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Acts of Assembly against keeping Popular Festivals-Acts of Sessions

against keeping Yule-All Hallow's Festival, its Origin --Apple, The,

Superstitions concerning-Aspen, Superstitions connected with the-

Ash, Superstitions connected with the-Auguries connected with

Funerals-Babies Carried off by Fairies-Babies to be taken up a

Stair first time taken out- Bannocks at Yule and New-Year's Day-

Baptism, Early Practices at-Baptismal Water-Bedding at Weddings

-Beetles, Superstitions connected with-Beilteine, Baal's Fire-Belief

in Fairies-Belief in Ghosts-Belief in Witchcraft-Beltane-Beltane

Customs in Ireland-Beltane Festival in Perthshire-Birds Flying

over a Person's Head-The Black Art-Blessing the Candles to be

Used in Church-Bonfires at Hallowe'en-Boutree, Defence against

Evil-Eye-Breaking Looking-Glass on the Wall--Bride's Cake-

Candlemas-Casting of Calf by Cows Prevented-Cats Dying in the

House not Lucky-Caul, Child's, its Influence-Changing of Babies

by Fairies-Charms and Counter Charms-Charms for Curing Diseases

-Children Cutting Teeth- Church's, The, Enactments against Devil's

Devices-Clover, Four-Leaved, its Influence- Coal Explosions, Prog-

nostics concerning-Cock Crowing with his Head to the Door- Cold

Tremour, foreboding Death-Cows, Restive, foreboding Evil-- Cricket

in the House-Cure for an Evil Eye-Cutting the Nails of Young

Children-Second Sight-Death Warnings --Defending the Bride

against Evil Influences-Deid Bell-Devil, Making Compacts with the

-Dew-Collecting on First May-Dirgy, or Dredgy, after Funerals-

Disease Transferred to the Lower Animals-Divining by Bible and Key

-Divining by Cups-Divining by a Staff --Double Ears of Corn-

Dousing Rod to find Springs or Mineral Veins-Dress put on Wrong

Side Out-Duties of New-Married Wife in Old Times--Ear Tingling—

Eclipses Portending Evil-Eggs Laid upon Good Friday-Evil Eye,

Influence of-Exorcising Ghosts-Family Feasts at New-Year-

Fascinating Children Prevented-Feasts to Evil Spirits-Festivals of

Druids at Winter Solstice-Fire, the Earthly Symbol of the Sun--Fire-

Worship in Scotland in 1810 -Fires Kindled on Mountains at Mid-

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