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The mode adopted for this purpose, it is hoped, will be found possessing peculiar advantages; for by representing the event under consideration to the eye of the mind, without the aid of prints, will have a tendency to excite the imagination, improve the memory, impress the mind, and at the same time assist. the pupil to relate either history or any other subject with perspicuity and ease.

Copious extracts from various respectable authors, on Scripture history, and Oriental customs, are interspersed throughout the following pages; with the design to render the work both pleasing and instructive.

Remarks in the scene under review are occasionally introduced, not only to fix the attention of the observer, but also to assist pious parents in questioning their youthful progeny on their knowledge of Scripture.

How far the author has succeeded in his endeavours to subserve the best interest of the rising generation, will now be respectfully left to the decision of the religious public. Should the scenes which he has selected, or the mode which he has chosen for their exhibition, induce greater attention to the sacred volume from those to whom the Camera may be presented, the writer will consider that the time which it cost him to construct the in

strument, has been well occupied, and that he has received a high, though he

will readily acknowledge, an urmerited reward.


Automatical Càmera-Obscura.


Ir is a truth established beyond all contradiction, that man is born to trouble, as the sparks fly upward: to this all are exposed. Parental care cannot prevent its visiting the objects of their most tender solicitude, nor can prudence or piety plead exemption from the common lot of man. True religion only can afford the support

the afflicted need, and which the subjects of divine grace receive in the day of adversity. True it is, that they may be severely tried; the circumambient cloud may clothe the horizon with blackness; but even then a ray of light will penetrate the shade, dispel the gloom, and in Achor's vale discover the door of hope. This has frequently been verified in the experience of Zion's travellers, and is not irrelevant to the case of Mr. Davenport, the inventor of the Automatical Camera-obscura.

Mr. Davenport began business with small property: in early life he was brought under serious impressions, which issued in his conversion to God.

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