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A Paper of Art and Literature.









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Abt, Franz, His compositions,..... Cocks's Misc. ii. 195
Account Rendered-Our First Year....


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..ii. 203
Acoustic Architecture,...U. ii. 17, 25, 34, 43, 49, 65, 81,
105, 113
"C's" View of, and Reply, ii. 145, 170
Alboni, Madame,...i. 76, 95, 142, 183, 191'; ii, 14, 21, 67,
103, 119, 142
(See Concerts, Operas, Correspondence, & Intelligence.)
Alboni, and the other great Contraltos,..By Scudo, i. 161
Allegri, Gregorio,..

American Musical Fund Society,.
American Voices,....

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Musical Fund Society,.

...i. 115
...i. 174

.A. W. T. i. 169, 179

Angri, Elena,..

.i. 194

Handel and Haydn Society,..
Otto Dresel's Soirées,.
Alfred Jaell's,..

Art, Universality in,..Henry James's Lectures, i. 105,

Auber, D. F. E., Account of,.......

114, 124
...ii. 179

Bach, J. S., and his Works, by Dr. Marx, i. 203; Head
of the "Thomas School" in Leipsic, 43; His Con-
certo for three pianos, ii. 174.
Ballenstedt, Musical Festival at,..
Bands, Our Military,......
Bartlett, John, A Veteran gone..


.i. 147
.i. 86
..ii. 126

Beethoven, Anecdotes of, 1. 63, 147, 185; ii. 20, &c. &c.
B. and his Third Symphony, by A. W. T., i. 9;
Ninth Symphony played in London, i. 78; Last
Quartets played in Paris, 14; B. and Prince N. Ga-
litzin, i. 195, ii. 57; Carl Czerny's relations to, ii. 1;
Pilgrimage to his tomb, by A. W. T. i. 89; his Pas-
toral Symphony, i. 116; Ninth Symphony heard in
London by L. Mason, ii. 12; his Sonata Pathetique
arranged for Orchestra, 59; his Fidelio, ii. 43; his
Ruinen von Athen, 74, 82, 93, 182, 188; hurrying
his music, i. 174; his Ninth Symphony, (by Ortlepp,)
ii. 130; Do. 133; Do. Programme to, by R. Wagner,
Mount of Olives," or
137; Do. 141, 150; His
"Engedi," 141, 157, 182, 187; his 7th Symphony, ii.
154, 158; Periods of his Compositions, by Czerny,
ii. 163; his Works arranged, ii. 196; his "Heroic
Symphony," ii. 197.
..i. 153
........i. 98, 156
Character of his Music,
Berlin, Opera Statistics of, ii. 59; Academy of Music,
i. 170. (See also Intelligence.)
Berlioz, Hector, his "Benvenuto Cellini."... 47, 52, 123
Birmingham Festival,..........i. 158, 175, 199, 207; ii. 7
Biscaccianti, Madame, in California,....i. 39, ii. 23, 126
Blow, Dr. John, Preface to his "Amphion Anglicus,"

Bellini, Vincenzo, By H. T. Tuckerman,..

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Boieldieu, Short Account of,....
Books and Journals, briedly noticed.-Howadji in Syria,

The Knickerbocker, The Favorite, To-Day, Mass.
Register, i. 47; Ware's Lectures on Allston, 140;
Meyer's Universum, 148; Illustrated Magazine of
Art, ii. 126, 156; Painters of all Nations, 156.
... G. ii. 78
Booth, the Actor: Obituary Notice,....
Bosio, Angiolina, A Reminiscence,.......J. S. D. i. 12
............. i. 4, ii. 101,
Boston, Music in,..
(See Concerts, Operas, Intelligence, &c.)
..................i. 3, 118, ii. 45, 53, 61, 71
Boston Music Hall,

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142, 149, 183, 197, 203
.ii. 78, 94. 110, 125, 142, 158
..ii 94, 110, 151, 157, 166, 183
.ii. 102, 118, 134, 174, 204
.ii. 124

