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must really allow my attendant time, to prepare them for their journey. Mrs. N.-Forgive my daughter, Sir, she is a little impetuous sometimes. Harriot.-I only spoke, Mamma, because I thought it was quite wrong, but I see it is right enough now. I could not before tell, neither who, nor what, was behind the scenes.

Amelia.-Surely, sister, it is all sufficiently plain now. The good old Patriarch assists to load the assesbaskets-pots-and different vesselsfilled I suppose with honey, spices, nuts, and almonds, are brought out, and hastily packed away, one might almost suppose, Jacob thought Joseph was alive, and that he was sending to

him all the nice things which his tent afforded-not done yet! here is now a small parcel wrapped in cloththe double money, I suppose!! Behold, with what earnestness he lifts up his eyes and hands toward heaven! no doubt praying, that God Almighty would give them mercy before the man, and that he would send both Simeon and Benjamin back to him in safety. With this blessing they leave the scene, and I suppose proceed again to Egypt.

Mrs. N.-Harriot, as your sister has described the scene, do you mention how the travellers were received at the end of their journey.

Harriot. Am I to repeat that,


Mamma, by way of fine, for my having been too much in a hurry about the nice things? Well, I am glad you do not look displeased, and you know I can do it without any great effort of memory; so, Mamma, your obedient Harriot, will immediately comply with your request.

They were received very kindly, and brought into Joseph's house, who having enquired after his father's health, was so much affected at seeing his brother Benjamin, that he retired to his chamber to weep. He soon returned, dined with his brethren, placed them at table according to their seniority,

and sent to Benjamin a mess five times larger than that of any of his other brethren.

He commanded his steward to fill

their sacks with corn, again return their money, and in that of Benjamin's to put also his silver cup.

It was not long before they were pursued by the steward, who charged them with having been guilty of theft, they expostulated, and to prove their innocence, proposed that in whomsoever's sack it might be found, the individual should die, and all the others become bondmen to Pharaoh. To this, the steward agreed, the sacks were immediately opened, and the cup was found in Benjamin's.

Greatly astonished at this circumstance they all returned to Joseph's house, Judah became the advocate for his brethren, recapitulated the previous conversation with Jacob, and earnestly intreated that he might abide a bondman in Egypt, and Benjamin be permitted to return to Canaan, and thus prevent the evil consequences which would otherwise befal their father.

Joseph could no longer refrain himself, he instantly dismissed his attendants, made himself known to his brethren, and his feelings were so entirely overcome that he wept aloud!

On his declaring that he was Joseph his brethren were terrified. He re

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