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Mrs. Scate, Covent-garden, London.

Miss Dickson, 60, Wellington-road, Dublin.

Mrs. Clark, Netherton, Northumberland.

Captain H. F. Massy, Rocklow, Fethard, county Tipperary.
Michael Angelo Hayes, Esq., R. H. A., Dublin.
Joseph R. Kirk, Esq., R. H. A., Blackrock.

J. R. Marquess, Esq., R. H. A., Park House, Baldoyle.
B. C. Watkins, Esq., R. H. A., 77, Dame-street, Dublin.
B. Mulrennin, Esq., R. H. A., Dublin.

Henry Lane, Esq., Sculptor, Great Brunswick-street, Dublin.
Martin Cregan, Esq., R. H. A., Lennox-street, Dublin.
James Healy, Esq., School of Art, Royal Dublin Society.
John H. Gibbons, Esq., R. H. S., Phoenix Park.

J. J. Wilson, Esq., Registrar-General's Office, Dublin.
Thomas Snow, Esq., Brazilian Consul, Dublin.

*James Hood, Esq., The Bank, Morpeth. (Two copies.)

William A. Tisdall, Esq., Tullydoey, Blackwatertown, county Armagh. Charles D. Gray, Esq., Dilstown, Corbridge-on-Tyne.

Messrs. Carrick, Lee, and Sons, Brompton, Cumberland.

*John Peele Clapham, Esq., St. Anne's, Harrogate. (Two copies.) Thomas Henry Graham, Esq., Edmond Castle, Carlisle.

Samuel Bruce, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Wakefield.

George Mander, Esq., Solicitor, Wakefield.

Robert Lanauze, Esq., Clontarf, Dublin.

A. C. Cross, Esq., Haverstock-hill; and War Office, London.
E. Doherty, Esq., The Customs, Dublin.
William Woodman, Esq., Morpeth.
W. Wilkinson, Esq., Solicitor, Morpeth.

Joseph Millard, Esq., Newgate-street, Morpeth.
John Burn, Esq., Marine-terrace, Morpeth.
William Davison, Esq., East Mill, Morpeth.
John Dixon, Esq., Market-place, Morpeth.
John Bowman, Esq., Bridge-street, Morpeth.
John Arkle, Esq., High-church, Morpeth.
William Brown, Esq., Bardon Grange, Weetwood, Leeds.
J. Duncan, Esq., Westbourne Lodge, Otley, Yorkshire.
Edward Clough Taylor, Esq., Kirkham Abbey, York.
Joseph Munby, Esq., Clifton, York.

Henry Ludolf, Esq., 17, Bond-street, Leeds, Yorkshire.

Henry Clarkson, Esq., Alverthorpe Hall, Wakefield, Yorkshire.

Joshua Ingham Ikin, Esq., F. R. C. S., 19, Park-place, Leeds, Yorkshire.

Robert Craig, Esq., 19, Briggate, Leeds.

Richard Bissington, Esq., 34, Briggate, Leeds.

John Wischeart, Esq., Jun., 10, Hanover-square, London.
John Hunter, Esq., Temple House, Rathmines, Dublin.
*James P. Organ, Esq., Donnybrook, Dublin. (Two copies.)
William Naylor, Esq., Holbeck, Leeds.

F. M'Aree, Esq., M. D., R. N., Rostrevor. (Two copies.)
William Robinson, Esq., 6, Upper Merrion-street, Dublin.
N. J. Gannon, Esq., Glenville, Dundrum.

S. J. Green, Esq., Solicitor, 206, Great Brunswick-street, Dublin.
William Smyth, Esq., Spafield, Ballsbridge, Dublin.

J. J. O'Shea, Esq., Civil Service School, Gardiner-street, Dublin.
W. Davidson, Esq., Fleet-street, Dublin.

J. Inch, Esq., "Freeman's Journal," Dublin.

R. Woodroofe, Esq., 68, Upper Baggot-street, Dublin.

J. Fitzsimons, Esq., Royal Hotel, Delgany, county Wicklow.

P. Nolan, Esq., 104, Great Britain-street, Dublin.

Edward Alford, Esq., 97, Middle Abbey-street, Dublin.
George W. James, Esq., Privet Lodge, Dundrum, Dublin.
U. N. Graydon, Esq., 193, Great Brunswick-street, Dublin.