.ii. 142

Miss Elise Hensler's Benefit,.
.ii. 150
Beethoven's Choral Symphony,.
L. M. i. 19, 44
Conservatory of Music, at Leipsic......
...i. 49, ii, 187
at Paris,..
Contralto Singers, The great,....From P. Scudo, i. 161
Contrapuntists and Melodists, From Oulibicheff, i. 10, 18
Conventions, Musical,.........i. 149, 150, 157, 165, 172

New York.-From "HAFIZ "-The rival operas; Mme Thil-
lon, i. 2. Thillon; Philharmonic Concert, 28. Eisfeld's
Quartet Soirées; Casolani; Adelina Patti, 52.
Glee Club Festival, 93.
Editorial.-Mme. Goldschmidt's Farewell Concerts, i. 53, 61
From "X" and "."-Sontag, Alboni, Paul Jullien, &c.
ii. 5, 6.

From A. W. T.-Philharmonic Concert; Beethoven's 8th
Symphony; Gade's Overture, &c. ii. 51.

From C. P. C.-Herr Tonwacker's Studio, ii. 122.
Germany. From L. MASON-The Conservatory at Leipsic, i.
19. The "Thomas School ;" M. Hauptmann; Chorus-
Singing in Leipsic, 43. Concert of the pupils at the Con-
servatory, 44

From C. C. P-Muiic in Leipsic; Mlle. Lehmann; Operas of
David, Flotow, Weber; Organ Music; Gewandhaus Con-
Gluck and Wagner; Schumann; Gade;
certs. ii. 14.
Mozart's Operas; Dreyschock; Moscheles, ii. 110.
From J. C. D. P-Gewandhaus Concerts in Leipsic; Schu-
mann's "Genoveva," and Symphony in B flat; an orches-
tra rehearsal.

London.-From C. C. P-The Opera; Chamber music;
Sivori, Joachim; Israel in Egypt; Mme. Pleyel; Choral
Symphony; Berlioz, i. 108.

Paris-From C. C. P., Halevy's "Juif Errant," i. C3-From
W. S. C., Opera

Rome. From a private letter.-A Quartet by a Bostonian;
Private Theatricals, i. 29.
Florence.-From J. K. S. ii. 203.

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Cuzzoni, Signora, The Lind of her time,... Foster, ii. 67
......i. 91
Czerny, Carl. His Piano-forte School,
"On his relations to Beethoven,........ii. 1
Lond. Harmonicon, ii. 44, 69
Davies, Cecilia,.
.i. 85
De la Grange. Mme....
"Diarist," A Complaint and an Apology Concerning.
ii. 10, 18
.í. 26
Diary of a Composer, Sketch from, by Mme. Kinkel,
Trans. by A. W. T........
Don Giovanni, Overture to, analyzed,.. Oulibicheff, i i. 9
Eisfeld's Quartet Soirées, i. 22. (See New York In-

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Commonwealth, 164
Tribuue, 171
.ii. 35

Advertiser, 100

Massachusetts Academy of Fine Arts, ii. 133, Ditto by C.

Fiorentini, Madame Claudie,.

ií. 156, 165, 173, 180, 189

Fischer, Ludwig......

...i. 194
..ii. 53, 59

..i. 74
.i. 101

Flute Solos, C's Advice to Mr. Phunnewistl,.
French Opera, Novel Effects in,.

