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And great Naffau to Kneller's hand decreed
To fix him graceful on the bounding Steed;
So well in paint and ftone they judg'd of merit :
But Kings in Wit may want difcerning Spirit.
The Hero William, and the Martyr Charles,
One knighted Blackmore, and one penfion'd Quarles;
Which made old Ben and furly Dennis fwear,
"No Lord 's anointed, but a Ruffian Bear."
Not with fuch majesty, fuch bold relief,
The Forms auguft, of King, or conquering Chief,
E'er fwell'd on marble; as in verse have fhin'd
(In polish'd verfe) the manners and the Mind.
Oh! could I mount on the Mæonian wing,
Your Arms, your Actions, your Repose to fing; 395
What f feas you travers'd, and what fields you fought!
Your Country's Peace, how oft, how dearly bought!




Fortis Alexandri vultum fimulantia. quod fi
Judicium fubtile videndis artibus illud
Ad libros et ad haec Mufarum dona vocares;
• Boeotum in craffo jurares aëre natum.

[At neque dedecorant tua de fe judicia, atque Munera quae multa dantis cum laude tulerunt, Dilecti tibi Virgilius Variufque poetae;]


Nec magis expreffi vultus per ahenea figna, Quam per vatis opus mores animique virorum Clarorum apparent. nec fermones ego mallem Repentes per humum, quam res componere geftas, Terrarumque f fitus et flumina dicere, et arces


How 3 barbarous rage fubfided at your word,
And Nations wonder'd while they dropp'd the fword!
How, when you nodded, o'er the land and deep, 400
h Peace ftole her wing, and wrapp'd the world in fleep;
Till earth's extremes your mediation own,
And i Afia's Tyrants tremble at your Throne-
But Verfe, alas! your Majefty difdains;
And I 'm not us'd to Panegyric ftrains:
The Zeal of Fools offends at any time,
But most of all, the Zeal of Fools in rhyme.
Befides, a fate attends on all I write,
That when I aim at praife, they fay m I bite.
A vile Encomium doubly ridicules:
There's nothing blackens like the ink of fools.
If true, a woful likeness; and if lyes,
"Praise undeferv'd is fcandal in disguise:"




Montibus impofitas, et barbara regna, tuifque
Aufpiciis totum h confecta duella per orbem,
Clauftraque cuftodem pacis cohibentia Janum,
Eti formidatam Parthis, te principe, Romam:
Si quantum cuperem, poffem quoque. fed neque parvum
Carmen majeftas recipit tua; nec meus audet
Rem tentare pudor, quam vires ferre recufent.
Sedulitas autem ftulte, quem diligit, urget;
Praecipue cum fe numeris commendat et arte.
Difcit enim citius, meminitque libentius illud
Quod quis m deridet, quam quod probat et veneratur.
.Nil moror" officium, quod me gravat: ac neque ficto

In pejus vultu proponi cereus ufquam,


Well may he blush, who gives it, or receives;
And when I flatter, let my dirty leaves
(Like Journals, Odes, and fuch forgotten things
As Eufden, Philips, Settle, writ of Kings)
1 Clothe fpice, line trunks, or, fluttering in a row,
Befringe the rails of Bedlam and Soho.

Nec prave factis decorari verfibus opto:
Ne P rubeam pingui donatus munere, et una
Cum fcriptore meo capfa porrectus aperta,

Deferar in vicum vendentem thus et odores,
Et piper, et quicquid chartis amicitur ineptis.





"Ludentis fpeciem dabit, et torquebitur." HoR.

EAR Col'nel, Cobham's and your country's


You love a Verfe, take fuch as I can fend.

A Frenchman comes, prefents you with his Boy, Bows, and begins- This Lad, Sir, is of Blois: "Obferve his fhape how clean! his locks how curl'd'! My only fon; I'd have him fee the world: "His French is pure; his Voice too-you shall hear. "Sir, he 's your flave, for twenty pound a year. "Mere wax as yet, you fashion him with ease, "Your Barber, Cook, Upholsterer, what you please: "A perfect genius at an Opera fong"To say too much, might do my honour wrong.


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"Hic et

ALORE, bono claroque fidelis amice Neroni, b Si quis forte velit puerum tibi vendere natum Tibure vel Gabiis, et tecum fic agat: "Candidus, et talos a vertice pulcher ad imos, "Fiet eritque tuus nummorum millibus octo; "Verna minifteriis ad nutus aptus heriles; "Litterulis Graecis imbutus, idoneus arti

Cuilibet: argilla quidvis imitaberis uda:



Take him with all his virtues, on my word; "His whole ambition was to serve a Lord: "But, Sir, to you, with what would I not part? Though faith, I fear, 'twill break his Mother's heart, "Once (and but once) I caught him in a lie, “And then, unwhipp'd, he had the grace to cry: "The fault he has I fairly fhall reveal,

(Could you o'erlook but that), it is, to fteal."
e If, after this, you took the graceful lad,
Could you complain, my Friend, he prov'd so bad?
Faith, in fuch cafe, if you fhould profecute,

I think Sir Godfrey should decide the fuit;
Who fent the Thief that stole the Cash, away,
And punifh'd him that put it in his way.

d Confider then, and judge me in this light; I told you when I went, I could not write;

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Quin etiam canet indoctum, fed dulce bibenti. "Multa fidem promiffa levant, ubi plenius aequo "Laudat venales, qui vult extrudere, merces. "Res urget me nulla: meo fum pauper in aere. "Nemo hoc mangonum faceret tibi: non temere a me Quivis ferret idem: femel hic ceffavit, et (ut fit) "In fcalis latuit metuens pendentis habenae: "Des nummos, excepta nihil te fi fuga laedit." Ille ferat pretium, poenae fecurus, opinor. Prudens emifti vitiofum: dicta tibi eft lex. Infequeris tamen hunc, et lite moraris iniqua.

d Dixi me pigrum proficifcenti tibi, dixi. Talibus officiis prope mancum; ne mea faevus


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