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Abelard and Eloisa, memoir of, ii. 251.
Accident to Pope, i. 186.
Acquaintance of Pope with Swift, i. 68.
Addenda et Corrigenda, iv. 299.
Addison unjustly accused, i. 106.
Addison's advice to Pope, i. 74.

Cato, prologue by Pope to, ii. 185.
compliment to Pope, i. 86.
jealousy of Pope, i. 100.

offer of political service declined by
Pope, i. 92.
Additional notes to the Epilogue to the
Satires, iv. 223.

Additional notes to the Imitations of
Horace, iv. 133, 154.

Additional notes to the Moral Essays, iv.
32, 65, 92.

Additional notes to the Prologue to the
Satires, iv. 122.

Additional notes to the Satires, iv. 133.
Additions of Pope to his Moral Essays,
iv. 21.
Administration, fall of Bolingbroke's, i. 86.
Advertisement to Pope's Satires, iv. 104.
-- to the Imitations of Horace, iv. 12s.
to the first Epistle of the Second Book
of Horace, iv. 162.
Advertisements to various editions of the
Dunciad, iii. 8.

Advice of Walsh to Pope, i. 28.
Affections, unsettled state of the poet's,
i. 54.

Alexander the Great depreciated by pope,

Annuity settled by Pope on Teresa Blount
for six years, i. 53.
Anthony Wood's anecdote of John Locke,

iii 129.

Ambrose Philips' Thule," iii. 192.
Amusements at Bath, i. 113.
Ancestors of William Cleland, ili. 16.
Ancient words used by Sternhold and Hop-
kins, iii. 228.

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Arbuthnot (Dr.), epistle addressed to, i. 222.
--, memoir of, iv. 122.
Arbuthnot's last letter to Pope, i. 223.
Argyll, sketch of the great Duke of, iv. 215.
Aristotle, the philosophy of, expelled Ox-
ford University, iii. 240.

Arnall (William), life and death of, iii. 217.
Arrest and banishment of Bishop Atter-
bury, i. 174.

Artemisia, doubts as to the party satirized
under the name of, ii. 92.
Artist, Pope's failure as an, i. 85.
Athenians, chorus of, ii. 175.

Atossa, Pope bribed to repress the charac-
ter of, iv. 39.

Attack on Pope's Essay, by Dennis, i. 60.
upon Lord Hervey, i. 220.
upon Pope by Dennis, ii 209.
Atterbury presents his Bible to Pope, i.


(Bishop), friendship for Pope, i. 153.
Author's preface to the first collected edi-
tion of his poems, ii. 1-6.

-to the second volume of poems, ii. 7.
Autumn, a pastoral, ii. 113.

ii. 294.

Alexis, a pastoral, ii. 109.

BAD writers, tenderness to, iii. 196.

Alps, simile of the, used by Pope and Baimbridge, the jailer of Fleet prison, iv.
Drummond, ii. 196.

Anecdotes of-Sir Godfrey Kneller, i. 166;
Dryden. by Southern, ii. 283; Dennis,
the critic, ii. 190; Jervas, the painter,
ii. 273; Heidegger, the manager, iii. 193;
the Duke of Marlborough, iv. 6; Sir
Christopher Musgrave, iv. 30; the
Duchess of Hamilton, iv. 33; the
Duchess of Marlborough, iv. 38; Lord
Bathurst, iv. 66; Lord Lyttelton and
Thomson, iv. 148; Viscount Cornbury,
iv. 159; the Earl of Stair, iv. 221.
Ann Arbuthnot, letter of, i 345.


Banks and Broome, the dramatists, iii. 186.
Barnard (Sir John), memoir of, iv. 150.
Basset-table, the, iv. 263.
Bath, a day's amusement at, i. 113.
Bath (Earl of), notice of the, iv. 215.
Bath, Pope's visit to,
Bath, the Wife of, ii. 73.
Bathurst (Lord), memoir of, iv. 65.
Bedlam once a show-place, iii. 171.
Beech-tree (Pope's) in Windsor Forest, i. 18.
Beggar's Opera, great success of Gay's, i.
188; iii. 232.
Belinda at her toilette, ii. 227.
Benson's patronage of literature, iii. 231.
Bet extraordinary, at White's Club-house,

iv. 51.

Bethel (Mr.), account of, iv. 140.

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. severe laws against the, i. 12.
vulgar animosity against the, i. 63.
Cato, Pope's account of the reception of
Addison's, ii. 185.
--, Pope's defence of, and attack upon
Dennis, i. 75.

Cave of Poverty and Poetry, the, iii. 172.
Caxton, the printer, iii. 187.
Centlivre (Mrs.), memoir of, iii. 220.
Certain lady at Court, lines on a, iv. 268.
Challenge of Pope by Thomas Bentley, iii.