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Funeral Marches; Notices of Beethoven more sentimental
than true; Woodbury's Absalom, i. 188.-Concerts at New-
port; Trashy programmes; Gungl's abuse of us; Singing
hymns in the German manner"; Indian music; A new
Psalm-book, 196-About "everybody learning to read
music in Germany"; Czerny's anecdotes of Beethoven; a
programine 204-Little Urso; Sontag;
"Sacred Concert
Overture to" Martha;" Schubert's "only" Symphony;
A singer's harvest, ii. 13-Mr. Wyzaker at Sontag's Con-
cert; Old and new," a few dates, 20-The "gloomy
Beethoven; "Fidelio," 28-How should orchestras and
choruses be arranged on the stage? 34-Dr. Franklin and
the Harmonica; Cecilia Davies, 44-Drumming in New
York streets; Notices of Balfe; how Weber wrote for the
voice; Ludwig Fischer, 53-Rode; Haydn's Remains;
Music at Webster funeral procession; Dialogue about two
musical journals, 60-Sontag's Dress Rehearsal; Philhar-
monic Rehearsal; Gade; Mendelssohn cut into psalm-
tunes; the Misses' Tournay, 69-Paul Jullien and young
Mozarts; Quicksteps at funerals; Anecdote of Sontag, 75
-Macfarren's Notice of Beethoven's "Ruins of Athens ;"
93.-Alfred Jaell; "Positive, comparative, superlative;
Alboni's "Sacred" Concert, 124.-Zeuner's psalmody;
Boston Music Hall; Choral Symphony; American vocal
schools, 140.-" Engedi," "Choral Symphony," &c. 149.-
Rhythm for psalmody; Sontag and the clergy, 156
Onslow; Salomon, 164.-Beethoven's 7th Symphony;
Yankee Doodle be-devilled, 173.-The Sisters Milanollo,
180.-"Arrangements " from Beethoven, 196.


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Fry, W. H., His lectures on Music,. .i. 22, 126; ii. 79, 147,
180, 199
Letter from, to Mus. World & Times, ii. 201
H. F. Chorley, ii. 130
Gade, Niels W.....
Genesis of Musical Sounds,.....

.E. H. i. 186, 194, 202

(See Mathematics.)

Germania Musical Society, Season of 1851-2,......i. 6
(See Concerts.)

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Germania Serenade Band,........ 95. (See Concerts.)
German Glee Clubs, Jubilee of, in New York,..i. 85, 93
.i. 142, ii. 86
in Boston,....
..ii. 4
Germany and Belgium, Music in, (1845).. Chorley, ii.
106, 114, 123, 132, 139
Germany, The Part-Songs of,.....H. W. Chorley, i. 92
Music trade in.........ii. 68 (See Intelligence.)
Gluck, Ritter, from the German of Hoffmann, i. 106, 113
"and his Operas,..

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England, Statistics of Music in.........................
"Excellent Art of Musick," The....... Preface to
Amphion Anglicus," i. 129

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.i. 100
..i. 14, 37, 111, 119

Brackett's Group and Mr. Greenough's Letters.

.i. 3, 62
...i. 3
.i. 12

Clerical Amateurship,..... Mus. World & Times, ii. 78

Academy of Design in New York........ Mus. Times, i. 26
N. E. School of Design for Women; A Musical Seal, i. 94, 110
Crawford's Virginia Monument,.

German Paper, i. 100


Ware's Lectures on Allston,.

Complimentary to Signora de Ribas,.

.i. 38

Crawford's Sculpture,.


Ole Bull,..

.69, 77

Death of A J. Downing,.


Summer Afternoon Concerts of the Germania Serenade
Band....... 86, 95, 101, 111, 126, 135, 142, 182; ii. 6, 15, 29
Miss Celini Fairfield's,..

Sepulchral Monument by J. Carew..


.i. 198

Bust of Ilon. Horace Mann, by 1. Carew,.
Meyer's Universum,.



Camilla Urso's,..

.ii. 6, 15

The Walhalla,.


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Haydn, Joseph, Facsimile of his visiting card,....ii. 132
Hereford Festival,............ 158, (See Intelligence.)
Herold, Short Account of,..
Holossy, Cornelia von,....

.ii. 172
....i. 193
Hungarian Orchestra, Kalozdy's,................A. W. T. i. 19

Introductory, editorial,.
Italians, A Word from,.
Italy, Music in,......

..i. 4
.ii. 198

..(See Musical Intelligence.)