G. F. Hamilton, Esq., Dungannon.

Thomas M'Cullagh, Esq., Cromac Lodge, Donegal Pass, Belfast.
James Kennedy, Esq., 5, Henrietta-street, Dublin.

John Hill, Esq., "Irish Times," Dublin.

Valentine Corri, Esq., 13, Queen's-square, Dublin.

S. F. Vivian, Esq., Lucan.

Daniel Wilson Nolan, Esq., Solicitor, Gardiner-street, Dublin.
W. H. Frazer, Esq., 1, Albion-terrace, Rathgar.

Edward Walsh, Esq., Solicitor, Portland-street, Dublin.

P. S. Morewood, Esq., National Education Office, Dublin.
Jacob W. Geoghegan, Esq., National Education Office, Dublin.
William Thompson, Esq., Brighton-avenue, Rathgar, Dublin.
Robert Smith, Esq., Johnstown, Finglas, Dublin.
J. J. Halley, Esq., Receivers' Office, Dublin Castle.
John Chancellor, Esq., Sackville-street, Dublin.
Richard Buchanan, Esq., Sion House, Kingstown.
John Radley, Esq., Monte Video House, Bray.
J. Sandes, Esq., 1, Wellington-road, Dublin.
P. J. Ryan, Esq., 135, Dorset-street, Dublin.
J. Fleming, Esq., South Great George's-street, Dublin.


Edward Murphy, Esq., 111, Townsend-street, Dublin.
Stephen Walsh, Esq., Hanover-quay, Dublin.

Richard Leeson, Esq., New Holland, Sandymount, Dublin.
William W. Henderson, Esq., Monaghan.

William Green, Esq., 31, Sackville-street, Dublin.
Edward Carrigan, Esq., Bachelor's-walk, Dublin.
William M'Ivor Morrison, Esq., Montrose, Rathgar.
Iver M'Donnell, Esq., Anglesea-street, Dublin.
J. J. Carroll, Esq., Bridge-street, Dublin.

B. Fulham, Esq., 60, Great Brunswick-street, Dublin.
Thomas Kearney, Esq., Great Brunswick-street, Dublin.
J. Dunn, Esq., Great Brunswick-street, Dublin.
Samuel Hayes, Esq., 16, Charlemont-street, Dublin.

J. Dolan, Esq., Cabra-parade, Dublin.

Robert Harrison, Esq., "The London Library," 12, St. James's-square,

A. H. Taylor, Esq. (Library), M'Birney and Co., Aston's-quay, Dublin.
J. Bedford, Esq., Westland-row, Dublin.

Thomas Brown, Esq., 6, Cullenswood-terrace, Dublin.

John A. Pigott, Esq., 112, Grafton-street, Dublin.
Robert Kidney, Esq., 13, Dawson-street, Dublin.
James Murphy, Esq., 1, Lombard-street, Dublin.
E. L. Wilson, Esq., 11, Beaver-row, Donnybrook.
Bernard Robinson, Esq., Warrenmount Oil Mills, Dublin.
D. Moran, Esq., Glen Hotel, Ashford, county Wicklow.
Eneas Byrne, Esq., Belmarine Cottage, Kingstown.
Frederick Maccabe, Esq., St. James's Hall, London.
The Wakefield Mechanics' Institute.

The Morpeth Mechanics' Institute. (Two copies.)

Francis Quin, Esq., Organist to the Grand Masonic Lodge of Ireland, Kings


Neason Thomas Browne, Esq., 2, Riversdale-terrace, Fairview, county Dublin.


"I MUST tell my hearers, that I spent above six years of my life as a boy at Eton School; and so they must excuse me for bursting forth with filial fervour

'Ye distant spires, ye antique towers,
That crown the watery glade;
Where grateful science still adores

Her Henry's holy shade.'

