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Why bileous Juice a golden Light puts on,
And Floods of Chyle in Silver Currents run.
How the dim Speck of Entity began
To work its brittle Being up to Man.
To how minute an Origin we owe
Young Ammon, Cafar, and the Great Naffau.
Why paler Looks impetuous Rage proclaim,
And why chill Virgins redden into Flame.
Why Envy oft transforms with wan Difguife,
And why gay Mirth fits finiling in the Eyes.
Hence 'tis we wait the wond'rous Caufe to find,
How Body acts upon impaffive Mind.
How Fumes of Wine the thinking Part can fire,
Paft Hopes revive, and prefent Joys infpire:
Why our Complexions oft our Soul declare,
And how the Paflions in the Features are.
How Touch and Harmony arife between
Corporeal Subftances, and Things unfeen.
With mighty Truths, myfterious to defcry,
Which in the Womb of diftant Caufes lie.

Sir Samuel Garth's Difpenfary


To a fair Lady playing with a Snake.

Strange that fuch Horror and fuch Grace
Shou'd dwell together in one Place;
A Fury's Arm, an Angel's Face!
'Tis Innocence, and Youth which makes
In Chlori's Fancy fuch Miftakes,
To start at Love, and play with Snakes.


By this and by her Coldness barr'd,
Her Servants have a Task too hard,
The Tyrant has a double Guard.
Thrice happy Snake that in her Sleeve
May boldly creep, we dare not give
Our Thoughts fo unconfin'd a Leave:
Contented in a Neft of Snow
He lies as he his Blifs did know,
And to the Wood no more wou'd go.
Take heed, fair Eve, you do not make
Another Tempter of this Snake,
A Marble one, fo warm'd, wou'd speak.



A Simile, or Comparison.

Dear Thomas, didft thou never pop
Thy Head into a Tinman's Shop;
There, Thomas, didft thou never fee
(Tis but by way of Simile)
A Squirrel fpend his little Rage,
In jumping round a rolling Cage ?
The Cage, as either fide turn'd up,
Striking a ring of Bells a-top.

Mov'd in the Orb, pleas'd with the Chimes,
The foolish Creature thinks he climbs :
But here or there, turn Wood or Wire,
He never gets two Inches higher.
So fares it with thofe merry Blades,
That frisk it under Pindus's Shades;
In noble Songs, and lofty Odes,

They tread on Stars, and talk with Gods;

K 3


Still dancing in an airy Round,

Still pleas'd with their own Verfes found.
Brought back, how faft fo e'er they go,
Always afpiring, always low.




The Quack-Doctor.

IS Shop the gazing Vulgar's Eyes employs
With Foreign Trinkets, and Domestick Toys.


Here Mummies lay most reverendly ftale,
And there, the Tortois hung her Coat o' Mail;
Not far from fome huge Shark's devouring Head
The Flying Fish their finny Pinions fpread.
Aloft in rows large Poppy-Heads were ftrung,
And near,a fcaly Aligator hung.

In this place, Drugs in mufty heaps decay'd,
In that, dry'd Bladders, and drawn Teeth were laid.

An inner Room receives the num'rous Shoals, Of fuch as pay to be reputed Fools.

Globes ftand by Globes, Volumns by Volumns lie,
Aud Planetary Schemes amufe the Eye.

The Sage, in Velvet Chair, here lolls at Eafe,
To promife future Health for prefent Fees.
Then, as from Tripod, folemn Shams reveals,
And what the Stars know nothing of, foretels.
One asks, How foon Panthea may be won,
And longs to feel the Marriage-Fetters on.
Others, convinc'd by melancholy Proof,
Enquire, when courteous Fates will ftrike 'em off.


Some, by what Means they may redrefs the Wrong, When Fathers the Poffeffion keep too long. And fome would know the Iffue of their Caufe, And whether Gold can folder up its Flaws. -Poor pregnant Lais his Advice would have, To lose by Art what fruitful Nature gave: And Portia old in Expectation grown, Laments her barren Curfe, and begs a Son. Whilft Iris, his Cofmetick Wah, wonld try, To make her Bloom revive, and Lovers die. Some ask for Charms, and others Philters chufe, To gain Corinna, and their Quartans lofe.

Dr. Garth's Difpenfary.


Thefe following Verfes were made upon a Lady's accidentally killing her favourite Lap-Dog.


ENDER Cælia fat fighing


For a Crime she late had done : The Victime at her Feet lay dying, But Calia made the greater moan.


Ah! cruel Fate, that e'er the Morning,
Which her brighter Eyes out-fhin'd,
Should blacken at fo fhort a Warning
Dark as the Thoughts of Calia's Mind;


But why fair Nymph this great Disorder.
For a little harmlefs Guilt?

This was unintended Murder,

And Speechless is the Blood you've spilt.


Thousand Slaughters you've committed,
Which fevere Repentance need;

The Wretch that loves you, dies unpitied,
And you glory in the Deed.


A crowd of Lovers that adore you
With relentless Frowns you View:
A Thousand Bleeding-Hearts before you
Say your Eyes can murder too..


The petty Crime your Feet have acted
Very well may plead furprize;
Firft Cancel then the Guilt contracted
By the Blood-fhed from your Eyes.


Against Scandal.

A Dialogue between Two Ladies.

Lalocffa or Mrs. Talkative.

MAdam I thank you for this Vifit now,

Why this is kind and neighbourly, I vow, Sit down pray Madam, and what Nems do you hear? Sophronia, or Mrs. Prudence..

Why none at all. I feldom e're inquire
What other People do or fay in Town,
For each ones Thoughts and Actions are their own.

talk ftrangely Coufin, is it true?
ever mind what other People do?
You are no Enemy to that Fafhion,
: fupport of gentile Converfation,


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