Jullien, Mons., and his Band,............ii. 68, 84, 119
Jullien, Paul,.
.ii. 19
La Scala, at Milan,..
.Lond. Lit. World, i. 99
Lehmann, Mlle. Caroline,.........i. 94. 206; ii. 13, 39
- Leipsic Conservatory,.
...I. M. Í. i. 19, 44
Music in,..(see Correspondence and Intelligence.)
Lind, Jenny (Goldschmidt), Her Devotion to her Art,
i. 1.-As an Artist, J. S. D., i. 42.-Compared with
Sontag and Alboni, ii. 67.


Literary Musicians,.

Liszt at Weimar,....

London, Music in, (See Correspondence & Intelligence.)

Lucia di Lammermoor,..

Macbeth, Music in,...

....i. 110
..i. 123
......N. Y. Tribune, ii. 194

.English Paper, ii. 98
..i. 173
.i. 54

Marseillaise, The, of German origin,..
Marx, Prof. A. B., of Berlin,..
Mathematics of Music,..E. H., i. 178, 186, 194, 202;

ii. 19, 28, 41
Mehul, Account of,.
.Hogarth, ii. 155
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. His Songs without
Words, i. 45; His Posthumous works, i. 159; ii. 182,
187; Analysis of his "Elijah," 1. 196, 205; His Life, ii.
129; His Birthday Festival in Boston, ii. 149.
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Paul, Letter of,... ..ii. 187
Mendelssohn Quintette Club. Season of 1851-2, i. 5.—
Public rehearsals, i. 37.-(See Concerts.)
Metre in Psalmody.....
Mississippi, Musical taste in,...
Molique, Bernhard,...

* * ii. 107
...ii. 132, 164
..From the German, ii. 194
Mozart, Pertraits of, i. 10; his "Magic Flute," i. 179; ii.
26, 33, 42; his "Don Juan," i. 33; ii. 9; his Sympho-
ny in E flat, i. 142; his "Nozze di Figaro," i. 169; ii.
50; as a Virtuoso and Improvisator, ii. 177.
Music, a Universal Language, i. 187; as a Definite Lan-

guage, (T. H) i. 201; in the past Half Century, an
Address, by S. Jennison, Jr., i. 58, 66, 75, 83, 91, 97;
for the Million, (H. W.) 1. 63.

Musica Grandova Rediviva, (New Haven,).......ii. 190
Musical Conductors,.... Lond. Mus. World, ii. 148
--Musical Education down South,.

..i. 111

[blocks in formation]

Local, (Boston and New England).-i. 15, 22, 30, 38, 54, 70,
78, 95, 101, 111, 118, 126, 135, 143, 150, 158, 166, 174, 182,
190, 198, 206; ii. 6, 15, 23, 81, 39, 47, 55, 63, 71, 78, 86, 95,
102, 111, 119, 126, 135, 151, 159, 166, 175, 183, 191, 199, 203.
New York.-i. 22, 30, 70, 78, 86, 95, 101, 126, 143, 166, 174,
183, 191, 198, 206; ii. 7, 15, 23, 39, 47, 79, 87, 95, 103, 119,
126, 143, 159, 166, 183, 191.1

Philadelphia.-ii. 15, 126, 175.

New Orleans, and the South...ii. 23, 47, 103, 126.
Cincinnati and the West. .ii. 23, 103, 126.

Mexico...i. 167.

England...i. 7, 23, 39, 54, 70, 78, 87, 102, 111, 118, 127, 135,
143, 151, 158, 167, 175, 183, 191, 199, 207; ii. 7, 39, 119,
127, 135, 159, 167, 199.

France...1. 6, 31, 71, 87, 103, 135, 167, 175; ii. 79, 111, 127,
185, 199.

Germany...i. 8, 30, 119, 159, 167, 175; ii. 79, 95, 111, 185, 199.
Italy.... 7, 103, 151, 159, 191; ii. 95, 188.

Eweden... 7, 111.

California.. 99 . 90, 17, 126.

