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III. Remarks upon a Late Discourse of Freethinking in a Letter to F. H., D.D. therus Lipsiensis.

By Phileleu

Est genus hominum, qui esse primos se omnium rerum volunt,

Nec sunt

An audes

Personam formare novam? Servetur ad imum
Qualis ab incepto processerit, et sibi constet.

The eighth edition. With further Additions from the Author's MS. (Part the Second. The eighth edition. -Part the Third. The second edition.) Cambridge,

1743, 8vo.

The First and Second Parts came forth separately in 1713, 8vo. In an "Advertisement" to ed. 1743, (see p. 473 of the present vol.) we are told, that two half-sheets of the Third Part were first added to the seventh edition of the two former Parts, 1737. In some copies of the fourth edition of the Second Part, 1714, those two half-sheets are found, the addition probably having been made in 1737. A few pages more of the Third Part originally appeared in the ed. of 1743.

IV. Dr. Bentley's Proposals for Printing a New Edition of the Greek Testament, and St. Hierom's Latin Version. With a full Answer to all the Re

marks of a late Pamphleteer. By a Member of Trinity College in Cambridge.

Cunarum labor est Angues superare mearum. Ovid. Tollentemque minas & sibila colla tumentem



London, 1721, 4to.

Two editions of the Proposals, each consisting of two leaves in folio, had previously appeared in 1720.

V. Richardi Bentleii, cum septem in Theologia Doctores crearet, Oratiuncula; Cantabrigia in Comitiis habita, Julii vi. MDCCXXV. Prefixed by Bentley to his editions of Terence, Cantab. 1726, Amstel. 1727, 4to.

The present volume comprehends all the published theological writings of Bentley. The Boyle Lectures which he delivered during the year 1694, a defence of Christianity against the objections of infidels, were unfortunately never committed to the press (see Monk's Life of B. vol. i. p. 56); and though copies are mentioned as extant by Kippis in his ed. of the Biog. Brit. (vol. ii. p. 243, 1780), no traces of them are now to be discovered: the late Dean Vincent, (as I am informed by the truly learned Mr. Kidd,) was of opinion that they have been irre

trievably lost. Concerning another unprinted piece by Bentley, a Prælection on the disputed verse of St. John, see p. 485.

It may be necessary to apprise some readers that La Friponnerie Laïque des Prétendus EspritsForts d'Angleterre, which has furnished me with a considerable number of notes for the Remarks upon a Late Discourse of Free-thinking, is a French translation of that work, by Armand de la Chapelle, published at Amsterdam in 1738.


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