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schemes, and others for the put-ting of them in execution: It is your lordship only who enjoys thefe feveral talents united, and that too in as great perfection as others poffefs them fingly. Your enemies acknowledge this great extent in your lordship's character, at the fame time that they ufe their utmost induftry and invention to derogate from it. But it is for your honour that those who are now your enemies were always fo. You have acted in fo much confiftency with yourfelf, and promoted the interefts of your country in fo uniform a manner, that even those, who would mifrepresent your, generous defigns for the publick good, cannot but approve the fteadiness and intrepidity with which you

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pursue them. It is a moft fenfible pleasure to me that I have this opportunity of profeffing myself one of your great admirers, and, in a very particular manner,


Your Lordship's

moft obliged,

and moft obedient,

Humble Servant,





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-Ad humum marore gravi deducit & angit.

Hor. Ars Poet, v. 110.

Grief dejects, and wrings the tortured foul.


T is often faid, after a man has heard a ftory with extraordinary circumftances, It is a very good one if it be true: but as for the following relation, I fhould be glad were I fure it were falfe. It is told with fuch fimplicity, and there are fo many artlefs touches of diftrefs in it, that I fear it comes too much from the heart.


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OME years ago it happened that I lived in the fame houfe with a young gentleman of merit; with whofe good qualities I was fo much taken, as to make it my endeavour to fhew as many as I was able in myfelf. Familiar converfe improved general civilities into an unfeigned' paffion on both fides. He watched an opportunity to declare himself to me; and I, who

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