[blocks in formation]

Onslow, George, Sketch of,.......................T. R. ii. 179, 196
Opera, plain prose of, ii. 171; prospects of at home and
abroad, ii. 199; before Mozart, from Oulibicheff, i.
121, 130, 138, 145.

Operas in Boston: Mme. Thillon, ii. 39. Alboni, 142,
151, 158
Opera House, a few words on, Advertiser, i. 38. In
Boston, 77, 182.

Oratorio, the first, A. D. 1600, i. 187-a new Italian, by
Raimondi, ii. 3-letter on the practice of, from A.
W. T. i. 170

Organ, at Williams Hall, i. 62-at Cleveland, O., 127—
the Enharmonic, 84, 100.
Organists versus Choristers,.
Organophonic Band,......

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Beethoven's Variations (Reed & Co.),.
Rossini's Stabat Mater (Ditson),.

.76, 110


...................D. R. S. i, 51
London paper, ii. 27
Ornament in Singing, Anecdote of Rossini,......ii. 188
Our Legislative List,...
.ii. 119

Paris, new pianists in, i. 46-theatrical statistics of, ii. 3
Paris, Music in, Corr. of Lond. Mus. World, ii. 140.
(See Correspondence and Musical Intelligence.)
Paganini's Heir, Anecdote of,.......
Philharmonic Society in New York,..
Piano Forte, on the,.......

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..C. P. C. i. 1
i. 10
Tennyson, i. 18
The Palm Tree of Capri,.
....C. P. C. i. 26
The Lotus Flower, from the German of Heine,
J. S. D. i. 36
..i. 43
.R. H. Stoddard, i. 51
.i. 60
....C. P. C. i. 68
Tennyson's Princess, i. 74
..C. P. C. i. 83
....London Leader, 84
. Anon. 84

Lines, by William C. Bryant.....
Triumphant Music,......

The Orchestra. From the German.......
Midnight Wind,..........

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The Cricket in June,..... Essex Co. Freeman, 98
The Nightingale's Song,..........S. T. Coleridge, 99
Old Man's Song, from the German of Rückert,
J. S. D. 107
Song of the Night, from Goethe,.........J. S. D. 108
Vineta, from the German, two versions,....... ..115
The Artist,..
C. P. Cranch, 124
.. Robert Herrick, 132
Song of Caroline Von Ganderode. From the German,
J. S. D. 132
Thomas Hood, 140
O. G. Hughan, 147
O. W. W. 148
"O heart! long dormant," &c..... Christ. Inquirer, 155
The Growth of Good... Dicken's Household Words, 164
Hymn to the Sun,..
H. W. Herbert, 165
..R. H. Stoddard, 179
....J. G. Whittier, 137
The Eolian Harp,......
......W. W. M. 202
To Midsummer Day,.. Walter Savage Landor, 204
Translation of the "Dies Ira,"..
'....Dr. A. Coles, ii. 4
The Four Crazy Brothers. From the German,
C. T. B. 12
Musings in the Moonlight,.......... C. P. Cranch, 27
Minstrel's Song. From the German of Geibel,..... 59
Thanksgiving Hymn,..
....J. 59

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Stanzas from the German,.
Schiller's Hymn to Joy,..
Little Boy Blue,..


The New Music Hall, by W. S. Thayer,... To-Day, 60
Corn Song,...
..J. G. Whittier, 68
.....C. P. C. 78
..C. P. C. 82
Manchester Guardian, 84
.........J. S. D. 138
.London Leader, 154
A Lament at parting with my Violin,.......J. A. 155
Night on the Sea Shore, from Geibel,.....C. T. B. 162
The Last Poet, from the German, N. L. Frothingham, 187
On Harmony,....
Old English Verses, 196
Prime Donne, About some of the,......A. W. T. i. 193
Puritan Dread of Instruments,...
.ii. 123
........ 90
.....i. 94

Quartet, The, A Fable,.......
Question for Music-Publishers,...

