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As Plants: Anibiguous between Sea and Land
The River Horfe and Scaly Crocodile.


Of the Creeping Things.

AT once came forth whatever creeps the Ground,

Infect or Worm: thofe wav'd their limber Fans

For Wings and finalleft Lineaments exact

In all the Liveries deckt of Summers Pride
With Spots of Gold and Purple, azure and green:
Thefe as a Line their long Dimenfion drew,
Streaking the Ground with finuous Trace; not all
Minims of Nature; fome of Serpent kind
Wondrous in Length and corpulence involv'd
Their Snaky Folds, and added Wings. Firft crept
The Parfimonious Emmet, provident
Offuture, in finall room large Heart enclos'd,
Pattern of juft equality perhaps

Hereafter, joyn'd in her popular Tribes

Of Commonalty: Swarning next appear'd
The Female Bee that feeds her Husband Drone
Deliciously, and builds her waxen Cells
With Honey ftor'd: the reft are numberlefs,
And thou their Natures know'ft, and gav'ft them


Needless to be repeated; nor unknown
The Serpent fubti'ft Beaft of all the Field,
Of huge extent fometimes, with brazen Eyes
And hairy Main terrifick, though to thee
Not noxious, but obedient at thy call.
Now Heav'n in all her Glory fhone, and rowl'd
Her Motions, as the great first-Mover's Hand

Firft wheel'd their Courfe: Earth in her rich Attire
Confummate lovely fmil'd; Air,Water, Earth,
By Fowl, Fish, Beast, was flown, was fwum, was

(walk'd Frequent; and of the fixth Day yet remain'd;


Of Man.

THere wanted yet the Mafter Work, the End
Of all yet done a Creature who not prone
And brute as other Creatures, but endu'd
With Sanctity of Reafon, might erect
His Stature, and upright with Front ferene
Govern the reft, Self-knowing, and from thence
Magnanimous to correfpond with Heav'n,
But grateful to acknowledge whence his good
Defcends, thither with Heart and Voice and Eyes
Directed in Devotion to adore

And worship God Supreme, who made him chief
Of all his Works: therefore th' Omnipotent
Eternal Father (for where is not he
Prefent) thus to his Son audibly fpake.

Let us make now Man in our Image; Man

In our fimilitude, and let them rule

Over the Fish and Fowl of Sea and Air,
Beaft of the Field, and over all the Earth,

And every creeping Thing that creeps the Ground.
This faid he form'd thee, Adam, thee O Man
Duft of the Ground, and in thy Noftrils breath'd
The Breath of Life; in his own Image he
Created thee, in the Image of God

Exprefs, and thou becam'it a Living-Soul.


Male he created thee, but thy Confort
Female for Race; then bleft Mankind, and faid,
Be fruitful, multiply and fill the Earth,
Subdue it, and throughout Dominion hold
Over Fish of the Sea, Fowl of the Air,
And every Living Thing that moves on th' Earth
Where-ever thus created; for no Place

Is yet diftinct by Name, thence, as thou know'st
He brought thee into this delicious Grove,
This Garden, planted with the Trees of God,
Delectable both to behold and tafte;

And freely all their pleasant Fruit for Food
Gave thee, all forts are here that all th’Earth yields,
Variety without End; but of the Tree

Which tafted Works Knowledge of Good and Evil,
Thou may'ft not; in the Day thou eat'ft,thou dy't;
Death is the Penalty impos'd, beware

And govern well thy Appetite, left Sin
Surprize thee, and her black attendant Death.
Here finifh'd He, and all that he had made
View'd, and behold all was entirely good;
So Ev'n and Morn accomplish'd the fixth Day.

Milton's Paradife Loft, Lib. 7.


To his Grace the Duke of Marlborough, upon his going into Germany.

Go, mighty Prince, and thofe great Nations fee, Which thy Victorious Arms before made free; View that fam'd Column, where thy Name engrav'd Shall tell their Children who their Empire fav'd: Point out that Marble, where thy Worth is fhown, To ev'ry grateful Country, but thy own.

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O Cenfure undeferv'd! Unequal Fate!
Which ftrove to leffen him who made her great:
Which pamper'd with Succefs, and rich in Fame,
Extoll'd his Conqueft, but condemn'd his Name:
But Virtue is a Crime, when plac'd on high;
Tho' all the Faults in the Beholder's Eye.
Yet he, untouch'd, as in the Heat of Wars,
Flies from no Danger but Domeftick Jars,
Leaves bufie Tongues, and lying Fanie behind,
And tries at leaft in other Climes to find
Our Rage by Mountains, and by Seas confin'd:
Yet fmiling at the Dart which Envy shakes,
He only fears for her whom he forfakes;
He grieves to find the Course of Virtue croft,
Blufhing to fee our Blood no better loft:
Difdains in factious Parties to contend,
An proves in Abfence most Britannia's Friend.
So the great Scipio of old to fhun

That glorious Envy which his Arms had won,
Far from his dear, ungrateful Rome retir'd,
Prepar'd when e'er his Country's Caufe requir'd
To thine in Peace or War, and be again admir'd.



Alexander's Feaft; or the Power of Mufick
Ode, in Honour of St. Cecilia's Day. By Mr.


TWAS at the Royal Feast, for Perfia won,

By Philip's Warlike Son:

Aloft in awful State
The God-like Heroe fate

[blocks in formation]

His valiant Peers were plac'd around;
Their Brows with Rofes and with Myrtles bound,
(So fhou'd Defert in Arms be crown'd:)
The lovely Thais by his fide,

Sate like a Blooming Eaftern Bride
In flow'r of Youth and Beauty's Pride.
Happy, Happy, Happy Pair !
None but the Brave,

None but the Brave,

None but the Brave, deferves the fair.

Happy, Happy, Happy Pair, &c.


Timotheus plac'd on High,

Amid the Tuneful Quire,

With flying Fingers touch'd the Lyre: The trembling Notes afcend the Sky,

And heav'nly Joys infpire

The Song began from Jove,

Who left his blissful Seats above,
(Such is the Pow'r of mighty Love.)
A Dragon's fiery Form bely'd the God:
Sublime on Radiant Spires he rode,

When he to fair Olympia prefs'd;

And while he fought her fnowy Breaft

Then, round her flender Waft he curl'd,

And stamp'd an Image of himself, a Sov'raign of the


The lift'ning Crowd admire the lofty Sound,
A prefent Deity, they fhout around:

A prefent Deity the vaulted Roofs rebound.

With ravifh'd Ears

The Monarch hears,

Affumes the God,

Affects to Nod,

And feers to fhake the Spheres:


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