Challenge, the, iv. 258.

Chandos, memoir of the Duke of, iv. 17.
Chaos, Milton's allegory of, iii. 169.
Character, a, iv. 252.
Charitable Corporation, account of the,
iv. 53.

Chaucer, Pope's translations from, ii. 52, 73,
Chesterfield (Lord), memoir of, iv. 215.
Chesterfield's ancestral wit, i. 7.

speech against the Dramatic Licens-
ing Bill, iii. 235.
Chimney-sweeps (the) and the Duchess of
Mariborough, iv. 37.

Chorus of youths and virgins, ii. 176.
Choruses to the tragedy of Brutus, ii. 175.
Cibber (Charlotte), memoir of, iii. 225.
Cibber, Pope's continued hatred of, i. 278.
Cibber (Theophilus), memoir of, iii. 225.
Cibber's anecdotes of Pope, i. 279.

Chartres (Francis), Arbuthnot's epitaph
on, iv. 49.

- memoir of, iv. 18, 67.

play of the Nonjuror, i. 149.

satues at Bethlehem hospital, iii. 171.
tragedies, &c., iii. 190.
Cicero, disputes about the pronunciation of
his name, iii. 130.

Clarke (Dr. Samuel), memoir of. iii. 101.
Cle and, ancestors of William, iii. 16.
Clerical personages of note, three, iv. 213.
Clifton, description of, i. 263.
Cobham, memoir of Lord, iv. 14.
Colepepper (Sir William), notice of, iv. 51.
Collected edition of Pope's poems published,

i. 152.

Colley Cibber's epitaph on Pope, i. 300.
New-year Odes, iii. 176.
Completion of the Iliad, i. 156.
Compliment eventually paid to Addison by
Pope, i. 106.

Concanen (Matthew), history of, iii. 217.
Congreve, lines on the death of, i. 4.
-, Pope dedicates his Homer to, i. 94.!
Congreve's funeral and monument, iv. 36.
Construction of the Dunciad, i. 194.
Contents of the Essay on Criticism, ii. 188.
Contributions to Pope's grotto by his friends,
i. 127.

Carleton (Lord), memoir of, iv. 214.
Catholics forbidden to approach within ten Correspondence of Pope. [See Letters.]
miles of London, i. 289.
Correspondence of Pope, mystery regard-
ing the, i. 228, 236.

Controversy regarding Pope's intimacy with
the Misses Blount, i. 48.

Cooke and Concanen, account of, iii. 202.
Corbet, epitaph on Mrs., ii. 299.
Cornbury Viscount), anecdote of, iv. 159.

Countess of Suffolk, memoir of the, iv. 40.
Courtier, Pope exhibiting as a, i. 259.
Cowley, youthful composition of, ii. 10.
Cowper compared with Pope and Tickell,

i. 98.

Craggs, epistle to James, ii. 271.
Craggs (James), memoir of, ii. 271.
Criticism, an Essay on, ii. 189, 215.
Criticisms of Pope on Garth's Dispensary,
i. 246.

Criticisms on Wycherley's works, i. 25.
Cromwell's neglect of Pope's correspond-
ence, i. 37.

Curll and Lintot, the booksellers, iii. 174.
Curll (Edward) and the Court Poems, iii.

Curil twice outwitted by Pope, i. 241.
Curll's punishment by the Westminster
boys, iii. 175.

slanderous attack on Pope, i. 150.

Cutler (Sir John), memoir of, iv. 80.
Cuttings of Pope's willow dispersed
throughout Europe, i. 123.

DAMON, a pastoral, ii. 102.
Daniel de Foe pilloried, iii. 82.
Daphne, a pastoral, i. 117.
Dartineuf (Charles), memoir of, iv. 133.
Date of Pope's birth disputed, i. 3.

Dean Swift, compliment to, by Pope, iii. 170.
Death-bed anecdotes, iv. 13.
Death of Gay, i. 213.

Pope's father, i. 152.
Pope's mother, i. 216.
Queen Caroline, iv. 223.
Savage, i. 264.

Teresa and Martha Blount, i. 309.
the Misses Blount, i. 279.
the poet, i. 299.

Dedication of the Rape of the Lock, ii. 221.
Defence of Pope's religious notions by War-
burton, i. 260.

Deloraine, memoirs of the Countess, iv.

Dennis, anecdotes regarding, iii. 210.
Dennis's attack upon Pope, ii. 209.

strictures on Pope's Iliad, i. 156.
Dennis, the critic, account of, i. 60.