"How often to scattered old Etonians, amid the multiplied walks of busy life, and in all quarters of the globe, have these few simple descriptive lines, since they were first written, now above 100 years ago, recalled that well-remembered spót-that sward, green as any in all green England-those venerable elms, that appear, as they probably are, coeval with the grey towers to which their deep green lends its softening contrast-that more than classic stream, our own Father Thames, its clear waters, as yet pure of London sewage, unequalled even among mightier rivers for the beauty of its dimpling ripples; or, immediately above, those royal turrets of Windsor, looking the embodiment of British monarchy, ancient, gentle, strong: the whole scene, with all its accompaniments, tending to make even these early days of education, both in their actual experience, and in their abiding retrospect, romantic while they are careless, and conservative while they are expansive.

"I may mention, that I felt so strongly the kind of identification which this brief ode gives to the Muse of Gray with the memory of Eton, that upon a proposal being lately made, that a collection of busts of the principal worthies of Eton should be placed in the large schoolroom there, most of which were contributed by some of their descendants or connexions, I requested permission to present a bust of Gray, though certainly I could make out no plea of consanguinity, or any other but very sincere and fervent admiration."-LORD CARLISLE's Lecture on the Writings of Gray.

The Rev. Charles O. Goodford, D. D., Provost of Eton College.
The Rev. Thomas Carter, M. A., Vice-Provost of Eton College.
The Rev. Edward Balston, D. D., Head Master of Eton College.*
The Rev. John Dupuis, M. A., Fellow of Eton College.

His Grace The Duke of Devonshire, K. G., F. R. S.

His Grace The Duke of Rutland.

His Grace The Duke of Buccleuch, K. G., P. C., D. C. L.

His Grace The Duke of Newcastle.

His Grace The Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, D. C. L.

His Grace The Duke of Leinster, P. C.

* The Earl of Carlisle was pupil of the Rev. E. Balston during the six years he spent at Eton.

His Grace The Duke of Montrose, K. T., P. C.

The Most Hon. The Marquis of Camden, K. G., LL. D.
The Most Hon. The Marquis of Donegall, K. P.

The Right Hon. Earl Fitzwilliam, K. G.

The Right Hon. Earl of Powis, LL. D.

The Right Hon. The Earl of Scarborough.
The Right Hon. Earl Grosvenor, M. P.

The Right Hon. Viscount Sydney, G. C. B.

The Right Hon. Lord Boston.

The Right Hon. Lord Auckland (Bishop of Bath and Wells).

The Right Hon. Lord Feversham.

The Right Hon. Lord Ravensworth.

The Right Hon. Lord Clonbrock.

The Right Hon. Lord Stuart de Decies.

The Right Hon. Lord Lurgan.

The Right Hon. Lord Dufferin.

The Right Hon. Lord Arthur Pelham Clinton, M. P.
The Right Hon. Lord Edward Pelham Clinton, M. P.

The Right Hon. Lord John J. Robert Manners, M. P.

The Right Hon. William Cooper, M. P.

The Hon. Frederick Leveson Gower, M. P.
The Hon. Charles W. G. Howard, M. P.

The Hon. Charles W. Cowper, M. P.

The Right Hon. Chichester S. P. Fortescue, M. P.

Granville William Gresham Leveson Gower, Esq.,
William Ewart, Esq., M. P.

James Milnes Gaskell, Esq., M. P.

Charles Wykeham Martin, Esq., M. P.

David Stewart Ker, Esq., M. P.

Francis John Savile Foljambe, Esq., M. P.

Sir Edward Blackett, Bart.

Sir Denis Le Marchant, Bart.

Sir Theodore H. Lavington Brinckman, Bart.

M. P.

Gustavus T. Smith, Esq., Goldicote House, Stratford-on-Avon.

Captain Edmund A. Shuldham, Dunmanway, A. D. C. to the late Earl of Carlisle.

The Very Rev. Henry Hart Milman, D. D., Dean of St. Paul's.

The Very Rev. H. U. Tighe, A. M., Dean of Derry.

The Rev. L. Jenyns, 1, Darlington-place, Bath.

E. D. Williams, Esq., Eton College.

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