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Lines on the Countess of Burlington cut- Memoirs and Notices of Celebrated Per-
ting paper, iv. 275.

[blocks in formation]


Aaron Hill, i. 202.

Barnard (Sir John). iv. 150.
Bathurst (Lord), iv. 65.
Bubb Dodington, iv. 93.
Burlington (Earl of), iv. 92.
Carleton (Lord), iv. 214,
Centlivre (Mrs.), iii. 220.
Chandos (Duke of), iv. 17.
Chartres (Francis), iv. 48, 67.
Chesterfield, iv. 215.
Cibber (Theophilus), iii. 225.
Clarke (Dr. Samuel), iv. 101.
Cobham (Lord), iv. 14.
Craggs (James), ii. 271.
Crook (Japhet), iv. 68.
Cutler (Sir John), iv. 80.
Dartineuf (Charles), iv. 133.
Deloraine (the Countess), iv. 136.
Eustace Budgell, iii. 219.
Godolphin (Earl of), iv. 18.

sons, continued.
Hales (Dr. Stephen), iv. 45.
Halifax (the Earl of), iv. 125.
Hamilton (the Duchess of), iv. 32.
Heathcote (Sir Gilbert), iv. 70.

Henley, Orator, iii. 229.

Henrietta, Duchess of Marlborough,iv.35.
Hervey (Lord), iv. 125.

Jervas, the portrait-painter, ii. 273.
Le Nôtre, the garden-designer, iv. 84.
Man of Ross (the), iv. 74.
Mansfield (Lord), iv. 157.
Montagu (Mr. E. W.), and his son, iv.


Montagu (Lady Mary W.), iv. 136.
Mornington (Lord), iv. 221.
Newcastle, the Duke of, iv. 73.
Oglethorpe, General, iv. 185.
Oxford, the Earl of, ii. 269.
Page, Sir Francis, iii. 236.
Pelham (the Hon. Mr.), iv. 213.
Pembroke (Thomas, Earl of), iv. 83.
Queensberry (the Duchess of), iv. 43.
Ralph (James), iii. 227.
Rich (Lady), iv. 259.

Richmond, (the Duchess of), iv. 69.
Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, iv. 36.
Settle, Elkanah, iii. 224.
Shippen, Will, iv. 134.

Skerrett (Miss), iv. 70.
Stair (the Earl of), iv. 221.
Suffolk (the Countess of), iv. 40.
Sunderland (the Earl of), iv. 259.
Tofts, the opera singer, iv. 291.
Trumbull (Sir William), ii. 96.103.
Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, iv. 76.
Vulture Hopkins, iv. 52, 68.
Walter (Peter), iv. 72.

Yonge (Sir William), iv. 115.
Merchant's Tale (the), ii. 52.
Messiah, a sacred eclogue, ii. 139.
Methuen, Sir Paul, i. 162.
Michael Paxton's defalcations, iv. 271.
Milbourne (Luke), singular conceit of, iii.


Milton's blindness, Hallam on, iii. 127.
Mint (the) in Southwark, a sanctuary for
debtors, iv. 105.

Miscellanies, Pope's, iv. 244.
Miss Blount, Epistle to, ii. 276.

Mist and Ridpath, the journalists, iii. 188.
Money transaction with the Duchess of
Marlborough, i. 302.

Montagu (Mr. E. W.) and his son, memoir of,
iv. 154.

Montagu (Lady M. W.), memoir of, iv. 136.
reason assigned by her for Pope's
malignity, i. 139.
Monument on Fish-street-hill, inscription
on the, iv. 62.

Monument to Mary Beach, the poet's nurse,
ii. 15.

to Pope in Twickenham Church, i.

to Pope's parents in Twickenham
Church, iv. 120.

Moore's (James) lampoon against Pope, i. | Pastoral poetry, Pope's discourse on, ii.


Moral Essays, Warburton's explanation Pastorals (Pope's), great pains taken with,
about Pope's, iv. 1.

i. 23.

Mordington (Lord), memoir of, iv. 221.
Motteux (P. A.), notice of, by Dryden, iii.

Motto to Pope's Satires, iv. 104.

to the Rape of the Lock, ii. 223.
Mummy of Cheops, a king of Egypt, iii.