-, Pope's cruel hostility against, iii. 182.
Design of the Essay on Man, iii. 247.
Destruction of Pope's villa, i. 122.
Diary, extract from Dr. Kennet's, i. 72.
Discourse on pastoral poetry, ii. 97–101.
Dogs, anecdotes of, iv. 245.

Doubtful authorship of Tickell's Iliad, i.


Dramatic Licensing Bill, Chesterfield's
speech against the, iii. 235.
Dr. Evans, author of the Apparition and
Vertumnus, iii. 78.

Dr. Kennet's diary regarding Dean Swift,
i. 72.

Dryden and Pope, parallel of the characters
of, iii. 158-163.

Dryden, Pope's interview with, i. 299.
Dryden's couplet in Mac Flecknoe, iii. 69.
poetical threat to Jacob Tonson, iii. 76.
Dryope, the table of, ii. 37.
Duchess of Cleveland and Wycherley, iv.30.
Duchess of Marlborough's regard for Pope,
i. 301.

Duchess of Newcastle (the) and Ogilby, iii.

Ducket and Burnet, epigram on, iii. 228.
Duel between Buckingham and Shrews-
bury, iv. 78.

Duke of Marlborough, anecdote of the great,
IV. 6.

Duke of Buckingham, epitaph on the, ii.

Dunciad, a Declaration by the author of the,

iii. 153.
-, advertisements to various editions of
the, iii. 8.

appendix to the, iii. 154.

conclusion of the, in various editions,

iii. 2.

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Epigrams by Pope, iv. 291–297.
Epilogue to the Satires, iv. 201.
-published, i. 254.

Epistle on Taste, publication of the, i. 208.
to Lord Cobham, i. 218.
Epistles of Pope:-To Mr. Addison, ii. 265 ;
to Robert Earl of Oxford and Earl Morti-
mer, 268; to James Craggs, Esq., 271; to
Mr. Jervas, 273; to Miss Blount, 276; to
the same, 279: to Mrs. M. B. on her
birthday, 281; to Mr. Thomas Southern,
283; to Mr. John Moore, 284; to Mr. C.,
St. James's Place, 285.
Epitaph by Lady Mary Montagu, i. 142.
Epitaphs of Pope:-On Charles, Earl of
Dorset, ii. 287; on Sir William Trumbull,
287; on the Hon. Simon Harcourt, 288;
on James Craggs, Esq., 288; intended for
Mr. Rowe, 289; on Mrs. Corbet, 290; on
the monument of the Hon. Robert Digby
and his sister Mary, 290; on Sir Godfrey

i. 113.

Kneller, 291; on General Henry Withers. Gildon's praise of Philips' pastorals, iii. 232.
292; on Mr. Elijah Fenton, 292; on Mr. Godfrey Kneller, epitaph on Sir, ii. 291.
Gay, 293; intended for Sir Isaac Newton, Godolphin, account of the Earl of, iv. 18.
293; on Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester, Goldsmith's description of a day in Bath,
294; on Edmund, Duke of Buckingham,
294; for one who would not be buried in
Westminster Abbey, 295; another, on the
same, 295; on two lovers struck dead by
lightning, 296.
Epitaphs to the memory of Pope, i. 300.
Equestrian excursions of Pope and others,
i. 112.

Erasmus complimented by Pope, ii. 213.
Erinna, iv. 273.

Essay on Criticism, publication of the, i. 58;
account of the, ii. 187, 189.
Essay on Man, an, iii. 243.

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-, appearance of the, i. 209.
Eugene, anecdote of Prince, iii, 295.
Exchequer tallies, as formerly used, iv.


Harley, Earl of Oxford, memoir of, ii. 269.
Heathcote (Sir Gilbert), account of, iv. 70.

Excise Bill, account of the, iv. 71.
Exordium to the fourth book of the Dun- Heidegger, the ugly, anecdote of, iii. 193.
ciad, iii. 233.
Henrietta, Duchess of Marlborough, me-
Extemporaneous lines, iv. 272.
moir of, iv. 35.

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Granville's (George), early writings, ii. 105.
Gray's opinion of Pope, iv. 303.
Great tempest in November, 1703, ii. 118.
Grotto at Crux-Easton, lines on a, iv. 276.
Grotto erected by Pope at Twickenham, i.


Garth's Dispensary criticised by Pope, i. 246.
Garth (Dr.), complimented by Pope, ii. 109.
Gay's acquaintance with Pope, i. 64.
Gay's appointment in the Duchess
Monmouth's household, i. 65.
Gay, epitaph on, ii. 293.


Gulliver (Mary) to Capt. L. Gulliver, iv. 281.
Gulliver's Travels published, i. 187.

