O padre amaro, ou Sovéla, politica, historica, e literaria [ed. by J.J. Ferreira de Freitas]. [With] Appendice, Volume 3

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Page 105 - Notwithstanding the valour displayed by the Combined Fleet, His Majesty deeply laments that this conflict should have occurred with the Naval Force of an ancient Ally ; but he still entertains a confident hope that this untoward event will not be followed by further hostilities, and will not impede that amicable adjustment of the existing Differences between the Porte and the Greeks, to which it is so manifestly their common interest to accede.
Page 104 - Islands, which has been marked on each side by excesses revolting to humanity. " In the progress of that contest, the rights of neutral states, and the laws which regulate the intercourse of civilized nations, have been repeatedly violated, and the peaceful commerce of his MaAO PADRE AMARO.
Page 52 - Vianna, do meu conselho, ministro e secretario de estado dos negocios do imperio, o tenha assim entendido e faça executar com os despachos necessarios. Palacio do Rio de Janeiro, em 27 de Julho de 1842, 21° da Independencia e do Imperio. Com a rubrica de Sua Magestade o Imperador.
Page 106 - Gentlemen of the House of Commons, " His Majesty has ordered the estimates for the current year to be laid before you. They have been prepared with every regard to economy, consistent with the exigency of the public service.
Page 52 - Do Meu Conselho de Estado, Ministro, e Secretario de Estado dos Negocios Estrangeiros, e...
Page 104 - We are commanded by his Majesty to acquaint you, that, the business of the Session having been brought to a close, his Majesty is enabled to release you from your attendance in Parliament. " His Majesty commands us at the same time to return to you his warm...
Page 446 - Imperio, o tenha assim entendido, e faça executar com os despachos necessarios. Palacio do Rio de Janeiro em 9 de Agosto de 1 827, ó2 da Independencia e do Imperio. Com a rubrica de Sua Magestade Imperial.
Page 106 - They have been framed with an anxious desire to avoid every expenditure beyond what the necessary demands for the public service may require. " His Majesty has the satisfaction of informing you, that the produce of the Revenue in the last year, has fully justified the expectations entertained at the commencement of it. " My Lords and Gentlemen, " His Majesty deeply laments the injurious effects which the late pecuniary crisis must have entailed upon many branches of the commerce and manufactures...
Page 104 - We are commanded by His Majesty to acquaint you, that His Majesty continues to receive from all Foreign Princes and States, assurances of their desire to maintain the relations of amity with this country, and that the great powers of Europe participate in the earnest wish of His Majesty to cultivate a good understanding upon all points which may conduce to the preservation of peace.
Page 105 - ... in the first instance with the Emperor of Russia, and subsequently with his Imperial Majesty and the King of France. " His Majesty has given directions that there should be laid before you copies of a Protocol signed at Saint Petersburg by the Plenipotentiaries of his Majesty, and of his Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Russia, on the 4th of April, 1826...

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