Schumann's " Album für Jugend,"
Stephen Heller's "Etudes," &c..
American Church Organ Voluntaries,.
Moore's Melodies, Ditson's edition..
Schneider's Practical Organ School,.
German Songs,..

Bird's Singing School Companion,.
The Tuner's Guide, (0. Ditson,).

The Union Glee Book, by Baker & Southard,.
Saroni's Musical Vade Mecum,..

Moscheles' Bijoux à la Sontag; Carulli's Guitar Method,.76
Arrangements for piano: 1. Notturno from "Midsummer
Night's Dream;" 2. Elegie, by Ernst; 3. Eight Melo-
dies of Schubert; 4. Mendelssohn's Six Two-Part
ii. 110

Rinck's Musical Library, purchased by L. Mason,... 118
Rode, Pierre, Life of,...
...ii. 73
Rome, Musical Critics at, in 1779, Michael Kelley,. .i. 155
Rossini, His Music characterized, i. 107; Anecdote of,
ii. 188
Russia, (See Musical Intelligence.)

Salieri, Antonio,....
...A. W. T. i. 190
Schenk's "Dorfbarbier,"
....ii. 84
Schindler, A., Letter of, to prince N. Galitzin,....ii. 57
Schubert, Franz. His Works and Life, i. 21, 180; ii. 13;
his Symphony, ii. 6; his Mass in G, 100; (See "From
our Diary.")
Schumann, Robert. His Musical Life-Maxims, i. 74, 75,
82, 83, 84, 92, 99, 108, 115; his Album für Jugend,
133; Schumann and Wagner, by H. F. Chorley, ii. 121.
Scudo, P. Short notice of, under head of Sontag,... 142
Seguin, Edward, Death_of,.........................
....ii. 87
Sentiment of Various Composers,.
.......i. 98
Société des Concerts, at Paris,... Lon. Mus. World, i. 49
Sontag, Mme. Henrietta, (from the French of Scudo), i.
137; in America, i. 142; ii. 37, 38, 46, 54; copied no-
tices of, i. 150, 163; ii. 11, 67, 119; " Opinion of the
Minority," ii. 198. (See Concerts, Correspondence,
Musical Intelligence.)

Spain, (See Musical Intelligence.)

Spohr, Dr. Louis. His "Calvary," Lond. Times, i. 132;
his "Faust," (Ibid), i. 143.
Strauss and his Sophie Waltz,....

[blocks in formation]

Requiem, Latin Words of the,................ Nat. Intell. ii. 3

Beethoven's Sonatas, Ditson's edition,.
Czerny's Method for the Piano,.



of Music.

A Paper of Art and Literature.


BOSTON, APRIL 10, 1852.


Dwight's Journal of Music,


21 SCHOOL STREET, BOSTON. TERMS.-Two Dollars per annum, or One Dollar for six months, always in advance.

Its contents will relate mainly to the art of MUSIC, but with occasional glances at the whole world of Art and of polite Literature, indeed at every thing pertaining to the cultivation of the Beautiful; including from time to time:

1. Critical reviews of Concerts, Oratorios, Operas; with timely analyses of the notable works performed, accounts of their composers,


2. Notices of new music published at home and abroad.

3. A summary of the significant Musical News from all parts, gathered from English, German, French, as well as American papers.

4. Correspondence from musical persons and places.

5. Essays on musical styles, schools, periods, authors, compositions, instruments, theories; on musical education; on Music in its moral, social, and religious bearings; on Music in the Church, the Concert-room, the Theatre, the Chamber, and the Street; &c.

6. Translations from the best German and French writers upon Music and Art.

7. Occasional notices of Sculpture, Painting, Architecture, Poetry, æsthetic Books, the Drama,


8. Original and selected Poems, short Tales, Anecdotes, &c.

A brief space also will be devoted to ADVERTISEMENTS of articles and occupations literary or artistic.

All communications, relating to the business or contents of the paper, should be addressed (post-paid) to J. S. DWIGHT, Editor and Proprietor.


