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THE following remarks were suggested by the Resolution of Lord Northbrook with reference to the examination of Government School Books. (See page 5.) The present seemed a fitting time to offer any hints on the subject.

The writer makes no claim to novelty. It will be seen that the bulk of the pamphlet consists of extracts. To use a wellknown illustration, the writer has done little more than supply the string which unites the flowers of the bouquet. The opinions expressed by the best authorities will carry far more weight than any remarks of the writer. Should it be objected that it is unnecessary to repeat what has already been said, it may be replied, that it would be so if the suggestions were already carried out. Till then, they require to be presented again and again.

The writer has endeavoured to adhere to the principles of the Education Despatch of 1854, as expounded by the manner in which Education has hitherto been conducted. His remarks have primary reference to Lower and Middle Class Schools, directly under Government. There are important questions connected with the Higher Education upon which he has not entered. Nor has he treated of the modifications which ought to be made in the teaching of Schools connected with Religious Societies. The subjects noticed in the pamphlet are sufficiently numerous without including other topics, which would require long discussion, and regarding which there would be widely conflicting views. The course of educational legislation at home and the recent remarks in Parliament of Mr. Grant Duff, afford no hope of a change in the direction wished for by some of the warmest friends of India.

MADRAS, June 11th, 1873.

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