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8. When the name of Hane occurs, I refer to his “ Historia sacrorum a Luthero emendatorum, 4to. Leipsic, 1729 :-—and when that of Gerdes, to the “ Introductio in Hist. Evangelii seculo xvi. renovati, authore Dan. Gerdesio, D.D. and Prof. Groninge, 1744–1752, 4 vols. 4to. With respect to other authors, I will only add, that in referring to Milner's History I have usually (for the reader's convenience,) pointed out the pages of the earlier as well as of the later editions—including the former within parentheses; and that the editions of Mosheim and Robertson made use of are those of London 1768 and 1787, respectively.'

August, 1826.

1 My attention has just been attracted to the following sentence of Dr. Robertson. “ Luther, Calvin, Cranmer, Knox, the founders of the reformed church in their respective countries, as far as they had power and opportunity, inflicted the same punishments upon such as called in question any article in their creeds, which were denounced against their own disciples by the church of Rome." Charles V. iv. 186. I am induced to shew how untrue this modish statement (to a considerable degree fallacious as to all the parties implicated in it,) is with respect to Luther, by placing before the reader a specimen of the passages referred to below, p. 493. Luther writes : “ These, illustrious prince, are the chief doctrines which I would wish you most strenuously to patronise in public, as indeed you have already begun to do. But let there be no compulsion : let there be no recourse to the sword : in that way nothing will prosper.” Again : “ It is not my wish that any persons, no not even these fanatics, should be hindered from preaching. Let them teach, but keep their hands from violence.” Yet again : “I am alarmed when I reflect on the conduct of the papists, who have so often abused the statutes of capital punishment against heresy, to the effusion of innocent blood. Among the protestants, in process of time, I foresee a great probability of a similar abuse, if they should now arm the magistrate with a similar power, and there should be left on record a single instance of a person having suffered legally” capital punishment, “ for the propagation of false doctrine, &c.


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