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And who unknown defame me, let them be
Scriblers or Peers, alike are Mob to me.
This is my Plea, on this I reft my cause-
*What faith my Council, learned in the laws! .
F. Your Plea is good; but ftill I fay, beware!
Laws are explain'd by Men-so have a care.
It stands on record, that in Richard's times
A man was hang'd for very honeft rhymes;
Confult the Statute, quart. I think, it is,
Edwardi fext. or prim. et quint. Eliz.


See Libels, Satires-here you have it-read.
P." Libels and Satires! lawless things indeed! 150
But grave Epiftles, bringing Vice to light,
Such as a King might read, a Bishop write,
Such as Sir ROBERT would approve―

F. Indeed?

The Cafe is alter'd-you may then proceed; 'In fuch a cause the Plaintiff will be hiss'd,

My Lords the Judges laugh, and you're dismiss'd.

Solventur rifu tabulae.


Some Critics tell us. it is want of tafte to put this line in the mouth of Trebatius. But our Poet confutes this cenfure, by fhewing how well the fenfe of it agrees to his Friend's character. The Lawyer is cautious and fearful; but as soon as SIR ROBERT, the Patron both of Law and Gospel, is named as approving them, he changes his note, and, in the language of old Plouden, owns, the Cafe is altered. Now was it not as natural, when Horace had given a hint that Auguftus him felf fupported him, for Trebatius, a Court Advocate, who had been long a Client to him and his Uncle, to confefs the Cafe was altered?

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UAE virtus & quanta, boni, fit vivere parvo, (Nec meus hic fermo: fed quae praecepit Ofellus,

Rufticus, abnormis Sapiens, craffaque Minerva)


Difcite, non inter lances menfafque nitentes;

Cum ftupet infanis acies fulgoribus, et cum
Acclinis falfis animus meliora recufat :

Verum hic impränsi mecum disquirite. Cur hoc?
Dicam, fi potero. male verum examinat omnis
Corruptus judex. Leporem fectatus, equove
Laffus ab indomito; vel (fi Romána fatigat
Militia affuetum graecari) feu pila velox,
Molliter aufterum ftudio fallente laborem ;
Seu te difcus agit, pete cedentem aëra difco:
Cum labor extulerit faftidia; ficcus, inanis,

Sperne cibum vilem: nifi Hymettia mella Falerno,
Ne biberis, diluta. iforis eft promus, et atrum
Defendens pifces hiemat mare: cum fale panis
Latrantem ftomachum bene leniet. unde putas, aut
Qui partum? non in caro nidore voluptas
Summa, fed in teipfo eft. tu pulmentaria quaere

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VER. 5. a gilt Buffet's reflected pride-Turns you from found Philofopby afide;] More forcibly and happily expreffed than the original acclinis falfis; tho' that be very elegant.



HAT, and how great, the Virtue and the


To live on little with a chearful heart;
(A doctrine fage, but truly none of mine)
Let's talk, my friends, but talk before we dine.
e Not when a gilt Buffet's reflected pride
Turns you from found Philosophy afide;
Not when from plate to plate your eyeballs roll,
And the brain dances to the mantling bowl.


Here BETHEL'S Sermon, one not vers'd in schools, d But strong in sense, and wife without the rules. 19 Go work, hunt, exercife! (he thus began)

Then scorn a homely dinner, if you can,

i Your wine lock'd up, your Butler ftroll'd abroad, Or fish deny'd (the river yet unthaw'd)

If then plain bread and milk will do the feat, 13 The pleasure lies in you, and not the meat.

VER. 9. BETHEL.] The fame to whom feveral of Mr. Pope's letters are addreffed.

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