempted from obedience to the civil magistrate, con. xxiii. 4. Effectual calling, what, con. x. I. cat. 67. It is of God's free grace, not from any thing foreseen in man, con. x. 2. cat 67. All the elect, and they only, are effectually called, con. x. 1, 4. cat. 68. The elect united to Chrift in their effectual calling, cat. 65. Election, out of God's mere free grace, con. iii. 5. cat. 13. From all eternity in Chrift, ib. Election not only to eternal life and glory, but also to the means thereof, con. iii. 6. cat. 13. All the elect, and they only, are effectually called and faved, con. iii. 6. x. 1, 4 cat. 68. Though others may be outwardly called by the word, and

have fome common operations of the Spirit, ibid. Elect infants, and other elect perfons who are incapable of being called by the word, how faved, con. x. 3. What use to be made of the doctrine of election, con. iv. 8. And how men may be affured of their eternal election ib. See affurance. Envy, finful, cat. 128, 136, 142, 145, 148.

Equals, their duties and fins, cat.

131, 132. Equivocation, fpeaking the truth in doubtful and equivocal expreffions, to the prejudice of truth or justice, finful, cat. 145. Eucharift. See Lord's fupper. Exaltation of Chrift, con. viii. 4. cat. 51. In his refurrection, cat. 52. In his afcenfion, cat. 53. In his fitting at the right hand of God, cat. 54. In his coming to judge the world, cat. 56. Self-Examination, cat. 171, Excommunication, con, xxx. 2, 3,


Expiation. Sin cannot be expiated but by the blood of Christ, cat. 152.


the victory, con. xiv. 3. Growing up in many to a full affurance, con. xiv. 3. cat. 80. Good works the fruit and evidence of true faith, con. xvi. 2. cat. 52. Which is never alone, but always accompanied with all other faving graces, and is no dead faith, but worketh by love, con. xi. 2. cat. 73. Fall of man, the nature and effects of it, con. vi. cat. 21, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29. Why permitted, con. vi. I. How all mankind concerned in it, con. vi. 3. cat. 22. Falling away. See Perfeverance. Family-worship daily, required of God, con xxi. 6.

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Fafting. Religious fafting, a duty,
cat. 108. Solemn fafting a part
of religious worship, con. xxi. 25.
Fellowship. See Communion.
Foreknowledge, all things come to
pafs infallibly according to the
foreknowledge of God, con. v. 2.
Forgiveness. See Pardon.
Fornication committed after contract
of marriage, a just ground of dif-
folving the contract, con. xxiv. 5.
Fortune. To afcribe any thing to
fortune, is finful, cat. 105.
Free-Will. See Will.

Faith, what, con. xiv. 2. cat. 12. Frugality, a duty, cat. 141.

God requireth nothing of finners that they may be justified, but faith in Chrift, con. xi. I. cat. 71. Which he requireth as the condition to intereft them in the Mediator of the covenant of grace, cat. 32. It juftifies a finner in the fight of God only as it is an inftrument by which he receiveth Chrift and his righteoufnefs, con. xi. 2. cat. 73. Faith is the gift of God, con. xi. 1. cat. 71. It being the work of the Spirit, con. xiv. 1. cat. 59, 72. It is ordinarily wrought by the miniftry of the word, con. xiv, I. Increafed and ftrengthened by the word, facraments, and prayer, ib. Often weakened, but always gets


Aming. Wafteful gaming for

bidden, cat. 142. Glory, The communion in glory

with Chrift, which believers enjoy in this life, cat. 83. con. xviii. 1, 2, 3. Immediately after death, con. xxxii. I. cat. 86. At the refurrection and day of judgment, con. xxxii. 3. xxxiii. 2. cat. 87, 90.

The glory of God, the end of his

decrees, con. iii. 3. cat. 12. The glory of his grace the end of elec


tion, con. ii. 5. cat. 13.
glory of his juftice the end of the
decree of reprobation, con. iii. 7.,
cat. 13. The glory of his eter-




nal power, wisdom, and goodness, the end of the creation, con. iv. 1. The manifestation of the glory of his wisdom, power, juftice, goodnefs, and mercy, is the end of all God's works of providence, con. v. 1. cat. 18. The end of God's appointing the last judgment is the manifeftation of the glory of his mercy and justice, con. xxxii. 10. To glorify God is the chief end of man, cat. 1. God is glorified by good works, còn. xvi. 2. Gluttony, a fin, cat. 139. God. The light of nature fheweth that there is a God, con. xxi. 1. cat. 2. What it declares concerning him, and of our duty to him, con. i. 1. xxi. 1. It is not fufficient to give that knowledge of God and of his will, which is neceffary unto falvation, con. i. 1. cat. 2.

The attributes or per

fections of God, con. ii. 1, 2. cat. 7, 101: There is but one only God, con. ii. 1. cat. 8. There are three perfons in the Godhead, diftinguished by perfonal properties, con. i 3. cat. 9, 10. The co-equality of the Perfons proved, cat. II. To him is due from all his creatures, whatfoever worship, fervice, or obedience, he is pleased to require, con. ii. 2. Our duty to God. cat. 104, 108, 112, 16. What contrary to it, cat 105, 109, 113, 119. Religious worship is to be given to God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft, and to him alone; and that only in the mediation of Chrift, con. xxi. 2. cat. 119. 781. God is to be worfhipped in that way only which he hath inftituted in the fcriptures, con. xxi. I. cat. 109. To glorify God, and fully to enjoy him for ever, is the chief end of man,

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See church, magi

ftrate. The grace of God. Election of God's mere free grace, con. iii. 5. cat. 13. How the grace of God is manifested in the fecond covenant, con. vii. 3. cat. 32. Effec


tual calling is of God's free and fpecial grace, con. 2. cat. 67. Juftification is only of free grace, con. xi. 3. cat. 70, 71. tion is an act of free grace, con. xii. cat. 74. The communion in grace which believers have with Chrift, cat. 69. All faving graces are the work of the Spirit, con xiii. xiv. and xv. cat 32, 72, 75, 76, 77. And do always accompany faith, con. xi. 2. cat. 73. Perfeverance in grace, con. xvii. cat. 79. Increafe in grace, con. kiii. 1, 3. cat. 75, 77. Affurance of grace, con. xviii. cat. 80, 81. H

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