HALES (Dr. Stephen), memoir of, iv. 45.
Halifax, memoirs of the Earl of, iv. 124.
Hallam on Milton's blindness, iii. 127.
Hamilton, memoir of the Duchess of, iv, 32.
Handel refuses to compose for Pope's
Eurydice, iii. 122.

Henry Cromwell's (Mr.), acquaintance with
Pope, i. 29.

Henry Disney (Colonel), i. 162.
Henry Withers (Lieut. General), i. 162.
Herbert (Lady Mary), and her relatives,
account of, iv. 73.

Heroine of Pope's elegy, mystery regarding
the, ii. 183.

of the Rape of the Lock, 183.
Hervey, memoir of Lord John, iv. 125.
Heywood's interludes, description of, iii. 178.
Hill (Aaron), account of, iii. 216.
Hill's criticism on Pope's writings, iii. 217.
Hill's poetical rejoinder to Pope, i. 204.
History of the Pitt diamond, iv. 63.
Homage paid to Pope by Warburton, i. 261.
Homer, translation of, by Pope, in bed, i.
Horace, Satires and Epistles of, imitated,

iv. 127; Satire I., 128; Satire II., 140.
Horace, Sober Advice from, iv. 301.
Hostility of the poet against Cibber, i. 148.
Hough (Dr. John), notice of, iv. 296.
House (the) where Pope was born, ii. Ad-

Howe (Miss Sophia), notice of, iv. 268.
Huggins, the warden of Fleet prison, iv.


Hugh Bethell, letter of, i. 344.
Hylas and Ægon, a pastoral, ii. 113.
Hymn, translation of a Latin, iv. 280.

IMITATIONS and translations of Pope, ii. 13.
Imitations of English poets, ii. 85-94.
Imitations of Horace, origin of the, i.
212; iv. 127.

Imitations of Pope, iv. 300.
Impromptu to Lady Winchilsea, iv. 246.
Index of persons celebrated in the Dun-
ciad, iii. 164-166.

lines to Mr., iv. 272.

Gay's poetical application for an outfit, i.66.
"Welcome from Greece," i. 157.

Gay period of Pope's life, i. 109.
Gazetteers, as described in the Dunciad, Infancy of Pope, i. 15.
iii. 189.

Interludes written by John Heywood,üi. 178.

[blocks in formation]

Letters of Pope:-to the Duchess of Ha-
milton, iv. 34; on Congreve's death, i. 4;
the poet's parentage, 5; his first verses,
16; sees Dryden, 17; residence in Wind-
sor Forest, 18; Wycherley's death-bed,
27; rhyming epistle addressed to Henry
Cromwell, 31; letter to ditto, 32; fame
and glory, 34; Cromwell's visit to
Windsor, 35; Durfey's poems, 36; to
Teresa Blount, 41, 44; to the Misses
Blount, 44; lines to Teresa Blount, 45;
to Martha Blount, 46; original and
altered letter to the Misses Blount, 46;
to Teresa Blount, 49; to both, 50; pic-
turesque epistle to Martha, 51; tender
declaration, 51; description of Blenheim,
53, death of his father, 54; defence of
his Essay on Criticism, 62; to Dean
Swift, 69; to Steele, 73; his attempts as
an artist, 85; declines government pa-
tronage, 88; to the Misses Blount, 91;
regarding Tickell's translation of Homer,
93; to Teresa Blount, 104; letter to
Jervas, 119; farewell to Windsor Forest,
120; to Mr. Edward Blount, on removing
to Twickenham, 125; consultation upon
gardening, 128; to Lady M. W. Mon-
tagu, 130, 131, 132; to the Duke of
Buckingham, describing Stanton Har-
court, 136; account of two lovers killed
by lightning, 140; to Bishop Atterbury,
154; to Humphrey Wanley, 166; chides
Swift's misanthropy, 174; farewell to
Atterbury, 176; sketch of Bolingbroke,
180; against violent partizanship, 181;
publication of the Dunciad, 199; on the
death of his mother, 216, 217; to Martha
Blount, on the death of Gay, 218; reply
to Dr. Arbuthnot, 224; to Richardson
the painter, 239; Young's absence of
mind, 248; account of Lord Peterbo-
rough's proceedings, 256; on his own
mental and bodily condition, 257; mode
of passing his time, 257; thanks War-
burton for defending him, 260; gentle
rebuke to Savage, 264; his last letter to
Swift, 271; refuses the honorary degree
offered by Oxford University, 274; asks
Warburton's aid for a new edition of the
Dunciad, 280; to Martha Blount, on her
treatment at Prior Park, 286; anticipates
his demise, 287; to Bolingbroke and
Marchmont, 288, 292; his last letter to
Martha Blount, 290; his last letter to
Warburton, 293; to Mr. Edward Blount,

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