By REDDING & CO., 8 State St.

"GEO. P. REED & CO., 13 Tremont Row.
"SCHARFENBERG & LUIS, 483 Broadway, N. Y.
"EL. WALKER, Philadelphia.
"J. B. RUSSELL, Gazette Office, Cincinnati, O.
"HOLBROOK & LONG, Cleveland, O.

Persons willing to become Agents for procuring subscribers, especially Music-Dealers and Teachers, are invited to correspond with the Editor, as above. Satisfactory references required, and liberal commissions allowed.

For Dwight's Journal of Music.


Surely there is a soul within these strings,

So deeply thrills my own, when 'mid thy chords,
Moving with eager hands, my whole frame rings
With inner music, far transcending words.
As after absence long I open thee,

Dear friend, and late here linger at thy side,
To conjure up thy hidden harmony,

A boundless joy runs through me, as a tide
Filling the sandy channels and low shores

Left by the ebb of feelings that depart,
And the dull slime of tame monotonous hours.
Thy dear delicious voice, Harp of my heart,
Hath won me back to thoughts of noble height,
And wrapped me in a reverie of delight.

Jenny Lind's Devotion to her Art.

The prime donne of the opera are seldom great musicians. Many of them have been well trained in the use of the vocal organs, and in the style and spirit of their peculiar line of singing; they know their oft-repeated rôles by heart and what life to infuse into them; but to most of the immortal creations of musical genius they are utter strangers. They have had no deep, broad musical culture. The Swedish songstress, however, is an exception. No one knew the full measure of her power, and wherein she was greater than all others, until he knew her wide range of studies and her many-sided intimacy with all the styles and masters of her Art. She is a musician as well as a singer; with her whole soul she has studied Music, in all its noblest illustrations, as well as the mere art of giving effect to a certain limited range of operatic parts.

NO. 1.

BENEDICT, who has been of late in Naples, preparing for the press a book of travels in America, of which he has contributed some chapters to La France Musicale, ascribes the secret of her triumphs to the fact that the great singer makes a conscience of her Art." We translate what follows:

"The child, brought up and fashioned in the school of adversity, and finding in music all the consolations which a cruel destiny had refused to her; the young girl, who, thanks to the care of her excellent masters and friends, Berg and Lindblad, learned in good season to identify herself with the masterpieces of the great composers; and finally JENNY LIND, at the apogee of her glory, shunning the world and society, and knowing, loving, dreaming nothing but her Art, bad certainly some powerful elements of success.

"It would not be easy, in our time, to meet any cantatrice whomsoever, who could play and sing to you from memory, from the first note to the last, the Armida of Gluck, the Chateau de Montenero of Dalayrac, the Vestale of Spontini, the Deux Journees of Cherubini, the operas of Mozart, Weber and Meyerbeer, the oratorios of Handel and Haydn, all the melodies of Mendelssohn, of Franz Schubert, of Schumann, the Mazurkas and Etudes of Chopin, without counting a very extensive dramatic repertoire, comprising the scores of Rossini, Donizetti, Bellini, Verdi.

"It would perhaps be yet more difficult to name an artiste, who could appreciate and comprehend these great schools, become penetrated with their genius, preserve their local colors, and appropriate to herself their styles. It would be almost impossible to find a musicienne, who could at sight decipher the most difficult pieces, retain melodies of an irregular and unusual rhythm, and repeat them, after several days, as if she had created them herself. Mdlle. Lind unites these precious qualities. But this is not all. The grand thing, I repeat it, is that she makes a conscience of her art; that in the smallest city of Germany or of America, she will put the same zeal, the same verve into the execution of the airs she may have selected, or the roles she may have undertaken, that she would if she were making her debut in the Salle Ventadour, in her Majesty's Theatre, or in Tripler Hall; that she never concerns herself about what is said by critics, friends, enemies, or the public in general, but thinks of her art, and of her art only. "Detached from what surrounds her, aban

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