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Printed by G. PARAMORE, North-Green, Worship-Street:
Sold by G. WHITFIELD, at the Chapel, City-Road, and at all the
Methodist Preaching-Houfes in Town and Country.

For JANUARY 1794

The EXPERIENCE and TRAVELS of Mr. FREEBORN GARRETSON, Minifter of the Gofpel, in North America.

Extracted from the Narrative written by himself, and printed at Philadelphia in 1791.

I WAS born in 1752. My parents were of the Church of England, and brought up their children in that way of worship. My great-grandfather emigrated from Britain, and was among the first fettlers in the Province of Maryland. My fa ther was a moral man, and efteemed by his neighbours as a good Chriftian. I have reafon to believe my mother truly feared the Lord, but fhe was removed into a bleffed Eternity when I was young. I remember one Lord's day, about the feventh year of my age, I was fitting by her fide while fhe was reading the two laft chapters of the Revelation. When fhe came to the defcription of the Water and Tree of Life, fhe made a full ftop, and lifting up her weeping eyes to Heaven, cried out, "O that I may be fo happy as to eat of that "fruit, and drink of that water, in my heavenly Father's "kingdom !"

From my infancy I was prone to pride, feif-will, and ftub bornnefs; which afterwards I fenfibly felt, to the forrow of my heart; but by the watchful care of iny parents, I was happily reftrained from outward fin. One day, when I was about nine years old, being alone in the field, it was fuddenly and powerfully fuggefted to my mind, "Afk and it fhall be given "you." I knew thefe words were in the Bible, but having no knowledge of fpiritual things, I immediately ran home, and childishly told my brother, it was revealed unto me, that I fhould be rich. Soon after, the following queftion was propofed to my mind, "Do you know what a Saint is ?"-After a fhort pause I replied, "There are no faints in the world in "these days." The fame voice anfwered, "A faint is one that is wholly given up to God." Inftantly the appearance of fuch a perfon was prefented to the view of my mind. I was greatly A 2


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