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[HENRY], LORD FITZ HUGH.-Of this distinguished person nothing has been recovered, except that 27 persons of his suite, including servants, are on the roll of the sick. His own name was placed in the list, but it was struck out, for which this reason is assigned in the margin, that he had passed on with the king.

JOHN, LORD HARINGTON.-He was a banneret. He indented to serve with 2 knights, 27 men-at-arms, and 90 archers mounted, as the archers in general seem to have been. They were at the great muster at Southampton on the 8th of July. When the roll of the sick was prepared his name was inserted in it, as were also the names of 3 knights, 8 esquires, and 20 valets, with 18 other persons, who were supernumeraries, part of his suite. On the 5th of October he had license to return to England on account of sickness, as had also 10 of his men-atarms and 20 archers. The 2 knights, Sir Thomas Fitz-Payn and Sir Aleyn Pennington also returned. The place of John Bethom, who returned, was supplied by William Preston. On the whole, of this party there were 21 men-at-arms and 73 archers at the battle.

[JOHN], LORD MAUTREVERS.—He is found only on the roll of the sick, where are the names of 8 esquires, 7 valets, and 3 servants, part of his suite. The 3 servants were his chamberlain, butler, and cook.

JOHN, LORD Roos. He indented to serve with 19 lances and 40 archers, as appears by the Indenture of Jewels. The names of 8 esquires, 12 valets, and 7 pagets, of his retinue, are in the list of the sick. A cask of wine was sent to him.

HENRY, LORD SCROPE [OF MASHAM].-He entered into indenture with the king, at Westminster, on the 29th of April, to serve with 3 knights, 26 esquires, and 90 archers. But he

was engaged in the conspiracy of the Earl of Cambridge, and was put to death at Southampton, when the expedition was on the point of sailing.

RICHARD, LORD SCROPE, OF BOLTON.-He indented to serve with 15 lances and 45 archers. Thirty-nine of his suite are in the list of the sick. A cask of wine was sent to him.

ROBERT, LORD WILLOUGHBY.-His retinue consisted of 2 knights, 27 men-at-arms, and 60 archers. One of the menat-arms died at Harfleur, 5 had license to return on account of sickness. There is a discrepancy between the indenture and the list. The 6 persons just mentioned are in the list of the sick, with the chaplain, 16 valets, and 4 pagets. The rest appear to have been with the king at Agincourt. This Account was not settled till the reign of Henry the Sixth.

WILLIAM, LORD DE LA ZOUCH.-All that remains of his is the Indenture of Jewels, and that in an imperfect state. He indented to bring with him 19 lances and a certain number of archers.


SIR RICHARD ARUNDEL.—Of him there is only the Indenture of Jewels, by which it appears that he brought 9 lances and a certain number of archers, but the numeral is lost.

SIR WILLIAM ASSENHILL.-He was only an esquire when he indented to serve with 1 man-at-arms and 6 archers. He was knighted during the expedition: but he and William Cumberlawe had license to return from Harfleur. The rest went on to Agincourt. Thomas Stirkeland was joined with him in the Indenture of Jewels.

SIR JOHN ASSHETON.-We have only the Indenture of Jewels

remaining, to which hangs a seal; the device on which is a shield with the black mullet of the family. He was to serve with a lance and 9 archers.

SIR ROBERT BABTHORPE, Comptroller of the King's Household. He indented to serve with 4 men-at-arms and 15 archers. William Callowe, one of the archers, and William Kempston, who was of the suite of Sir William Philip, took the Seigneur de Corpe, prisoner, at Agincourt, whose ransom was £356 168. 4d., to a share of which Babthorpe laid claim. He took another Frenchman in the battle, name unknown, who was ransomed at Calais. Sir Robert Babthorpe refers in this account to his own roll, delivered into the Exchequer, which he says contains the names of every person who was at the battle of Agincourt fought on Friday, the 25th of October, 1415.

SIR JOHN BAGET.-He covenanted to bring 2 lances and 9 archers.

MONS. JOHN BASKERVILE.-He indented to bring a lance and 6 archers, as appears by the Indenture of Jewels. It seems that this party was among the sick, as a cask of wine was transmitted to him from the king's cellars, when before Harfleur.

