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Far other Stars than * and ** wear,
And may defcend to Mordington from Stair;
(Such as on Hough's unfully'd Mitre fhine,
Or beam, good Digby, from a heart like thine)
Let Envy howl, while Heaven's whole Chorus fings,
And bark at Honour not conferr'd by Kings;
Let Flattery fickening fee the Incenfe rise,
Sweet to the World, and grateful to the Skies:
Truth guards the Poet, fanctifies the line,
And makes immortal, Verfe as mean as mine.

[blocks in formation]



Yes, the laft Pen for Freedom let me draw, When Truth ftands trembling on the edge of Law; Here, laft of Britons! let your Names be read; Are none, none living? let me praise the Dead, And for that Caufe which made your Fathers fhine, -Fall by the Votes of their degenerate Line.

F. Alas, alas! pray end what you began, And write next winter more Effays on Man.







X 2



Tinitated in the Manner of Dr. SWIFT..


~IS true, my Lord, I gave my word,
I would be with you, June the third;
Chang'd it to Auguft, and (in fhort)
Have kept it as you do at Court.
You humour me when I am fick,
Why not when I am fplenetick?
In town, what Objects could I meet?
The shops fhut up in every ftreet,
And Funerals blackening all the Doors,
And yet more melancholy Whores :
And what a duft in every place!
And a thin Court that wants your Face,.
And Fevers raging up and down,
And W* and H** both in Town!


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UINQUE dies tibi pollicitus me rure futurum,
Sextilem totum mendax defideror. atqui,
Si me vivere vis fanum recteque valentem;
Quam mihi das aegro, dabis aegrotare timenti,
Maecenas, veniam: dum ficus prima calorque
Defignatorum decorat lictoribus atris:
Dum pueris omnis pater, et matercula pallet;
Officiofaque fedulitas, et opella forenfis
Adducit febres, et teftamenta refignat...



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