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From him whofe m quills ftand quiver'd at his ear,
To him who notches flicks at Westminster.


Bernard in fpirit, fenfe, and truth abounds;

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Pray then, what wants he?" Fourfcore thoufand


A penfion, or fuch Harness for a flave

As Bug now has, and Dorimant would have.
Barnard, thou art a 9 Cit with all thy worth;
But Bug and D*1, Their Honours, and fo forth,
Yet every P child another fong will fing,
"Virtue, brave boys! 'tis Virtue makes a King.”
True, conscious Honour, is to feel no fin,
He's arm'd without that 's innocent within;
Be this thy Screen, and this thy Wall of Brafs;
Compar'd to this, a Minister 's an Afs.

"And fay, to which fhall our appiause belong,
This new Court-jargon, or the good old fong?
The modern language of corrupted Peers,
Or what was spoke at CRESSY or POITIERS?

Prodocet: haec recinunt juvenes dictata fenefque,
Laevo fufpenfi loculos tabulamque lacerto.


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100 Who

Eft animus tibi, funt mores, eft lingua, fidefque;

Sed quadringentis sex feptem millia defint.

• Plebs eris. Pat pueri ludentes, Rex eris, aiunt, Si recte facies. Hic 9 murus aheneus efto,

Nil confcire fibi, nulla pallefcere culpa.

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Rofcia, dic fodes, melior lex, an puerorum eft
Naenia, quae regnum recte facientibus offert,
Et maribus Curiis et decantata Camillis?

* Who counfels beft? who whispers,

"Be but great,

"With Praife or Infamy leave that to fate; "Get Place and Wealth, if poffible with grace; "If not, by any means, get Wealth and Place." For what? to have a " Box where Eunuchs fing, 105 And foremost in the Circle eye a King.

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Or w he, who bids thee face with steady view
Proud Fortune, and look fhallow Greatness through:
And, while he bids thee, fets th' Example too?
If y fuch a Doctrine, in St. James's air,
Should chance to make the well-dreft Rabble stare;
In honeft S*z take fcandal at a Spark,
That lefs admires the Palace than the Park:
Faith, I shall give the answer Reynard gave:
"I cannot like, dread Sire, your Royal Cave;
Because I fee, by all the tracks about,
"Full many a Beast goes in, but none come out."



* Ifne tibi melius fuadet, qui,

"Rem facias; rem,

"Si poffis, recte; fi non, quocunque modo rem."

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Liberum et ere&tum, * praefens hortatur et aptat?

y Quod fi me Populus Romanus forte roget, cur Non, ut porticibus, fic judiciis fruar îfdem:

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Nec fequar aut fugiam, quae diligit ipfe vel odit;
Olim quod a vulpes aegroto cauta leoni
Refpondit, referam: Quia me veftigia terrent.
Omnia te adverfum fpectantia, nulla retrorfum

Adieu to Virtue, if you 're once a Slave:
Send her to Court, you fend her to her grave.
Well, if a King's a Lion, at the leaft


The People are a many-headed Beast:

Can they direct what measures to pursue,
Who know themselves fo little what to do?
Alike in nothing but one Luft of Gold,

Just half the land would buy, and half be fold:




Their Country's wealth our mightier Mifers drain,
Or cross, to plunder Provinces, the Main;

The reft, fome farm the Poor-box, fome the Pews;
Some keep Affemblies, and would keep the Stews;
Some with fat Bucks on childlefs dotards fawn; 130
Some win rich Widows by their Chine and Brawn;
While with the filent growth of ten per cent,
In dirt and darkness, hundreds ftink content.

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Of all thefe ways, if each f pursues his own,
Satire, be kind, and let the wretch alone:
But fhew me one who has it in his power


To act confiftent with himself an hour.


b. Bellua multorum eft capitum. nam quid fequar aut quem?


Pars hominum geftit conducere publica: funt qui * Cruftis et pomis viduas venentur avaras,

Excipiantque fenes, quos in vivaria mittant:

• Multis occulto crefcit res fenore. f


Efto, aliis alios rebus ftudiifque teneri:

Iidem eadem poffunt horam durare probantes ?


Sir Job fail'd forth, the evening bright and still, "No place on earth (he cry'd) like Greenwich hill!” Up ftarts a Palace, lo, th' obedient base Slopes at its foot, the woods its fides embrace, The filver Thames reflects its marble face. Now let fome whimsey, or that Devil within Which guides all those who know not what they mean, But give the Knight (or give his Lady) fpleen; 145. "Away, away! take all your fcaffolds down,. "For Snug 's the word: My dear! we 'll live in Town." At amorous Flavio is the stocking thrown?

That very night he longs to lie alone.

1. The Fool, whofe Wife elopes fome thrice a quarter,. For matrimonial folace dies a martyr.

Did ever m Proteus, Merlin, any witch,

Transform themselves fo ftrangely as the Rich?
Well, but the Poor-The Poor have the fame itch;
They change their weekly Barber, weekly News, 155
Prefer a new Japanner, to their shoes;



Nullus in orbe finus Baiis praelucet amoenis,.
Si dixit dives; lacus et mare fentit amorem
Feftinantis heri: cui fii vitiofa libido

Fecerit aufpicium; cras ferramenta Teanum
Tolletis, fabri. lectus genialis in aula eft?
Nil ait effe prius, melius nil coelibe vita:
Si non eft, jurat bene folis effe maritis.


Quo teneam vultus mutantem Protea nodo?

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Quid pauper? ride: mutat coenacula, lectos,


Discharge their Garrets, move their beds, and run
(They know not whither) in a Chaise and one;
They Phire their fculler, and when once aboard,
Grow fick, and damn the climate-like a Lord.
4. You laugh, half-Beau, half-Sloven if I stand,
My wig all powder, and all fnuff my band;
You laugh, if coat and breeches ftrangely vary,
White gloves, and linen worthy Lady Mary!
But when no Prelate's Lawn, with hair-shirt lin’d, 165
Is half fo incoherent as my Mind,

When (each opinion with the next at ftrife,

One ebb and flow of Follies all my life)

I plant, root up; I build, and then confound;
Turn round' to fquare, and square again to round; 170;
You never change one muscle of your face,

You think this Madness but a common cafe,

Nor once to Chancery, nor to Hale apply;
Yet hang your lip, to fee a Seam awry!


Balnea, P tonfores; conducto navigio aeque
Naufeat, ac locuples quem ducit priva triremis.
9. Si curatus inaequali tonfore capillos
Occurro; rides. fi forte fubucula pexae
Trita fubeft tunicae, vel fi toga diffidet impar;:
Rides. quid, mea cum pugnat fententia fecum;
Quod petiit, fpernit; repetit quod nuper omifit;.
3 Aestuat, ct vitae difconvenit ordine toto;
' Diruit, aedificat, mutat quadrata rotundis ?
" Infanire putas folennia me, neque rides,
Nec medici credis, nec curatoris egere

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