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Gold alone does Paffion move,
Gold monopolifes Love!

A Curfe on her and on the Man
Who this Traffick firft began!

A Curfe on him who found the Oar!
A Curfe on him who digg'd the Store !
A Curfe on him who did refine it!
A Curfe on him who firft did coyn it!
A Curfe all Curfes elfe åbove
On him, who us'd it firft in Love!
Gold begets in Brethren Hate,
Gold in Families Debate;
Gold does Friendship feparate,
Gold does Civil Wars create,
Thefe the fmalleft Harms of it!
Gold, alafs, does Love beget.





EATH thou haft feen

In his firft Shape on Man; but many Shapes
Of Death, and many are the Ways that leadi
To his grim Cave, all difmal; yet to Senfe
More terrible at th' entrance than within.
Some, as thou faw'ft, by violent Stroke fhall die,
By Fire, Flood, Famine, by Intemperance more
In Meats and Drinks, which on the Earth fhall bring
Difeafes dire, of which a monftrous Crew
Before thee fhall appear; that thou may'st know
What Mifery th' Inabftinence of Eve


Shall bring on Men. Immediately a Place
Before his Eyes appear'd, fad, noyfom, dark,
A Lazar-house it feem'd, wherein were laid
Numbers of all difeas'd, all Maladies

Of ghaftly Spafm, or racking Torture, Qualms
Of Heart-fick Agony, all feverous kinds,
Convulfions, Epilepfies, fierce Catarrhs,
Inteftine Stone and Ulcer, Cholick Pangs,
Demoniack Phrenzie, moaping Melancholy,
And Moon-ftruck Madness, pining Atrophy,
Marafmus, and wide-wafting Peftilence,
Dropfies, and Afthma's, and Joint-racking Rheums.
Dire was the toffing, deep the Groans, Despair
Tended the Sick bufieft from Couch to Couch;
And over them triumphant Death his Dart
Shook, but delay'd to strike, tho' oft invok'd
With Vows, as their chief Good, and final Hope.
Milton Paradife Loft. 1.XI.


Noah's AR K.

THen from the Mountain hewing Timber tall,

Began to build a Veffel of huge Bulk,

Meafur'd by Cubit, length and breadth, and height,
Smear'd round with Pitch, and in the Side a Door
Contriv'd, and of Provifions laid in large-

For Man and Beast: When lo a Wonder strange!
Of every Beast and Bird, and Infect small
Came Sevens, and Pairs, and enter'd in, as taught
Their Order: Laft the Sire, and his three Sons
With their four Wives, and God made faft the Door.


The Deluge; or, Noah's Flood.

(Wings Ean while the South Wind rofe, and with black Wide hovering, all the Clouds together drove From under Heav'n; the Hills to their fupply Vapour, and Exhalation dusk and moist, Sent up amain; and now the thicken'd Sky Like a dark Ceiling ftood; down rufh'd the Rain Impetuous, and continu'd till the Earth No more was feen; the floating Veffel fwum Up-lifted; and fecure with beaked Prow Rode tilting o'er the Waves, all Dwellings elfe Flood overwhelm'd, and them with all their Pomp Deep under Water rowl'd; Sea cover'd Sea, Sea without Shoar; and in their Palaces Where Luxury late reign'd: Sea-Monsters whelp'd And ftabl'd; of Mankind, fo numerous late, All left, in one fmall Bottom fwum imbark'd.

Milton Paradife Lost, 1. XI.


The Poor Old Widow.

"Here liv'd, as Authors tell, in Days of yore,


A Widow fomewhat Old, and very Poor:
Deep in a Cell her Cottage lonely ftood,
Well thatch'd, and under covert of a Wood.
This Dowager, on whom my Tale I found,
Since laft the laid her Husband in the Ground,'
A fimple fober Life, in Patience led,
And had but just enough to buy her Bread :


Put Hufwifing the little Heaven had lent,
She duly paid a Groat for Quarter-Rent;
And pinch'd her Belly with her Daughters two,
To bring the Year about with much ado.
The Cattle in her Homestead were three Sows,
An Ewe call'd Mally, and three brinded Cows.
Her Parlor-Windows ftuck with Herbs around,
Of fav'ry Smell, and Rufhes ftrew'd the Ground.
A Maple-Dreffer in her Hall fhe had,

On which full many a flender Meal she made :
For no delicious Morfel pafs'd her Throat;
According to her Cloth the cut her Coat:
No poinant Sauce fhe knew, no coftly. Treat,
Her Hunger gave a Relifh to her Meat:
A fparing Diet did her Health affare;
Or Sick, a Pepper-Poffet was her Cure.
Before the Day was done her Work she sped,
And never went by Candle-light to Bed;
With Exercise the fweat ill Humors out,
Her Dancing was not hinder'd by the Gout.
Her Poverty was glad, her Heart content,
Nor knew the what the Spleen or Vapors meant.
Of Wine fhe never tafted through the Year,

But White and Black was all her homely Chear; -
Brown Bread, and Milk, (but firft fhe skim'd her
And Rafhers of fing'd Bacon, on the Coals. (Bowls
On Holy Days, an Egg or two at moft,
But her Ambition never reach'd to roast.
A Yard she had with Pates enclos'd about,
Some high, fome low, and a dry Ditch without;
Within this Homestead, liv'd without a Peer,



FOR Crowing loud, the noble Chanticleer:
So high't her Cock, who Singing did furpafs
The merry Notes of Organs at the Mafs.
More certain was the crowing of this Cock
To number Hours, than is an Abbey Clock;
And fooner than the Mattin Bell was rung,
He clap'd his Wings upon his Rooft, and fung:
For when Degrees fifteen afcended right,
By fure Instinct he knew 'twas One at Night.
High was his Comb, and Coral-red withall,
In dents embattl'd like a Castle Wall;
His Bill was Raven-black, and fhone like Jet,
Blue were his Legs, and Orient were his Feet:
White were his Nails, like Silver to behold,
His Body glitt'ring like the burnish'd Gold.

Dryden from Chaucer's Cock and the Foxe


The Combate of David and Goliah.

Hus,and with trembling Hopes of ftrange Succefs, In his own Arms Saul the bold Youth does drels. On's Head an Helmet of well-wrought Brafs is plac'd, The top with Warlike Plumes feverely grac'd. His Breaft a Plate cut with rare Figures bore, A Sword much practis'd in Death's Art he wore. Yet David us'd fo long to no Defence, But thofe light Arms of Spirit and Innocence,



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