Musgrove (Sir Christopher), anecdote of,
iv. 50.

Music, English, rage for, during twenty
years, iii. 147.

Mystery about Pope's correspondence, i.

Mystery as to the heroine of Pope's elegy,
ii. 183.

NAMESAKE, singular visit of a, to the
poet, i. 7.

Narcissa's last words, iv. 12.
Nell Gwynne, anecdote of, iii. 188.
New Atalantis, the authoress of the, ii. 238.
Newcastle, memoir of the Duke of, iv. 73.
New Dunciad, appearance of the, i. 276.
New-year odes of Colley Cibber, iii. 176.
Notes to Gay's "Welcome from Greece,"
i. 162.

Notes to the Dunciad, iii. 167.

[blocks in formation]

Patronage extended to English poets, i. 56.
Pelham (the Hon. Mr.), account of, iv. 213.
Pembroke, account of Thomas, Earl of,
iv. 83.

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resentment against Addison, i. 100.
seal-ring account of iv. Advertisement.
study at Stanton Harcourt, iv. 301.
treachery 10 Bolingbroke, i. 304.
unhappy allusion to Newton, iii. 263.
Universal Prayer, iii. 301.
unpublished letters, i. 341-313.
verses on Lady Mary Montagu, i. 138.
visit to Bath, i. 113.

works, list of, i. 339-342.

Popularity of music at the beginning of the
eighteenth century, iii. 147.
Portrait painting, efforts of Pope at, i. 85.
Portraits of the Kit-cat Club, iv. 293.

of the Misses Blount at Maple-Dur-
ham, i. 43.
Posthumous fame, Swift's thirst for, i. 270.
Poverty and Poetry, the cave of, iii. 172.
Preface to the Dunciad, iii. 5.
Prince Eugene, anecdote of, iii. 295.
Prince of Wales' disinterestedness, i. 258.
Prince of Wales, Pope's inscription in
honour of the, i. 114.

Profits arising from theatrical benefits,
iii. 57.
Prologue by Pope to Addison's Cato,
ii. 185.

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designed for Mr. Durfey's last play,
iv. 249.

to a play for Dennis's benefit, iv. 278.
to the Satires, iv. 105-122.
-to the Three Hours after Marriage,
iv. 248.

-10 Thomson's Sophonisba, iv. 250.
Pronunciation of Cicero's name, disputes
regarding the, iii. 130.

Prophetic almanacks of John Partridge,
ii. 249.

Prophecy of "Rag Smith," i. 22.
Prynne and De Foe, works and persecu-
tions of, iii. 179.

Publication of Pope's letters by Swift, i. 268.

of the Miscellanies, i. 189.
-- of the Pastorals, i. 57.
Publisher of the Dunciad, iii. 5.
Puns upon Pope, iii. 177.


QUARREL between Cibber and Pope, i. 149.
Pope and Addison accounted for, i. 103.
Queen Caroline, death of, iv. 206, 223.
Queensberry, memoir of the Duchess of,
iv. 42.

RAPE of the Lock, ii. 223.

dedication of the, ii. 221.
origin of the, ii. 223.

-, personages, represented in the, ii. 219.
publication of the, i. 80.
Ralph (James), memoir of, iii. 227.
Reconciliation between Hill and Pope, i.

Refusal of University honours by Pope, i.


Religious sentiments of Pope, i. 63.
Removal of the poet to Twickenham, i. 120.
Repartee of Aquinas, ii. 204.
Residence of Pope's father at Binfield, i. 11.
Review of Pope's life, and his commen-
tators, i. 311-323.

Reynolds's Sir Joshua) youthful homage to
Pope, i. 18.

Richard Flecknoe, mentioned by Sir
Walter Scott, iii. 197.
Richardus Aristarchus of the hero of the
Dunci d, iii. 44-52.
Richmond, memoir of the Duchess of, iv.

[blocks in formation]

Schoolmaster, Pope's lampoon on his, i. 16.
Queensberry's (the Duchess of) regard for Seal-ring belonging to Pope, ii. Advertise-
Gay, i. 214.


Querno (Camillo), account of, iii. 198.

Self-tuition, system of, i. 22.

