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150. A Sketch of the Alps at Day-break.

From the Same.

THE fun-beams ftreak the azure skies,
And line with light the mountain's brow:
With hounds and horns the hunters rife,
And chafe the roebuck thro' the fnow.
From rock to rock, with giant-bound,
High on their iron poles they pafs;
Mute, left the air, convuls'd by found,
Rend from above a frozen mafs

The goats wind flow their wonted way,
Up craggy fteeps and ridges rude;
Mark'd by the wild wolf for his prey,
From defeit cave or hanging wood.
And while the torrent thunders loud,
And as the echoing cliff's reply,
The huts peep o'er the morning-cloud,
Perch'd, like an eagle's neft, on high.

$151. A Wib. From the Same. MINE be a cot befide the hill;

A bee-hive's hum fhall footh my ear; A willowy brook, that turns a mill," With many a fall, fhall linger near. The fwallow, oft, beneath my thatch, Shall twitter from her clay-built neft; Oft fhall the pilgrim lift the latch, And fhare my meal, a welcome guest Around my ivied porch fhall spring Each fragrant flower that drinks the dew; And Lucy, at her wheel, fhall fing, In ruffet gown and apron blue, The village-church, among the trees, Where firit our marriage-vows were giv'n, With merry peals fhall fwell the breeze, And point with taper fpire to heav'n.

[blocks in formation]


Who fhall make the current ftray
Smooth along the channel'd way?
Who fhall, as it runs, refine?

She, whatever fond defire, Stubborn deed or guileful fpeech, Inexperience might infpire, Or abfurd indulgence teach, Timely cautious thall reftrain, Bidding childhood hear the rein She with fport fhall labour mix, She excurfive fancy fix.

Prime fupport of learned lore, PERSEVERANCE joins her train, Pages oft turn'd o'er and o'er Turning o'er and o'er again; Giving, in due form of ichool, Speech its meafure, pow'r, and rule Meanwhile mem'ry's treasures grow Great, tho' gradual; fure, tho' flow.

Patient CARE by juft degrees Word and image learns to clafs; Thofe compounds, and fep'rates thefej As in ftrict review they pafs; Joins, as various features trike, Fit to fit and like to like, Till in meek array advance Concord, Method, Elegance.

TIME meanwhile, from day to day, Fixes deeper Virtue's root; Whence, in long fucceffion gay, Bloffoms many a lively fhoot: Meek OBEDIENCE, following fill, Frank and glad, a Mafter's will; Modeft CANDOUR, hearing prone Any judgement fave its own:

EMULATION, whose keen eye Forward ftill and forward ftrains, Nothing ever deeming high While a higher hope remains: SHAME ingenuous, native, free, Source of conscious dignity: ZEAL impartial to purfue Right, and juft, and good and true. Thefe and ev'ry kindred grace More and more perfection gain; While ATTENTION toils to trace Grave record or lofty strain; Learning how, in Virtue's pride, Sages liv'd or heroes died; Marking how in Virtue's caufe Genius gave and won applaufe.

Thus with EARLY CULTURE bleft, Thus to early rule inur'd, Infancy's expanding breaft Glows with fenfe and pow'rs matur`d. Whence, if future merit raise Private love, or public praife, Thine is all the work-be thine The glory-CLASSIC DISCIPLINE.

There are paffes in the Alps, where the guides tell you to move on with fpeed, and fay nothing, k the agitation of the air fhould loofen the fnows above. GRAY, fect. v. let. 4.

+ Spoken in the year 1794 at the annual Vifitation of Dr. Knox's School at Tunbridge. Audit currus habenas. VIRG.


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