SIR CHARLES DE BEAUMONT.-He engaged to serve with 3 lances and 12 archers. He appeared at a muster on the Heath at Southampton, on the 13th of July, before John Ruddenal, Comptroller of the king's household and John Strange, clerk.

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'MONS. JOHN BLOUNT, Chevalier."-He indented to serve with 19 men-at-arms and 60 archers.

SIR WILLIAM BOTELER.-On the 29th of April he indented to serve with 9 men-at-arms and 30 archers. He was dead when the Account was rendered by William Ferrers, of Groby, and Elizabeth his wife, tenant of his lands. The Account is continued only to the 6th of October. This is probably a different

person from Sir William Boteler, a knight of Lancashire, one of 10 knights and esquires of that county, who covenanted with the sheriff, Sir Robert Urswicke, to serve with 50 archers each.

MONS. WILLIAM BOURCHIER.-It appears by the Indenture of Jewels that he had indented to serve with 29 lances and 90 archers. He probably ought to be placed among the barons.

SIR THOMAS CAREW.-His retinue consisted of 11 men-atarms and 24 archers. In the Indenture of Jewels he is styled the Baron de Carew. Five esquires and 2 valets of his, are in the list of the sick, at Harfleur, where he was left when the king went on to Agincourt. He also served in this year at sea.

MONS. JOHN CARYNGTON.-He brought 29 lances and 150 archers, as appears by the Indenture of Jewels.

SIR THOMAS CHAWORTH.-Of him, we have only the Indenture of Jewels, in which it appears that he had engaged to bring 7 lances and 24 archers into the field.

SIR HERTUK VON CLUX.-He indented for himself, 2 lances, and 9 archers, as appears by the Indenture of Jewels.

SIR JOHN CORNEWALL.-He brought 29 lances and 80 archers. This must be he who was afterwards Lord Fanhope. MONS. THOMAS DUTTON.-We have two of the indentures, by which it appears he covenanted to bring 9 lances and 30 archers.

SIR THOMAS ERPINGHAM.-He was a banneret. His Indenture of Service is dated April 29th; his Indenture of Jewels, June 18. He covenanted to serve with 2 knights, 17 men-atarms, and 60 archers. When he appeared at the muster at Southampton, on the 13th of July, he brought his whole complement, with 4 supernumeraries of the class of men-at-arms, and 12 supernumeraries of the class of archers. The 2 knights were Sir Walter Goldingham and Sir Hamaunde Strange, who were

both at Agincourt. Three of the men-at-arms, whose names were Thomas Geney, John Calthorpe, and John Rous, were among the sick, who had license to return from Harfleur, and they all died in England soon after their arrival. Geney and Calthorpe had been knighted at Kedikawes. All the other menat-arms were with their chief at Agincourt, and returned with the king, except, that John Aungers, one of them, died at Calais. Of the archers, 2 died at Harfleur, 1 returned home from Harfleur with license, another died between Harfleur and Agincourt. The rest were at the battle, where one of them was slain.


SIR SIMON FELBRIGGE. He indented to serve with 11 menat-arms and 36 archers. Robert Todenham and Bartholomew Appleyard, two of the men-at-arms, died at Harfleur. returned home from Harfleur sick. The rest, and the 36 archers, were at Agincourt.

MONS. ROGER FYENES.-He covenanted to serve with 7 menat-arms and 24 archers.

SIR WILLIAM GOUNSON.-We have his Indenture of Jewels and nothing more, by which he engaged to serve with 1 lance and 6 archers. There is another Jewel Indenture, of the same date, in which the name is SIR WILLIAM GRANSON, and as the persons to be brought by him into the field are the same in number, it is probable that they are one and the same person. When Sir William Granson appeared on the Heath at Southampton on July 13th, he had with him 3 supernumeraries. On September 22d he received the king's commands, ore tenus, to remain in garrison at Harfleur.

SIR JOHN GRESLEY.-He engaged to serve with 1 man-atarms and 6 archers.

SIR JOHN GREY DE RUTHYN.-His retinue was 14 men-at arms and 45 archers. His name appears in the list of the sick,

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