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All Worldly's hens, nay, partridge, fold to town,
His venison too, a guinea makes your own:
He bought at thousands, what with better wit
You purchase as you want, and bit by bit;
Now, or long fince, what difference will be found?
You pay a penny, and he paid a pound.


y Heathcote himself, and fuch large-acred men, 240 Lords of fat E'fham, or of Lincoln-fen,

Buy every stick of wood that lends them heat;

Buy every Pullet they afford to eat.

Yet these are Wights, who fondly call their own

Half that the Devil o'erlooks from Lincoln-town. 245 The Laws of God, as well as of the land,

Abhor a Perpetuity should stand:

Eftates have wings, and hang in Fortune's power z Loose on the point of every wavering hour,


Te dominum fentit.

x das nummos; accipis uvam,
Pullos, ova, cadum, temeti: nempe modo ifto
Paulatim mercaris agrum, fortaffe trecentis,
Aut etiam fupra, nummorum millibus emtum.
Quid refert, vivas numerato nuper, an olim ?

y Emtor Aricini quondam, Veientis et arvi,
Emtum coenat olus, quamvis aliter putat; emtis
Sub noctem gelidam lignis calefactat ahenum.
Sed vocat ufque fuum, qua populus adfita certis
Limitibus vicina refigit jurgia: tanquam

* Sit proprium cuiquam, puncto quod mobilis horae, Nunc prece, nunc pretio, nunc vi, nunc forte fuprema,

Ready, by force, or of your own accord,


By fale, at least by death, to change their lord.

Man? and for ever? wretch! what wouldst thou have?

Heir urges heir, like wave impelling wave.

All vaft poffeffions (just the same the cafe
Whether you call them Villa, Park, or Chace)
Alas, my BATHURST! what will they avail?
Join Cotfwood's hills to Saperton's fair dale,
Let rifing Granaries and Temples here,
There mingled farms and pyramids appear,
Link towns to towns with avenues of oak,
Enclose whole downs in walls, 'tis all a joke!
Inexorable Death fhall level all,

And trees, and stones, and farms, and farmer fall.

a Gold, Silver, Ivory, Vafes fculptur'd high,



Paint, Marble, Gems, and robes of Perfian dye, 265 There are who have not-and thank heaven there are, Who, if they have not, think not worth their care.

b Talk what you will of Tafte, my friend, you'll find Two of a face, as foon as of a mind.


Permutet dominos, et cedat in altera jura.
Sic, quia perpetuus nulli datur ufus, et haeres
Haeredem alterius, velut unda fupervenit undam:
Quid vici profunt, aut horrea? quidve Calabris
Saltibus adjecti Lucani; fi metit Orcus
Grandia cum parvis, non exorabilis auro?

2 Gemmas, marmor, ebur, Tyrrhena figilla, tabellas, Argentum, veftes Gaetulo murice tinctas,



Why, of two brothers, rich and restless one
Plows, burns, manures, and toils from fun to fun;
The other flights, for women, fports, and wines,
All Townshend's Turnips, and all Grofvenor's mines:
Why one like Bu with pay and fcorn content,
Bows and votes on, in Court and Parliament;
One, driven by ftrong Benevolence of foul,
Shall fly, like Oglethorpe, from pole to pole:
Is known alone to that Directing Power,
Who forms the Genius in the natal hour;
That God of Nature, who, within us still,
Inclines our action, not conftrains our will;
Various of temper, as of face or frame,
Each individual: His great End the fame.

• Yes, Sir, how fmall foever be my heap, A part I will enjoy, as well as keep.

My heir may figh, and think it want of grace
A man fo poor would live without a place:




Sunt qui non habeant; eft qui non curat habere.
b Cur alter fratrum ceffare, et ludere, et ungi
Praeferat Herodis palmetis pinguibus; alter
Dives et importunus, ad umbram lucis ab ortu
Silveftrem flammis et ferro mitiget agrum :
Scit Genius, natale comes qui temperat aftrum:
NATURAE DEUS HUMANAE, mortalis in unum.---
Quodque caput, vultu mutabilis, albus, et ater.

c Utar, et ex modico, quantum res pofcet, acervo Tollam: nec metuam, quid de me judicet haeres, Quod non plura datis invenerit. et tamen idem

But fure no ftatute in his favour fays,
How free, or frugal, I shall pass my days:
I, who at fome times fpend, at others fpare,
Divided between careleffness and care.
'Tis one thing madly to difperfe my store;
Another, not to heed to treasure more:


Glad, like a Boy, to fnatch the first good day,
And pleas'd, if fordid want be far away.


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f What is 't to me (a paffenger God wot)
Whether my veffel be first-rate or not?
The fhip itself may make a better figure;
But I that fail, am neither lefs nor bigger:
I neither ftrut with every favouring breath,
Nor ftrive with all the tempest in my teeth.
In power, wit, figure, virtue, fortune, plac'd
Behind the foremost, and before the last.



Scire volam, quantum fimplex hilarifque nepoti
Difcrepet, et quantum difcordet parcus avaro.
Diftat enim, fpargas tua prodigus, an neque fumtum.
Invitus facias, nec plura parare labores;

Ac potius, puer ut feftis Quinquatribus olim,
Exiguo gratoque fruaris tempore raptim.

f Pauperies immunda domûs procul abfit: ego, utrum
Nave ferar magna an parva, ferar unus et idem.
Non agimur tumidis velis Aquilone fecundo:
Non tamen adverfis aetatem ducimus Auftris.
Viribus, ingenio, fpecie, virtute, loco, re,

g" But why all this of Avarice? I have none." I wish you joy, Sir, of a Tyrant gone;

But does no other lord it at this hour,
As wild and mad? the Avarice of power?
Does neither Rage inflame, nor Fear appall?
Not the black fear of death, that faddens all?
With terrors round, can Reason hold her throne,
Defpife the known, nor tremble at th' unknown?
Survey both worlds, intrepid and entire,
In spite of witches, devils, dreams, and fire?
Pleas'd to look forward, pleas'd to look behind,



And count each birth-day with a grateful mind? 315 Has life no fournefs, drawn so near its end;

Canft thou endure a foe, forgive a friend?

Has age

but melted the rough parts away,

As winter-fruits grow mild ere they decay?

Or will you think, my friend, your business done, 320 When, of a hundred thorns, you pull out one?


Extremi primorum, extremis ufque priores.

Non es avarus: abi. quid? caetera jam fimul isto Cum vitio fugere? caret tibi pectus inani Ambitione? caret mortis formidine et ira? Somnia, terrores magicos, miracula, fagas, Nocturnos lemures, portentaque Thessala rides ? Natales grate numeras? ignofcis amicis ? Lenior et melior fis accedente fenecta? Quid te extrema levat fpinis de pluribus una?

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