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Some, by what Means they may redrefs the Wrong,
When Fathers the Poffeffion keep too long.
And fome would know the Iffue of their Caufe,
And whether Gold can folder up its Flaws.
Poor pregnant Lais his Advice would have,
To lose by Art what fruitful Nature gave:
And Portia old in Expectation grown,
Laments her barren Curfe, and begs a Son.
Whilft Iris, his Cofmetick Wah, wonld try,
To make her Bloom revive, and Lovers die.
Some ask for Charms, and others Philters chufe,
To gain Corinna, and their Quartans lofe.
Dr. Garth's Difpenfary.


Thefe following Verfes were made upon a Lady's accidentally killing her favourite Lap-Dog.


TENDER Calia fat fighing

For a Crime fhe late had done: The Victime at her Feet lay dying, But Calia made the greater moan.


Ah! cruel Fate, that e'er the Morning,
Which her brighter Eyes out-fhin'd,
Should blacken at fo fhort a Warning
Dark as the Thoughts of Calia's Mind;

But why fair Nymph this great Disorder.
For a little harmless Guilt?

This was unintended Murder,
And Speechless is the Blood you've fpilt.


Thousand Slaughters you've committed,
Which fevere Repentance need;
The Wretch that loves you, dies unpitied,
And you glory in the Deed.


A crowd of Lovers that adore you
With relentless Frowns you View:
A Thousand Bleeding-Hearts before you
Say your Eyes can murder too.


The petty Crime your Feet have acted
Very well may plead furprize;
Firft Cancel then the Guilt contracted
By the Blood-fed from your Eyes.


Against Scandal.

A Dialogue between Two Ladies.

Laloca or Mrs. Talkative.

MAdam I thank you for this Vifit now,

Why this is kind and neighbourly, I vow,

Sit down pray Madam, and what News do you hear?
Sophronia, or Mrs. Prudence.

Why none at all. I feldom e're inquire
What other People do or fay in Town,

For each ones Thoughts and Actions are their own.

talk ftrangely Coufin, is it true? ever mind what other People do? you are no Enemy to that Fafhion, t fupport of gentile Converfation,


For if a Lady comes to Town to fee
A Lady; Tales are pretty Company.
I was at Madams t'other Day, and who
Do you think came by, but Bellamira Whow!
Tawdry at Fifty, and a perfect Blowze :
Lord! had you feen her Drefs, and large white Fruze,
You wou'd have split your Sides with Laughing Cuz
No more of this. Infirmities will be
In Age, in Youth, in Rags and Quality.
Affected Looks, foft Smiles, and winning Air,
And wrinkled Åge attempting to be fair
Are common Follies: but the greatest still
Is unreform'd of ever speaking ill.

Do not ill Actions merit publick Shame ?
But you talk not to niend, but to defame.


Would you have all without Diftinction pass?
Virtue Good-natur'd is, and ever was,
Severe unto it felf alone, and he
Leffens the Credit of her Worth to me,
Whofe Fame wants the fupport of others Infamy.
Sufpect the Woman, when no Fear's upon her,
That starts, and claps her Hand upon her Honour
Who in all Companies I'm chaffe cries out,
Till what we never doubted of, we doubt.
Who for nice Reafons blafts another's Name,
The moft cenforious are the most to blame.
Guilt clears the Sight, with a difcerning Eye
Naked, we others Nakednefs descry.

But furely I may talk of what I hear:

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To make the Lewdness of this Town appear,
And how unjuft their groundlefs Cenfures are,
You know what has been faid of Betty Feaft,
The common Scandal, and the common Jeft;
And yet there's not a Perfon to be found
In Town Discreeter,or more Grave, or Sound.
I hope you will not Coufin her defend.

'Tis hard; yet any Thing in hopes to mend.
But I've my Nems from Mr. Such-a-one,

Ne're truft a Man that never dines at Home,
For fuch Invent to make an equal Treat;
They feed you with Difcourfe, you them with Meat.


Muft then all pleafant Converfation fail,
And dull Good-nature above Wit prevail?

Excellent Proof of Wit indeed! to rail.
Week Malice tinctured with little Senfe,
And a gay, naufeous, chearful Confidence
Make up the wretched Compound: Idefpife
Injurious Nonfenfe founded upon Lyes.
And this when your engag'd, your felves you own,
A Hellifh Lye! but what won't this damn'd Town.
You with much Truth, and much Concern exclaim
And yet at once you practice what you blame..

At this Rate, half the Town would filent fit.

Can you want Compafs for your boasted Wit?
When dying Reputations every where
Lye bafely wounded, and demand Repair?


Haft when the Breath of a good Name is gone,
In vain you feek to find a Čure. There's none.
But now my Bufinefs calls me Home, adieu.

Good Night. There's no one fond of fuch as you.

Credulity, or t'e Inconftancy of Mankind.

FOR the dull World moft Honour pay to thofe

Who on their Understanding moft impofe. Firft Man creates, and then he fears the Elf, Thus others cheat him not, but he himself; He loaths the Subftance, and he loves the fhow, You'll ne'er convince a Fool, Himfelf is fo: He hates Realities, and hugs the Cheat, And ftill the only Pleafure's the Deceit. So Meteors flatter with a dazling Dye, Which no Existence has but in the Eve. At diftance Profpects pleafe us, but when near, We find but delart Rocks, and fleeting Air. From Stratagem to Stratagem we run, And he knows moft who lateft is undone. : Mankind one Day ferene and free appear, The next, they're cloudy, fullen, and fevere: New Paffions, new Opinions still excite, And what they like at Noon, they leave at Night. They gain with Labour, what they quit with Eafe, And Health, for want of Change, becomes Difeafe. Religion's bright Authority they dare, And yet are Slaves to fuperftitious Fear. They Counfel others, but themfelves deceive, And tho' they're.cozen'd ftill, they ftill believe


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