[blocks in formation]

Skelton the poet and his works, iv. 164.
Skerrett (Maria), memoir of, iv. 70.
Sketch for a History of the Rise and
gress of English Poetry, i. 266.
Smedley's attack upon Dean Swift, iii.


[blocks in formation]

Stranger (Sir Peter), account of, iv. 52.
Successio, lines to the author of, ii. 12.
Success of many of Pope's friends and ad-
mirers, i. 308.

Suicide of Mr. Charles Blount, iv. 208.

of Richard Smith, iv. 209.

of the Earl of Scarborough, iv. 213.
Summary of the life of Pope, i. 311-323.
Summer, a pastoral, ii. 109.
Sunderland, notice of the Earl of, iv. 259.
Swift publishes Pope's letters, i. 268.
Swift, the Dunciad dedicated to Dr.Jonathan,

iii. 53.

[blocks in formation]

Temple of Fame, the, ii. 145-169.

Sir Richard Blackmore's writings, iii. 211.
Sir William Trumbull, Pope's first patron,, publication of the, i. 80.

i. 23.

Tenderness to bad writers, iii. 196.

Teresa Blount's letter on the death of her
brother, i. 346.

Pro-Testimonies of authors concerning the
writers of the Dunciad, iii. 19-38.
Tickell's and Pope's Homer contrasted, i.


retreat in Berkshire, i. 87.
satire on Pope's economy of paper, i.

thirst for posthumous fame, i. 270.
visit to Pope at Twickenham, i. 85.
Syrian medals, anecdote regarding, iii.

TAYLOR misquoted by Pope, iii. 223.
Taylor the Water Poet, iii. 223.
Tea, pronunciation of the word in Pope's
time, ii. 233.

Tempests of Bracewell, account of the, ii.

[blocks in formation]

Translation of a Prayer of Brutus, iv. 288.
Translation of Homer by Pope, how
achieved, i. 89.

Translations and imitations of Pope, ii. 13.
Translator, the, iv. 257.

Treatise on Bathos, outline of the, i. 190.
True Narrative regarding Pope's corre-
spondence, i. 228.

Trumbull's (Sir Wm.) advice to Pope, i. 24.
Turenne, death of Marshal, iii. 289.
Turner (Richard), account of, iv. 52.


Tutchin, sentence passed upon, by Jeffreys, | Warburton's Commentaries on the Essay

on Man, iii. 246.

Church, monument to Pope

iii. 81.
in, i. 311.
Twickenham, lines on Pope's grotto at, iv.

comment on Job's wife, iv. 65.
defence of Pope's character, i. 306.
defence of Pope's religious views, i.


-, Pope's removal to, i. 120.

Two lovers struck dead by lightning,
epitaph on, ii. 296.
Tyburn gallows, records of, iii. 175.

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[blocks in formation]

Wife of Bath, the, ii. 73.
Wife of Bath, publication of the, i. 80.
Will of Mr. Henry Cromwell, i. 38.
Will, the poet makes his, i. 288.
Wlow, Pope's, i. 123.
Winchilsea, impromptu to Lady, iv. 246.
Windsor, Pope's acquaintances in the
neighbourhood of, i. 39.
Windsor Forest, lines written in, iv. 273.
Windsor Forest, the poem of, i. 7; ii. 123.
Windsor Forest, the poet's beech-tree in,
i. 13.
Wine, Dartineuf on the beneficial effects of,
iv. 134.

Winter, a pastoral, ii. 117.
Withers, epitaph on General Sir Harry,

ii. 292.

Withers, the poet, not appreciated by Pope,

iii. 194.

Wood's Irish copper coinage, iii. 171.
Wordsworth's sonnet on the fall of the
Venetian Republic, iii. 135.
Works, list of Pope's, i. 339-342.
Wren (Sir Christopher) displaced for Ben-
son, iii. 231.

Wycherley's acquaintance with Pope, i. 24.
Wycherley and Walsh delighted with Pope's

pastorals, ii. 95.

Wycherley a prisoner in the Fleet, iii. 96;

iv. 30.

YONGE (SIR WM.), account of, iv. 115.
Young writes to Pope on the subject of
Revelation, iii. 259.

Youths and virgins, chorus of, ii. 176.


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