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Traffick, Trade

Tragedy, a Play ending in Grief

Tragic, and Tragical, ending in Grief, &c.
Train, Company of

Trance, a great Aftonishment or Swooning, when one forgets himself.

To tranfcend, to go or climb over, to excel To Transform, to change the Form or Shape To tranflate, to change or turn from one Thing to another: Alfo to turn out of one Language into another.

Tranfparent, clear, that may be seen through Tranfplanted, removed from one Place to another To Tranfport, to carry out of ones felf, to be exceeding glad.

Tripod, A large Veffel fupported by 3 Feet; and fome fay a Table with 3 Feet, on which the Priefts of Apollo fat and gave forth the Oracle. Tripple, Threefold

Trivet-Table, Table with three Legs

Triumph, Joy, folemn Actions of Rejoycing publickly perform'd in Honour of the Conqueror Troy, a City of Asia the less.

Trophies, Things and Structures rais'd for the Remembrance of a Victory

Truncheon, fhort thick Stick.

Tumid, fwelling

To Tune, to prepare or make Mufick
Tythes, the Tenth Part

Tyrant, a King acting contrary to the Laws, who makes his Will and Pleasure the Law

Tythe, the Tenth Part


VACANT, empty, not furnished or used, at


Vampt, mended, dreffed up

quifhed, conquered, overcome

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Vapour, Steam.

To Vary, To change, alter

Variety, Change, difference, diverfity
Vafal, Slave, fubject to another
Vent, Room, Paffage

Veneration, Reverence, Worship
Venus, The Goddefs of Beauty
Verdant, Green, frefh

Verdure. Greenness, ftrength
Vernal, Belonging to the Spring
Vicious, Evil, bad, wicked, faulty
Viciffitude, Change, alteration
Victim, A Sacrifice

Victor, Conqueror

Vigorous, Brisk, lively
Viscous, Clammy

Vital, Relating to Life

Ulcer, A great Sore

Uncorrupted, Pure, not mixed

Undulating, Moving about like a Wave
Uninformed, Not inftructed

Ungracious, Wicked

To Unite, To joyn, to make one

Univerfe, The World, the whole of things Unmanured, Not tilled or looked after, as Ground

Unfinnewed, Without Sinnews, weak

Unnavigable, That cannot be failed in

Unweildy, Lumpifh, flow because of its bigness

Vocal, Belonging to the Voice

To Vouchfafe, To favour, to ftoop to do
To Upbraid, To lay to one's charge

Upheave, Heaved or lifted up

Urns, Earthen Pots; fuch as the Romans ufed to

put the Afhes of their burned Bodies into

To Ufurp, To take into his Ufe what is another's Utmost, Greatest, fartheft

Vulgar, Common

TO Wallow. To roll


Wan. Pale, Dead-like

Wane. Decrease

Wary. Careful, Cautious

Wav'd. Shaked, alfo avoided
Whelped. Brought forth Whelps
Wight. Creature, Perfon

Whilome. Formerly, e'er while, or in a while
Wildings, Apples growing naturally

Woe. Grief, Mifery

Wont. To be ufed, accustomed

Wood. Angry, mad

Wons, Where he wons, that is, goes, frequents, dwells

Wrecked, racked and wretched, spoiled, ruined
Wheel'd about, Turned about

Weltring, Rolling in

To Wreft, To take from by force


"HE London Vocabulary, English and Latin; put

with Things, as well as pure Latin Words. Adorned with twenty-fix Pictures. For the Ufe of Schools. The Fourth Edition, with Additions. N. B. It may be of Service to Forreigners to learn English Words; and is likewife a useful Book to teach Boys and Girls to read English. Printed for A. Bettefworth at the Red Lyon in Paternofter-Row. Price 1 8.

An Effay towards a Practical English Grammar, defcribing the Genius and Nature of the English Tongue: Giving likewife a Rational and Plain Account of Grammar in General, with a Familiar Explanation of its Terms. Dedicated to Dr. Mead. Thefe by JAMES GREENWOOD, Teacher of a Boarding-School at Woodford in Effex.

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