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and united to every virtue that can command efteem, or captivate affection. Had the work not been interrupted by fome inevitable accidents, it might perhaps have been more worthy of your protection; but, as it is, it affords Us this pleafing opportunity of declaring ourselves,

with the most perfect regard,


your most obedient,

humble fervants,


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HE following papers having met with Tgeneral applaufe on their appearance in the HIBERNIAN CHRONICLE, I have been encouraged to fend them into the world in a collected, and more permanent form.

As I have no share in them, but merely that of an Editor, I may be allowed to say that, in the opinion of perfons of the most critical taste, they have happily touched the true manner of an effay, so often and unsuccessfully attempted. The fentiments are original; the moral fteals pleafingly on the reader; the humour is eafy, close, and natural; the raillery of falfe politenefs and modish foibles is fupported with a fpirited delicacy, and a variety of fancy, equal to any thing of the fame kind in the Spectators; and the ftile, through the whole, has perhaps more accuracy, harmony, and neatnefs than is generally to be met with, even in those celebrated compofitions.

The reader will please to confider them as only the sketch, or outline, of a more extenfive plan, formed by fome ingenious perfons among ourselves; interrupted by the death of one, (ever to be regretted by all who knew him!) and the indisposition and unforeseen avocations of others-Soon perhaps to be refumed.


Of the authors I have leave to say but little. The pa pers marked W. F, L, Y, N, were written by one Gentleman; thofe marked Z. M. O. Q with the paper on Card playing, and the letter from P. Q, by another. No. 34, 42, and 46, are effufions of fancy for which I am indebted to a very amiable Lady, as I am to her fair friend for the communication of the poetical favour, No. 54. To another worthy and ingenious Lady I owe the letter in No. 39; and to a fourth, the valuable epiftle from Thaleftris, fufficient to make every reader regret that even exemplary attention to an extenfive circle of domeftic duties fhould prevent the more frequent ufe of fo animated and elegant a pen.


For No. 53 and 58, two papers of uncommon merit, I have reafon to think I am obliged to a Lady in the city of Limerick.

No. 41 had been published not long fince in a Dublin Magazine, but, in the absence of the Author, I took the liberty of inferting it in my paper. Some few effays, being on fubjects of a local and temporary nature, though extremely well written, I have been induced to omit, for which I hope the much esteemed writers will excufe me.

I have given a Tranflation of the Mottces for the fatisfaction of the English reader; but, that it may not offend a claffical tafte, I have detached it from the original, which must always have a peculiar beauty, incapable of a verfion without being injured.



MR. Stephen Anfter

Mr. George Allman, Bandom


Mr. Abraham Biggs

Mrs. Ifabella Browne, 2 Books

Mr. Vlyffes Bourke

Mifs Anne Webber Breton
Rev. Henry Bate

Mrs. H. Carleton

Rev. Ruffell Carew
Mrs. Carew



Mrs. Chetwynd

Mrs. Anne Carey

Rev. John Chetwood, Rector of Scull

Mr. William Coppinger, jun.

Mr. Edmond Connor of Mallow

Meff. Comerford and O'Brien, Merchants, Dublin,

6 Books

Mr. John Cantillon

Mrs. Carleton

Mifs Rebecca Carleton


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